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UAE: Dubai’s real estate boom fuels debate
Real Dubai

The real estate sales market in Dubai has outperformed the rental market in the last year, sparking a squeeze in yields and prompting concerns that the fundamentals of the market are becoming skewed.

Saudi housing market under pressure
Real Estate
saudi real estate

House prices in Saudi Arabia are expected to rise further on the back of high demand for homes and a slow rollout of developments,

Distributing development aid in Yemen: a mission in difficult times
Yemen Politics

We have just published the third quarterly report of the Executive Bureau (EB), which is in charge of monitoring donors’ aid and implementing policy reform in Yemen.

Bahrain: Appetite for retail space, from local and international investors
bahrain financial harbour-

The development of middle and lower income housing units in outlying areas in Bahrain is not only welcome news for those looking for a home to buy, it also signals a wave of new opportunities for retailers eyeing untapped markets in the kingdom.

Qatar to invest $25bn in petrochemical to produce 23m tonnes
Climate Change Conference in Qatar Greenhouse Gas

Asia remains a key driver of growth for Qatar’s petrochemicals sector, with demand from the region fuelling investment and expansion projects.

Another page in the global war on terror
france شارلي ابدو

Despite the horrific nature of the terrorist attack that has since put Charlie Hebdo on everyone’s lips, what happened in Paris this month does not resemble the terrorist attacks of September 2001,

Tranquilizing Tourism - Oman makes steady strides in the hospitality industry
Oman Tranquilizing Tourism

Efforts to make tourism a key economic driver, is one of the cornerstones of Oman’s development.

Bahrain: Solid non-hydrocarbons sector performance posting respectable economic growth
Bahrain Solid non-hydrocarbons sector performance posting respectable economic growth

While a combination of high break-even prices and lower levels of fiscal reserves could see falling oil prices push Bahrain further into the red,

Fighting trade concealment in Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia-based SAMBA Financial Group

In Saudi Arabia, Commerce Minister Toufic al-Rabiah has become the most popular minister after he ordered shutting down big stores that were manipulating discount prices,

Djibouti: What Happens When Women Control the Income?
djibouti women

Imagine you are a mother of three in Djibouti, a tiny country on the Horn of the Africa with scarce farmable land or drinking water that is a frequent victim of devastating floods and droughts.

How Can Foreign Investment Become a Driving Force for Development in Tunisia? Ask My Brother
blog fdi tunisia

In any developing country, you’ll hear politicians and government officials talk about foreign investment as a solution, a priority and a need.

Qatar moves to tackle cyber crime

Cyber security is high on the list of challenges that could prove a hurdle to Qatar’s economic development,

A Lesson from Palestinian Educational Reform: Find a Local Super-star

While he is undoubtedly a great player, Lionel Messi may not be the best person to learn from when working on your soccer game.

UAE: New opportunities in Abu Dhabi mapped out in Economic Vision 2030
GASCO  Abu Dhabi Gas Industries UAE

A drive to strengthen the link between higher education and the private sector in Abu Dhabi has set the scene for research and development (R&D) to play a greater role in the emirate’s economic development.

Kuwait diversifying its economy to reduce hydrocarbon dependency
industries kuwait oil

Plummeting oil prices have brought renewed calls for Kuwait to deepen its focus on diversifying its economy and reducing hydrocarbon dependency.

I am the Syrian Charlie

I was killed by an army that holds my own nationality because the same leaders who marched in Paris a few days ago kept their mouths shut.

Salman bin Abdulaziz declared Saudi king
Saudi Politics
saudi king Salman

Salman bin Abdulaziz has become Saudi Arabia’s king and Prince Muqrin bin Abdulaziz was declared the crown prince after King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz passed away, the Royal court announced on Friday.

What’s the secret behind Russia’s love for Assad?w
Syria Politics
download 2

we don't have explanations for Russia's position on the Syrian crisis since it started four years ago; there are no mutual defense treaties and the Syrian regime does not add any strategic value to Moscow in the regional conflict.

Fighting the Culture of Corruption in Yemen

Fiscal and administrative corruption continues to strain the Yemeni economy; the very same corruption that was a major driver for the 2011 street protests and the ouster of the most recent national unity government.

Oman: Islamic banking to grow at double-digit rates
dtl 6 1 2014 15 4 9

Islamic banking in Oman is expected to grow at double-digit rates as sharia-compliant banking products increasingly gain acceptance and the government’s plans to ease restrictions come to fruition.


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