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Baghdad is in ISIS crosshairs, warns Iraqi president
Iraq Politics
 453 A2

Iraqi President says Baghdad is now in danger from Islamic State jihadist mil­itants following their capture of strategic western city of Ramadi.

Immediate need for alternative energy in Gulf region
 483 36

All Gulf Coopera­tion Council countries will have to embrace industrial-scale alternative energy if they were to continue profiting from their oil and natural gas resources.

Latest war adds new generation of mental trauma in Iraq
 486 38

International aid groups are trying to help some of hun­dreds of thousands of people who fled from their homes to escape ISIS.

Migrants labour in Libya to keep dream of Europe alive
 456 12

Like thousands of other mi­grants, Elias is labouring in Libya to scrape together enough cash to pay people traffickers for perilous journey across Mediterranean.

Has Iran changed its hues?
 479 A2

Will nuclear agreement truly influence Tehran’s regional rela­tions and tone down its bellicose rhetoric?
There is a growing debate in the Middle East about which way things are headed with developments under way in several hot spots.

Southward Journey through Tunisia
 494 43xx

Our visit to Tunisia’s south pro­vided diversity in architecture, in landscape and in the people we met.
When Lawrence of Arabia travelled the desert, he left many images behind that conjure up a rather romantic vision of desert life; travel by camel, a world far from worries and images of endl [ … ]

Riyadh rising: Housing demand continues to outstrip supply
 188 B3

Saudi capital has requirement for around 50,000 housing units per annum over next five years and has estimated housing inventory of 1.15 million units.

The unfinished reforms of Morocco
 194 A2

Setbacks include system’s inability to fight smuggling and corruption in bureaucracy, while most dangerous problem remains unemployment, especially for college graduates.

Social media changing face of Arab world
 197 A2

Internet connectivity and spread of mobile technologies in Arab world are having major impacts on region’s economies, societies and governance.

Egypt’s ‘Generation Y’ erupts on stage
 200 A2

Borrowing much from thea­tre of absurd, play is di­vided into 13 seemingly unrelated vignettes tied by themes of aliena­tion, resentment, indignation and fear of unknown.

E-commerce a fast-growing trend in the Arab world
 481 35xx

Purchase of goods and ser­vices is growing by 45% a year in Arab countries, compared to 20% in Europe and 35% in Asia.

Telling the story of Arab-Americans on film
 490 41xx

Americans are familiar with narratives of Irish and Italian im­migrants, refugees from World War II, Asia and now Latinos \'but few know story of millions of Arab- Americans.\'
“Arab-Americans have been in the weeds of American history for too long and it’s time for the flower to blos­som a [ … ]

Algerian army targets southern smuggling
Algeria Politics
 455 11

Algeria’s army is shifting its focus from fighting Is­lamist militants at home to Sahel border smuggling that supports those militants.

France benefits from comparative edge in the Gulf region
 474 30

Although French policy in re­gion is perceived as being different from that of United States, seri­ous questions remain as to whether this perception is based on genuine disagreement or astute public rela­tions.

Why Sufism is the antidote to extremism
alalam 635579488071934062 25f 4x3

Creed and sharia without sensitivity lead to corruption of creed and turning of sharia into abuse and cruelty.

Cautious optimism in the Gulf after summit
 460 23

GCC states, and in particular Saudi Arabia, will con­tinue to take lead while keeping United States in the loop.
The results of the Camp Da­vid summit between US President Barack Obama and leaders and repre­sentatives of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) have been met with cautious opt [ … ]

Promoting probiotic wine in Lebanon
 193 A2

Probiotic wine contains natural substance that grows on fruity trees and has same beneficial effects as probiotics.
Want to enjoy your wine without worrying about indigestion and the effects of alcohol on your body? Dr Boutros Bou Younes has the magic prescription: “One glass of probiotic wine a da [ … ]

Water pipe: A trendy addiction
 196 A2

Habit picks up during holy fasting month of Ramadan, when Muslims break their dawn-to-dusk fast with meal followed by night outings.

Sudan’s pyramids, nearly as grand as Egypt’s, go unvisited
 198 A2

Pyramids at Meroe, some 200 kilometres north of Khartoum, are rarely visited despite being UNESCO World Heritage Site like those in Egypt.

Jordan orchestra gets new lease on life
 206 A2

Abu Ghazaleh, Jorda­nian tycoon who is sponsoring JOrchestra, is known for his pas­sion for classical music.


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