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Trajan Palace, Headquarters of Archbishop
Global Arab Network - - Hannan Taha
The French Archaeological Team headed by Jean-Marie Dentez and Robert Marie Blanc ended its excavation works for the recent archeological season in Bosra, Daraa, southern Syria.

Chairwoman of the Department of Antiquities in the city of Bosra Wafaa al-Audi said that the French expedition detected the northern curve of the Church and unveiled the foundations of the private bathroom of the Trajan Palace from the south.

The works of the French expedition comes as a completion of the excavation season last year which resulted in finding the mechanism of providing the Palace with water from a pond adjacent to the Palace of Hajj on the south side through clay pipes, al-Audi added. Antique saddle crockery, broken glass and pottery dating mainly to the Byzantine period and some dating to the Mamluk period, were also uncovered.

She pointed out that these findings will help in re-dating the Palace accurately and the historical periods and developments that had taken place. The Palace was believed to be dating back to the Roman era, the era of Emperor Trajan, but the excavation work has shown that it is dating back to the Byzantine era and may have connection with a big church besides the palace from the east, which indicates that the palace was the headquarters of the Archbishop of the Church.

The Italian Archaeological team headed by Italian Veroli Campanatti documented the work of the Church of Saints Sergios and Bachus on three-dimensional program through a primary study to cover the eastern part of the church, al-Audi said.

The National Team headed by Alaa al-Saleh started since the beginning of October, the current explorations in the southern Roman bathrooms (Hammamat) to get acquainted with the historical developments of the city, she added.

The Team will carry out excavation works in a number of archeological sites in the city to complete the works began last year in the Southern Roman Hammamat site to study the developments they witnessed during the Byzantine era. (SANA)

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