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An Ancient Bath-house Dating Back to Byzantine Era Discovered in Syria
Global Arab Network - - Andy McDonough
The Syrian Archaeologists and National Excavation Team have ended its 4th excavation season by discovering an ancient bathhouse dating back to the late Byzantine era and the beginning of the Omayyad era. The bath was discovered within a huge architectural bloc, which was likely a palace.

Head of Excavation Team, Eng. Ibrahim Amiri, said that a number of the bathhouse' sections had been discovered, particularly the inner section which contained hot water distribution system under the floor and in the walls of the building, in addition to discovering the remains of a church adjoining the palace.

He went on saying that the palace is a huge building of a 200-sq.m area and resembles the palaces of the Omayyad deserts such as the Eastern and Western Al-Hir Palace. (SANA)

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