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Archaeological Rocky Cave Unearthed in South Syria
Global Arab Network - - Hannan Taha
A rocky cave in the shape of a natural grotto was unearthed in Daraa city (south Syria), a new one to be added to a series of caves already discovered in Lajat and al-Zaidi Vallies in this Syrian southern governorate.

Chairman of Nimer Council Ziad Moussa said the cave unearthed so far is 5-meters deep and 6-meter high, extending 10-15 meters sideways.

Director of Daraa Archaeology Department Hussein Mashhadawi said the cave resembles natural grottos commonly known in Daraa.

''The cave is a black basalt rock which is semi-circular in shape, with limestone stalactiles, which are presumably the effect of volcanoes the southern region witnessed in the past decades.

Tourism Director in Daraa Mohammad Salim Kteifan said tourism to natural grottos and the related discoveries is gaining popularity all over the world, adding that they can be used for educational purposes and a destination for people seeking cure.

Daraa Archaeology Department unearthed a mosaic painting dating back to the Byzantine era during an excavation mission last year. (SANA)

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