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4 Thousand Year Archaeological Cemeteries Discovered in Syria
Global Arab Network - - Rabih Serrai
Archaeology Department in Daraa city (Southern Syria) discovered on Thursday 3 cemeteries eastern Tal –al-Ashar including a number of important findings of historical values. The three cemeteries date back to 2 thousand BC when Canaanites lived in the region.

Head of Daraa Archaeology Department Hussein Mashhadawi clarified that the archaeological findings are pottery vases and bronze tools.

He also said that during excavation at Kherbet al-Baaleh, eastern Tal al-ashtara, a mosaic picture was discovered dating back to the Byzantine age and bases for houses and buildings for priests and olive-presses were discovered.

Tal al-Ashari is located south-west Tafas city, and people started living there since the Neolithic Age, 8 thousand years BC. (SANA)

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