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Archaeologist: Royal Palace of Ebla, Living Archive of Syria's History
Global Arab Network - - Rabih Serrai
The importance of the Royal Palace of Ebla, in north Syria, lies in that it includes a room for cuneiform manuscripts, known as 'Ebla Archive' which stressed its importance as a political and economic metropolis in Bilad al-Cham besides that the Palace dates back to the Early Bronze Age 2400 BC.

An archaeologist and Supervisor of the Excavation and Restoration Works at the Site Wisam Habib said that the site consists of three sections: the first one is the central, the other is the administrative one, in addition to the services section.

The main section includes the main square, which is a yard with a roof intervened by a royal staircase was earmarked for trade exchange according to the Royal Data Archive.

She added that the administrative section consists of the throne hall, ceremonial hall and the tower, which contains a stairs leading to the upper floor, asserting that "What distinguishes the site is the discovery of the royal archives within the area leading to the central suite and the main square with the administrative section where about 17 thousand cuneiform tablets were discovered".

Habib pointed out that the site includes the Royal Archive of Ebla, which narrates the ancient history of Syria during the 3rd millennium B.C.as the area was a fulcrum in the Syrian civilization during that period due to the existence of two civilization centers which are Mesopotamia (Bilad al-Rafidayn) and Egypt Pharaonic.

The discovery of Ebla stresses the historic importance of Syria in the 3rd millennium B.C. as an important civilization center ranking third.

The Royal Palace is located at the site of Tel Mardikh, covering 56 hectares within a wall intervened by four main gates, including Damascus, Aleppo and the Euphrates and al-Badia Gates. (ASNA)

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