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Syrian Archaeologists: Roman and Byzantine Graveyards Unearthed near Damascus
Global Arab Network - - Mokhtar Thabet
Syrian archaeologists working for Damascus Countryside Governorate has announced the unearthing of 5 archaeological graveyards in old Darya City near Damascus, dating back to the 3rd and 4th Century AD.

The discovered graveyards, mostly dating back to the roman and byzantine era, contain tens of skulls, Mahmoud Hamoud, Damascus Countryside archaeology director told local news and media.

Hamoud disclosed that some other findings were also found as part of burial materials, including clay and glass tools, bracelets, rings, ring-bells, beads, eardrops, made of bronze, iron, glass, wood, and precious stones, as well as eardrops made of gold.

Earlier, Damascus Countryside Archaeology Directorate announced the finding of a basalt-built mass graveyard in 'Ashrafiat Sihnaya', dating back to same period, with several skulls and other burial materials, made of glass, wood, and metal.
The number of visitors to Syrian archaeological sites and museums has reached to /2321811/ persons, Syrians, Arabs and foreigners, in the year 2009, Dr. Bassam Jamous, Director General for archaeology and museums stated to Syrian local news..

Jamous declared that such a number of visitors has increased annual revenues by 10.30 percent, with a total sum of / 1437766255/ million Syrian Pounds.

Damascus National Museum, Qaser al-Azim, an Aleppo Castle witnessed increasing flow of visitors, due to many performed artistic activities, media promotion campaigns, as well as due to participation in many foreign fairs worldwide, added the director.

Among the more frequented archaeological sites in Syria are: Mary, Ebla, Ugarit, Apamea, Bousra, Bill temple and tombs, Castles of Aleppo, Krak des Chevaliers, Salah ed-Din, Seman, Ras Shamra, Khan As'ad Pasha, Palmyra Theater, as well as tens of museums, scattered all over the country. (SAN A)

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