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Algeria to increase gas exports by 50% in five years
Global Arab Network - - Mokhtar Thabet
Algeria's natural gas exports will increase by over 50 percent in the next five years, Minister of Mining and Energy Chekib Khalil said.

Algeria's scheme to boost its natural gas exports will start in mid-2010 and is set to reach 85 billion cubic meters by 2015, he said in a statement.

Algeria's natural gas exports will be strengthened following the operation of the third MedGaz pipeline, said Khalil. This pipeline will have a capacity of eight million cubic metes by next July.

MedGaz is a submarine natural gas pipeline between Algeria and Spain.

Algeria is also working on completion of a natural gas pipeline with Italy via Tunisia in a projected named Trans-Meditarranean Pipeline (TransMed).

Galsi, another natural gas pipeline, will directly link Algeria with italy.

Another pipelie will be linking Nigeria with Europe via Algeria. This project will allow export of 20-30 billion cubic meters of natural gas to Europe every year.

Worth mentioning, Algeria is an important exporter of oil and natural gas and is a member of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). In 2008, Algeria produced 1.42 million bbl/d of crude oil. Algeria was the fourth largest crude oil producer in Africa after Nigeria (1.94), Angola (1.89), and Libya (1.71) and the largest total oil liquids producer on the continent. 

As a member of OPEC, Algeria's crude oil production can be constrained by the group’s crude production allocations, but Algeria also produced 450,000 bbl/d of condensate and 357,000 bbl/d of natural gas liquids, which are exempt from OPEC quotas, bringing total oil liquids production for the year up to a total of 2.23 million bbl/d. Domestic oil consumption accounted for about 13 percent of total production.

Algeria was the sixth largest natural gas producer in the world in 2007 after Russia, the United States, Canada, Iran, and Norway. Algeria produced 3.03 trillion cubic feet of natural gas in 2007, of which 70 percent was exported and 30 percent was consumed domestically.

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