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Archaeologists: Graveyards date back to Roman & bronze era unearthed in Syria
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The Syrian excavation mission has unearthed 18 archaeological cemeteries in Tal al-Ashari site in the governorate of Dara (southern Syria), southern Syria so far this year, Local Media reports.

Five of these cemeteries date back to the Roman era, and 13 cemeteries date back to the middle bronze era. Head of Dara Archaeology Department, Hussein Mashhadawi said archaeological findings discovered in those cemeteries are pottery, bronze tools, and various accessories. The number of findings discovered reached 800 items.

He pointed out that during the past two months the archaeology department made some urgent excavation activities in Mehajjeh and Jassem towns and Sheikh Maskin city finding a mosaic painting dating back to the Byzantine era, foundations for ancient buildings, service facilities for monks, and grape and olive mills.

Mashhadawi clarified that a natural cave was discovered in Nemr town, asserting that archaeological excavation activities in Sheikh Saad site demonstrated an archaeological heritage dating back to the Greco-Roman era.(SANA)

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