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American archaeologists: Arched entrance and wall unearthed in north-east Syria
Global Arab Network - - Rami Alshami
Syria (Raqaa) - The American Excavation mission working in Tal Sweihat archaeological site, western Raqaa city (northeast Syria), unearthed a group of archaeological pieces, arched entrance and a wall of a city dating back to the 3rd millennium B.C.

Director of the Antiquities Department in Raqaa, Mohammad Sarhan al-Ahmad said the American mission excavated a human skeleton under the wall and 3m height walls and arched entrance north of the hill.

He added that the mission also discovered a cylindrical and flat seals and 46 beads made of shell, glass and stone dating back to the 3rd millennium B. C.

Some archaeological studies say that the archaeological Tal al-Sweihat contains under its layers an old city called Burman, mentioned in the scripts of the ancient city of Ebla. (SANA)

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