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Syrian Archaeologists: Rare 3rd Century Frescos Undergoing Restoration at Hama Museum
Global Arab Network - - Adnan Kassar
Syria (Hama) – A group of experts from Poland are currently working to restore a number of rare frescos dating back to the 3rd century AD at the Hama Museum laboratory.

According to Director of the Hama Archaeology Directorate Abdelkader Ferzat, the frescos are murals that came from the temple of Mithras in the site of Horta hill in Apamea.

Ferzat said that the frescos were found in previous excavation seasons and were transported to Hama Museum along with their fragments and broken pieces where they were preserved for the purpose of studying and restoring them later.

He said that the Polish experts are currently using special techniques to repait and restore the frescos, which will be displayed later in the museum.

Archaeological expert Nadim Khouri said the frescos depict the worlds of good and evil, with depictions of the god Mithras that was worshipped by the ancient Romans, the sun god Helios, and other lesser gods, in additions to various pagan demons, animals and geometric shapes.

Head of the Polish experts' mission and supervisor of the restoration process Eva Brandovska said the process of repairing the frescos is complex as they consist of five layers and require the utmost precision in handling them.

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