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Algeria Hosts Maghreb, United States Conference
Global Arab Network -
Tuesday, 30 November 2010 17:56
Algeira (Algiers) - Algeria welcomes delegates from the north African countries and the United States for a two-day seminar to encourage business opportunities, Global Arab Network reports according  to APS news agency.

"This meeting is the direct result of the presidential summit on business organised by President Barack Obama in April in Washington," US Assistant Secretary of State for Economic, Energy and Business Affairs Jose W. Fernandez told the state-run APS from Washington.

When Obama late in April met about 50 businessmen from Muslim countries for talks about economic development, a series of partnerships was announced.

The Algiers conference is "the follow up of work to encourage entrepreneurship and create regional partnerships," added Fernandez, who was due to arrive in the capital Monday heading a delegation of officials and businessmen.

The conference, organised by the US State Department, will bring together heads of local companies from five north African, or Maghreb, nations -- Algeria, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco and Tunisia -- with the US visitors.

According to APS, Fernandez described the gathering as "an important step forward in promoting the culture of a business spirit in Algeria and in the Maghreb, by creating a trading environment more favourable to the private sector."

The US official will be visiting Tunisia, Libya and Morocco after his four-day stay in Algiers. He told APS that Algeria has "an enormous potential for American investors" outside the domain of oil and gas, which are the country's main exports. (APS)

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