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Green Energy - Kuwait to Build Nuclear Power Plants
Kuwait is keen to diverse its power resources by setting up its first national committee to utilize nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, in cooperation with the GCC countries, Global Arab Network reports according to MEED magazine.

The Kuwaiti National Committee for Utilizing Nuclear Power for Peaceful Purposes, Dr. Ahmad Bushara, said "Kuwait seeks to build four 1,000 MW nuclear power plants, to produce electricity, by January 2011." He added, that by 2013, Kuwait will go out on bidding for its first nuclear project and launch its first nuclear power plant by 2020-2022.

He pointed out that the real challenge is abiding by government procedures and safety and security laws to execute such project within the appointed period.

He added, that "officials are well aware that patience and perseverance are the keys to success to finalize this project on time." The main reason to build this nuclear project is to increase the country's supply of safe energy, especially after adopting several developmental projects that depend on fuel, which is harmful to the environment, to produce energy, he said.

He further said that the committee was able to appoint two international advisors to study six possible locations to build the nuclear power plant, noting that the advisors' final report would not be submitted until the end of this year.

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