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Archaeological Mission: Byzantine Mosaic Painting Unearthed in Central Syria
Global Arab Network - - Adnan Kassar
Syria (Hama) – Byzantine mosaic painting remnants were unearthed at Faydht Marina archaeological site, northeastern of Salamiyah in Hama province.

Director of Hama Antiquities Department Abdul-Qader Ferzat said that the national archaeological mission uncovered lime floor at 2 m deep and pottery fragments from the Islamic age in addition to discovering green-glazed pottery dating back to Ottoman and Mamluk eras.
Head of the archaeological mission Abdullah Basal said that the mosaic painting was greatly damaged as it is too close to the surface of a dusty road.

The uncovered parts revealed images for some kind of bird, almost a duck or a peahen, and a leopard separated with a grapevine decoration, he added.

A head for a man riding upon an animal still covered while another head at the upper part of the painting was approximately revealed.

Basal said that the main theme of the painting was said to symbolize an ancient Roman legend inspired by the surrounding environment at that time, adding that Byzantine coins dating back to the fifth century were also unearthed.

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