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Libyan Ambassador to UN urges international community to stop genocide
Global Arab Network - - Jihad Taki
Libyan deputy Permanent Representative to UN Ambassador Ibrahim Dabbashi on Monday appealed to the international community to help stop the "Genocide" being committed against his people by Libyan leader Muammar Al-Gaddafi.

In a press conference called for on a UN holiday and a snowy storm, Dabbashi said that after the kind of "declaration of war" against the Libyan people declared by Gaddafi's son yesterday, "we find it impossible to stay silent and we have to transfer the voice of the Libyan people to the world."

"We state clearly that the Libyan mission is for the Libyan people. It is not for the regime. We are taking our position as part of the Libyan people. The Libyan mission will be in the service of the Libyan people rather than in service of the Libyan regime or of one person." The Gaddafi's regime has already started the "genocide" against the Libyan people since January 15. His soldiers and the mercenaries being flown into the country were ordered to "shoot to kill," he said.

Until now, he said, "there are more than 60 people killed today. I am sure the number is much higher. We are expecting a real genocide in Tripoli. The airplanes are still bringing mercenaries to the airports." Dabbashi, surrounded by a dozen of Libyan diplomats in the Libyan mission, had a number of demands.

"We are calling on the UN to impose a no-fly zone on all Tripoli to cut off all supplies of arms and mercenaries to the regime.

"We warn all African countries which are sending their soldiers to fight with Gaddafi that these soldiers will not return to their countries.

"We call on the UN Security Council to use the principle of the right to protect to take the necessary action to protect the Libyan people against the genocide.

"We also call on the international community, under the right to protect, to guarantee a safe passage from the borders of Egypt and Tunisia so to allow the medical supplies to reach the cities of Tripoli and Bengazi. I call on the governments of these two countries to help in this regard.

"We call on all countries in the world not to permit Gaddafi to escape to their territories and call on them to watch carefully for any amounts of money which may be flowing outside Libya.

"We also call on the prosecutor of International Criminal Court to start immediately investigating the crimes committed by Gaddafi.

"We are calling on the Human Rights Council in Geneva to meet in an emergency session to study the situation in Libya and find a way to protect the Libyan people from the crimes against humanity and crimes of war." He recalled the 1,200 prisoners in Abu Slim prison that "Gaddafi killed in 1996." "This is a continuation of terrorism and mass killing." He said he would like to ask some international institutions to be active in Libya, "but there is no alternative to protect my people now because the regime still sticks to its behaviour." Asked if he is resigning, Dabbashi said "we are not resigning. We do not belong to the regime. We belong to the people. We have always represented the people, not a person." He said the last time he saw the Libyan Permanent Representative Abdulrahman Shalgham was last Friday, but wondered if any Libyan would feel differently.

He expressed confidence that the "Libyan people will continue the fight and get rid of the regime. I am sure of that." On whether he contacted Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, he said "not yet. This is under study and we will see what we ca do." (Agencies)

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