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Archaeologists: Byzantine Pottery Coffin Restored in Syria
Global Arab Network - - Rabih Serrai
Syria (Hama) - A specialized team in restoration of ruins at the Archaeological Monuments Lab at Hama National Museum finished the restoration works of a rare circular-designed pottery coffin dating back to the Byzantine era in preparation to showcase it in the Archaeological Cemeteries Hall of the Museum.

Curator of Hama Museum, Rakan Amin, told SANA that the coffin is approximately 2 meters long and a half meter wide. It is one of the rare coffins as it was build in a circular shape with an opening to ensure the entry of the deceased.

He added that the coffin carries an inscription to indicate the name of the deceased.

Isam Youssef and Ikhlas al-Dbaiyat from the Archaeological Monuments Lab said the restoration works started by removing the glue and cleaning the coffin by clearing the salts layers and dust from all the coffin's joints by using diluted vinegar acid and distilled water. The coffin was then reconstructed in the shape it was modelled into which dates back to the 3rd or 4th centuries AD.

The restoration works of a large archaeological jar dating back to the Byzantine era, were also conducted in the Lab. The Jar was used for keeping foodstuffs, particularly grains, oils and wines.

The jar had cracks caused by time and the weather conditions, which necessitated restoration operations depending on the latest techniques and materials.

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