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Syria: General Company for Cement Industry Invests $ 3 Million in Work System
Global Arab Network - - Adam Turner
Syria (Hama) - The General Company for Cement Industry in the central province of Hama has been able to produce new type of the Portland cement (OPC) which is distinguished by its high quality and low cost.

Director General of the Company Hamza al-Mohammad told SANA that the OPC consists of ordinary cement mixed with the natural volcanic tuff representing 25 of the whole material which gives it a high quality with a low cost.

He added that the experiments conducted on the OPC at private labs and at Homs-based al-Baath University proved the high efficiency of this product as it can be used in various constructions regardless of their type.

He indicated that the cost of each ton of the OPC is SYP 500 less than the ordinary cement (1USD= 46 SYP) which contributes to increasing the marketing of this product and the amount of the production.

He added that the Company has also produced another type of cement with international standards, pointing out that the product is marketed by the companies of the public sector.

He said that the Company is currently considering the cooperation with the General Company for Producing Cement to operate its factories on gas instead of Fuel as there is a gas pipeline passing near the company which will lower the costs and preserve the environment.

The plan of the Company for 2011 includes the production of 1,3 million tons of the clinker, in addition to producing and handing 1,4 million tons of cement to meet the needs of the local market as much as it is possible.

The Company has also allocated SYP135 million for developing its work system through equipping its three factories with the most advanced techniques and tools to achieve its production plan.

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