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Archaeologists: Restoration of Rare Byzantine Coins in Syria
Global Arab Network - - Asif Khalifa
Global Arab Network - Syria - Hama Antiquities Department finished the restoration of a group of rare antique coins dating back to Byzantine and Islamic Eras, according to Syrian News Agency.

The coins were unearthed during the excavation works at the archaeological sites of Shmaemis, al-Andarin and Qeb al-Hat.

Director of Hama Antiquities Department Abdul Qader Farzat said that this group includes 25 pieces of coins which were restored in several stages by using special techniques like the Mekerator tool and the preservatives to show the art forms portrayed on these coins.

Farzat added that the coins are rich with graphics of the leaders, gods and emperors of those periods, in addition to ancient Arab and Roman inscriptions which give important information about the history of those societies, their economy and activities.

He pointed out that his Department has set up a study for the restoration of the 10-ton basalt lion statute which is now showcased at Hama Museum. (SANA - H. Zain)

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