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Syrian revolution calls for “Dignity Strike” to topple Assad regime
Global Arab Network - - Adnan Kassar

Global Arab Network - For the first time since the beginning of the revolution, the Syrian people announces a country-wide general strike under the name of "Dignity Strike",

Global Arab Network reports according to a press statement.

The "Dignity Strike" campaign has already gained considerable momentum on Facebook in a very short period of time. The "Dignity Strike" demands are: the release of all "dignity and freedom revolution" prisoners and the withdrawal of the army and security forces from all Syrian cities. The revolution youth believes that, with this initiative, they could transfer the revolution to a new phase, bringing them closer to end the Assad regime’s reign.

The activists insist on the accelerating nature of the strike and hope that it will sow the seeds for organized civil work, reaching the stage of civil disobedience, and freeze all aspects of life, in protest to the killing machine and escalation of regime's violence against unarmed civilians.

As illustrated in the chart below, the nature of the gradual strike consists of six stages. Each stage has a set of specific actions, which aim to expand the areas of protests and to increase the critical masses in the strike. The organizers call on the Syrian people to actively spread and carry out the plan of these actions on the ground.

The first stage of the strike will begin on Sunday 11/12/2011 under the slogan "the strike is our way to achieve dignity”. The five petal jasmine has been chosen as the symbol of the dignity strike.

What you can do to support the strike campaign:
1. Changing your profile picture into the jasmine and the "Dignity Strike" picture.
2. Posting on your Facebook page messages encouraging your friends to change their pictures and to spread the idea about it.

3. Contacting the local coordinators either inside or outside Syria and relaying the idea of the strike to them so that they can support and adopt it.

4. The diffusion of the campaign by media personalities and TV channels in their programs. For instance the speaker in the media or channel guests can mention in the interview the idea of the strike once or twice, and what everyone should do (points 1,2,3).

5. Encouraging everyone around you through text messages and emails to complete the strike campaign until the end of the adopted plan.

It is worth noting that this campaign has been endorsed and supported by the political, military and media organizations from the Syrian opposition.

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