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Oman: 3,500-yr-old relics found
Global Arab Network - - Ahmed Gamal


MUSCAT — Recent archaeological discoveries in the Wilayat of Daba, Governorate of Musandam, unearthed antiques dating back to the first century BC.

The 3,500-year-old relics were found during two Italian and Greek missions, which conducted geophysical surveys in the area in co-operation with the Ministry of Heritage and Culture. The site was first discovered in 2012 and it is considered one of the most important sites in the Sultanate found recently.
The finds were unearthed during routine digging for the construction of administrative buildings for Daba Sports Club.
The relics include a tomb dating back to 1,300 BC. It is an underground room which is 14 metres long and 3.5 metres wide built of limestone, stones from a local valley and other ancient materials.
The bones of about 188 human bodies were found in the tomb, in addition to pottery, jewellery, swords, daggers and other weapons.
The tomb, found at the depth of two metres, has two entrances and it carries, along with other relics, a lot of information about one of ancient Oman’s prosperous eras during which the country had contacts with other human settlements and civilisations in Mesopotamia and Iran. The antiques indicate that relations with these settlements included exchange of commercial, agricultural and commercial techniques, including copper industries and irrigation methods. The surveys are part of archaeological studies being conducted as part of a geophysical programme for gauging subterranean site extensions using a technique known by the initials GPR.

(Oman Observer)


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