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Culture seen as key contributor to society in EU Neighbourhood

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Culture is seen as having a key role in social wellbeing and economic development by citizens across Europe’s Neighbourhood, as well as contributing to greater tolerance, according to the Autumn 2014 EU Neighbourhood Barometer just released.

According to the poll, 79% in the East and 58% in the Mediterranean partner countries agree that culture plays an important role in developing understanding and tolerance, 74% and 58% respectively think culture contributes to social wellbeing, and 70% and 60% that it contributes to economic development.

In the South, the meaning of culture is closely related to upbringing (education and family), followed by civilisation, and knowledge and science in the Maghreb, and by traditions, languages and lifestyle in the Mashrek. In the East, the concepts of tradition and upbringing come first, followed by arts.

A majority in the East think their government (60%), presidency (59%) and local authorities (47%) contribute most to cultural development. Government is also seen as the main player in the South (78%), followed by private enterprise (56%).

The EU Neighbourhood Barometer project, funded under the EU’s Regional Communication Programme, conducts opinion polls and monitors the media in the 16 partner countries and territories participating in the European Neighbourhood Policy, plus Russia. (EU Neighbourhood Info)

(EU Neighbourhood Info)

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