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Ten facts you didn’t know about women in the Arab world
mna blog women day

Women currently make up 49.7% of around 345.5 million people in the Middle East and North Africa region. But despite the many advances made in terms of closing the gender gap in health, political representation, and labor force participation, many other barriers remain.

Oman celebrates International Women’s Day
Global Arab Network - Hussein Shehadeh

The recent International Women’s Day on the 8th of March was an occasion to take stock of the status of Oman women in society and feel proud of their achievements. Sultan Qaboos Bin Said who has taken a deep interest in their welfare.

Education for all is a distinct priority in Oman
Global Arab Network - Hussein Shehadeh

“We are determined to teach our children even in the shadow of a tree”
This statement was made by Sultane Qaboos when he came to power on the 23rd. of July, 1970.

Culture seen as key contributor to society in EU Neighbourhood
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Culture is seen as having a key role in social wellbeing and economic development by citizens across Europe’s Neighbourhood, as well as contributing to greater tolerance, according to the Autumn 2014 EU Neighbourhood Barometer just released.

Cartoon wars in Europe and beyond
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Cartoon wars have been one of the sadder chapters in Muslim-non-Muslim relations from Denmark to Paris. Enough editors appear too eager to provoke, enough Muslims are too easily provoked, including inexcusably into violence.

A Lesson from Palestinian Educational Reform: Find a Local Super-star

While he is undoubtedly a great player, Lionel Messi may not be the best person to learn from when working on your soccer game.

Djibouti: What Happens When Women Control the Income?
djibouti women

Imagine you are a mother of three in Djibouti, a tiny country on the Horn of the Africa with scarce farmable land or drinking water that is a frequent victim of devastating floods and droughts.

Raising the Quality of Education in Yemen

When I first arrived in Sana’a in early 2012, I met with many segments of Yemeni society; including political leaders, civil society organizations, youth, and women leaders and, of course, the new government.

Sexual Violence against Egypt’s Street Children Can No Longer Be Ignored

Violence against Egyptian women has received extensive coverage in the newspapers, accompanied by numerous online testimonials.

The Myth and Magic of Omans Incens
Global Arab Network - Hussein Shehadeh
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And entering into the house, they found the child with Mary, his mother, and falling down they adored him: and opening their treasures,they offered him gifts; gold frankincense and myrrh.

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