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Among Syria’s children, anger, lost hope and sometimes newfound happiness
Global Arab Network - - Ammar Shikhani
Among Syrias children anger lost hope and sometimes newfound happiness
The conflict in Syria has killed more than 6,500 children, turned nearly one million into refugees, and left three million inside Syria in need of aid.
Human Rights-Based Approach to Disability in the Arab States
Global Arab Network - - Adnan Kassar
Syria The World Programme of Action Concerning Persons with Disabilities

The World Programme of Action Concerning Persons with Disabilities, which was adopted by the UN General Assembly in 1982, promoted the rights-based approach to disability.

Lina - Persons with Disabilities and Human Rights - by Shaza Zafer Al Jundi
Global Arab Network - - Amina Murtada

This stimulating book - the first of its kind in Arabic language – promotes a new conceptualization of disability and fresh research agenda. It is an invaluable resource for researchers, parents of persons with disabilities and students in disability studies and sociology, as well as professionals [ … ]

Oman: Budget boost for education
Global Arab Network - - Maha Karim

The government in Oman is channelling extra funding into education as part of a broader bid to provide its younger generations with the skills and qualifications needed to work in the modern economy.

Where do women stand in the battle for Egypt’s future?

More than two years after Egypt's populist revolution in which men, women and people from all across the social and age spectrum revolted to put an end to the 30 year old regime of Mubarak under the motto

Tunisia: €32.9 million to improve living conditions in disadvantaged neighbourhoods
Global Arab Network - - Adnan Kassar

The EU Delegation in Tunisia has made a grant of €32.9 million to Tunisia to renovate 119 neighbourhoods throughout the territory; 700,000 inhabitants of those areas will benefit from the project and will have their living conditions improved.

A silent data revolution in the Arab World

Something new and important is happening in the Arab world, and it has so far gone largely unnoticed. Since the beginning of the 2011 revolutions, statistical agencies in the North Africa and the Middle East have started to open up access to their raw data and sharing it not only with selected ind [ … ]

Syrian heritage under extreme attack
Global Arab Network - Omar Almuqdad

Since its beginnings in 2011, armed conflict in Syria has escalated dramatically with major human loss, hundreds of thousands of refugees, and extensive damage to infrastructure and properties.

Oman - Preserving the craft heritage for posterity
Oman - Preserving the craft heritage for posterity

The meticulously-crafted Khanjar, incense burners and many other handcrafted items from the Sultanate of Oman trace their roots back several hundreds of years, and remain a key feature of the Omani culture even as the country has seen very fast economic development.

Social protection in Iraq: towards social inclusion and investing in human capital

Within the framework of the upcoming Country Partnership Strategy for Iraq, we reflect on the Social Protection challenges in Iraq, starting with a look at Iraq’s social safety nets, to be followed by subsequent blogs on labor/employment and social insurance.

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