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Jordan’s sukuk market looking set for take-off

The Islamic debt market in Jordan is set to capitalise on growing worldwide interest in sukuk (sharia-compliant bonds) after long-awaited regulations allowing banks to issue and buy the financial instrument have been put in place, paving the way for a sovereign issuance.

Changing times for Bahrain’s takaful industry

A new regulatory framework governing Bahrain’s sharia-compliant insurance, or takaful, sector is expected to play a key role in generating new growth across the segment by attracting more players to the market as well as boosting competition among operators.

Oman: Islamic banking to grow at double-digit rates
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Islamic banking in Oman is expected to grow at double-digit rates as sharia-compliant banking products increasingly gain acceptance and the government’s plans to ease restrictions come to fruition.

New opportunities open for Islamic banking in Bahrain
Global Arab Network - - Asif Khalifa
New opportunities open for Islamic banking in Bahrain
With a strong and well established financial services sector, Bahrain’s role in expanding the global reach of sharia-compliant financing looks set to broaden further through three developments firmed up recently.
Tadawul: Opening up the Saudi Arabia Stock Exchange
Global Arab Network - - Asif Khalifa
Tadawul Opening up the Saudi Arabia Stock Exchange

Plans for new regulations on direct foreign investment in the Saudi Arabian stock market have been outlined,

Initiatives to support expansion of Bahrain’s capital markets
Global Arab Network - - Ahmed Gamal
Central Bank of Bahrain CBB

The Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB) has set out new rules on the issuance of securities as the kingdom looks to boost activity in its financial services sector.

Tunisia considering a $1.1 billion recapitalisation of state-owned banks

Authorities in Tunisia are considering a $1.1bn recapitalisation of state-owned banks over the next two years in an effort to help reduce risk in the country’s financial sector and reassure investors.

A Data-driven Perspective on Islamic Finance
A Data-driven Perspective on Islamic Finance

To some, Sharia-compliant financial services offer a promising path towards expanding financial inclusion among Muslim adults.

New index for Oman’s stock exchange to boost Islamic financial services
Global Arab Network - - Gamal Ragay
A new index for Oman’s stock exchange is expected to provide a boost to the Sultanate’s nascent Islamic financial services sector and lead the way for additional sharia-compliant products.
Upward trajectory for Kuwait Stock Exchange
Global Arab Network - - Reda Darwish
The Kuwait Stock Exchange (KSE) had a positive start to 2013, with the index steadily moving up to reach multi-year highs in May. While local investors are driving much of the recent activity, foreign capital is increasingly flowing into the Gulf’s third-largest bourse.
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