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Qatar's SME Zones
World Chambers Congress qatar

While diversification strategies aimed at moving economies away from hydrocarbon dependency have become commonplace around the Gulf in recent years,

Muscat: Omanisation on the March
Global Arab Network - Hussein Shehadeh
Omanisation on the March

Private sector urged to provide incentive to the youth in the Sultanate of Oman

Morocco looks to further boost automotive investments
Global Arab Network - - Amina Murtada
automotive industry in Morocco

The automotive industry in Morocco, alongside its aeronautical components sector, has seen significant growth over the past decade, with the country now hosting hundreds of manufacturing firms churning out everything from family sedans to airplane cabling.

Industrial and economic zones - Enriching multibillion business in Oman
Global Arab Network - - Asif Khalifa

Specialized economic and industrial zones and free zones in Oman contribute to enriching business activity, attracting foreign investments and opening up export markets before products of converting industries.

UAE: Boosting the manufacturing sector in Abu Dhabi
Global Arab Network - - Ayman Khalil

Industrial activity is on the rise in Abu Dhabi as the emirate’s drive towards sustainable economic diversification under Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030 gathers pace.

Bahrain: Industrial sector looking to post positive growth
Global Arab Network - - Adnan Kassar
Bahrain: With the industrial sector looking to post positive growth in 2013 on the back of increased regional demand, steps are being taken to boost the supply of space for manufacturing activities.
Egypt: Steel industry uncertainty
Global Arab Network - - Jihad Taki

After several years of strong demand growth, the economic slowdown and investment uncertainty associated with the 2011 revolution and its aftermath have dampened steel consumption in Egypt,

Kuwait: Construction activity set to rise
Global Arab Network - - Gamal Ragay

The construction industry is looking to a series of projects, combined with increasing demand from the private sector, to generate momentum following a period of minimal growth and thin margins. 

Morocco | Opportunities in waste
Global Arab Network - - Ayman Khalil

Improved purchasing power, changing consumption patterns and improved industrial output, along with rapid demographic growth, are all by-products of the steady growth Morocco has enjoyed in recent years – but so too are pollution and waste.

Morocco: Encouraging growth in industry - Thanks to phosphate production
Global Arab Network - - Gamal Ragay

According to the most recent figures, Morocco’s secondary sector has seen some encouraging growth, despite difficult global economic conditions, thanks in large part to the production of phosphate rock and derivatives.

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