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11/27/2014 16:34:02Kuwait investing in education - New schools to meet growing demand
10/22/2014 08:53:29Iraq - Syria: Holding ISIS to account
07/08/2014 16:52:12Initiatives to support expansion of Bahrain’s capital markets
06/09/2014 19:38:35Morocco looks to be financial services gateway to Africa
04/08/2014 11:44:34Morocco looks to welcome 20 million tourists & generate $17bn
02/20/2014 15:38:29EU-Jordanian relations in focus: three Questions to the Ambassador
02/12/2014 14:32:09The Sultanate of Oman enhances oil production
07/17/2013 18:04:25Lebanon: Call for proposals launched to promote freedom of expression and of media
06/09/2013 17:48:44Morocco: Ongoing expansion in the mobile segment
06/02/2013 00:54:10Jordan: Getting governments to cough up for disaster risk reduction
05/22/2013 00:46:40Egypt: The Muslim Brotherhood’s silence
04/27/2013 21:50:56Kuwait: Addressing the housing shortage
04/25/2013 12:12:02Oman: 3,500-yr-old relics found
12/12/2012 18:14:04Syria: media activists call for communications supports
11/26/2012 00:18:21London institution: Morocco Strengthening a financial future
11/13/2012 14:13:15Recovery sign - 14 % increase in industrial investment in Tunisia
10/28/2012 22:14:50Foreign investment in Iraq to drop to $ 35 billion
10/15/2012 01:15:07Oman Air, French training institute to establish a major Aviation School City
09/26/2012 12:57:44UAE wins International Voting to Host 'Global Federation of Competitiveness Councils' Summit
09/17/2012 23:59:02If IMF deal agreed - EU to provide Egypt € 500 million in financial aid
09/16/2012 21:43:20Pope urges Arab leaders to work for peace in raging Middle East
09/08/2012 18:10:17EU may impose new Syria sanctions as Assad clings to power
08/13/2012 16:10:10Meeting water demand – Oman: utilities sector turning to private and foreign investors
07/31/2012 16:22:24UAE: Ceramics milestone in Ras Al Khaimah
07/18/2012 23:35:46Boosting tourism - Qatar hosting several major international events
06/09/2012 20:48:37Showcasing Oman’s tourism potential
05/31/2012 10:51:19Iraq energy auction ends with little foreign interest
05/24/2012 15:33:44Five-year strategy to boost ICT in Jordan
03/08/2012 13:31:36Maroc : Priorité au logement social
02/12/2012 23:14:27Oman’s insurance: Primed for consolidation
01/17/2012 15:48:44Bahrain: Regaining Momentum – Looking to Better Times
11/16/2011 00:03:27Morocco going green - expanding renewable energy
11/09/2011 00:44:53Kuwait: sovereign wealth fund increasing presence in China
10/26/2011 17:45:49Tunisia’s moderate Islamists reach out to secular rivals
10/12/2011 23:03:03Oil sector in Kuwait - Expanding downstream
10/10/2011 13:24:03Algeria introducing ratings system for financial sector
09/15/2011 14:59:02Tunisie : L'industrie espère une reprise
09/06/2011 12:16:00Kuwait annual inflation hits 11-month low in July
09/01/2011 15:05:00Libya's rebel leadership outlines goals at Paris conference
08/29/2011 21:24:00Economic future for Libya brighter than in Tunisia, Egypt
08/22/2011 21:20:57Ramadan has Iraqi locales playing decades-old game
08/03/2011 11:45:40Egypt: Mubarak first Arab leader to stand trial in person
07/14/2011 20:48:51Opportunities for Ras Al Khaimah - Gulf ramping up spending on building projects
07/11/2011 11:53:59Boosting cooperation - 56 % increase in Morocco's exports to USA
07/10/2011 19:02:55€ 610 million from European Investment Bank for electricity projects in Egypt
06/21/2011 23:16:04Morocco: Société Générale Marocaine de Banques Ratings Affirmed
06/12/2011 19:23:13Kuwait to produce one billion cubic feet of natural gas
05/19/2011 19:38:15The highest in the world - 25% youth unemployment rate in MENA region
04/30/2011 12:23:57UK condemns ongoing violence in Syria, welcomes international action
04/19/2011 10:01:18Arabian Humpback Whale - Amazing Findings in Oman Sea
04/18/2011 00:18:00Algerian president: No problems with Morocco
04/11/2011 22:00:28International Monetary Fund to offer $ 500 million flexible loan to Egypt
03/27/2011 22:41:21Oman: Sohar Port working at full production capacity
03/20/2011 22:25:02Military action - Arab and French jets targeting Gaddafi's forces
03/20/2011 22:16:50China Regrets International Strikes on Libya
03/14/2011 23:40:03Saudi Arabia, UAE send troops and security force to Bahrain
03/12/2011 19:05:55International Labour Organization: Egypt to attend unemployment challenges
03/10/2011 18:49:00Egypt Urges Spain Backing Debt-Swap Deal with Europe
03/08/2011 23:01:31Higher education - a beacon of hope for Iraq
03/08/2011 22:12:11Oman, US Explore Trade and Investment Opportunities
03/07/2011 20:00:12Egypt: New Government Vows to Meet Nation’s Demands
03/03/2011 20:56:25President Gul: Turkey shows solidarity and support to Egypt
03/01/2011 16:06:08Oman: Thousands of Citizens Organize Loyalty and Gratitude March
02/21/2011 19:13:29Italian army raises level of alert to maximum after Libyan jets
02/21/2011 09:59:45Libya – Protesters Revelation Targeting Gaddafi Regime
02/16/2011 20:48:22Archaeologists Unearthed Funeral Chamber Dating Back to Hellenistic period in Syria
02/14/2011 00:04:48Bosra – Major Archaeological Attraction in Syria
02/11/2011 14:17:58Egypt Promises to Improve Farmers Conditions
02/08/2011 22:51:05Morocco invests $ 3 billion in 79 wastewater treatment plants
02/08/2011 14:01:00Hariri ally quits talks on new Lebanon govt
02/08/2011 12:40:00Syria to give $ 250 million aid to 420,000 low-income families
02/08/2011 11:34:45Support Pledge - UK Foreign Secretary Visits Tunisia
02/07/2011 23:00:00Mazoon has true flavours of Oman
02/06/2011 21:24:33Turkey praises growing ties with Syria
02/06/2011 19:09:00Oman: Al Wafi Health Centre Opens
02/02/2011 16:23:19UAE, UK Taskforce - Defence and Security, Trade and Investment
02/02/2011 16:02:31Oman Says Emirati Spy Network Discovered, UAE Denies Involvement
01/28/2011 14:48:28Fitch Revises Egypt's Outlook to Negative from Stable
01/25/2011 00:41:01Qatar, Syria: Business Forum Enhancing Investments & Trade Cooperation
01/23/2011 00:51:32UAE: Dubai Health Authority Ranked Third Globally
01/11/2011 23:44:14Kuwait, Turkey calling for business joint ventures
01/11/2011 23:22:04Hillary Clinton: US strongly supports Yemen's security and unity
01/02/2011 17:51:45Archaeologists: Byzantine and Roman Tombs Unearthed in South of Syria
01/01/2011 22:59:37Al-Qaeda in Arab Peninsula claims responsibility for 50 attacks in Yemen
12/30/2010 21:07:59Damascus: US Appoints New Ambassador to Syria
12/24/2010 15:06:47Egypt, World Bank Investing in Human Resources
12/20/2010 15:59:52Kuwait Hosts GCC Political, Economic Transformation Conference
12/20/2010 15:40:56UAE: Zayed Future Energy Prize Shortlists Top 40
12/06/2010 21:58:18GCC Chief: Major Achievements Aimed at Reaching Gulf Integration
12/06/2010 21:46:34GCC Summit - Green Light for Gulf Firms to Open Branches in Member States
12/05/2010 22:00:13London: UAE Embassy in UK Celebrates National Day
12/02/2010 12:14:55Egypt, UAE Enhancing Economic, Investment Cooperation
11/30/2010 20:10:17Kuwait: 39 States Participate in Donors and Investors Conference for Sudan
11/25/2010 11:47:49Archaeologists: Tombs Dating Back to 5th Millennium BC Unearthed in Syria
11/24/2010 16:16:07Jordan King Approves New Cabinet
11/16/2010 23:11:44Morocco, Spain discuss latest developments in Western Sahara
11/15/2010 13:44:20Hajj in Saudi Arabia: Holy Ka'ba Decorated with Silk, Gild and Silver Covering
11/15/2010 13:29:36Saudi Arabia: Pilgrims gather in Arafat in last part of Hajj
11/14/2010 11:32:17Muslim World Celebrates Eid al-Adha on Tuesday
11/09/2010 10:39:39Sons of Sinbad - Photo exhibition sailing in Kuwait maritime history
11/04/2010 17:43:58Joint Cooperation: Syrian-Turkish Housing Projects to be Implemented
10/31/2010 21:29:01UAE: Moody's Assigns B1 Rating to Dubai-based Gulf General Investment Company Senior Notes
10/26/2010 13:12:00Qatar Emir and Sheikha Mozah Visit British Parliament
10/25/2010 21:25:18U.S grants Jordan $ 275 million to reduce poverty
10/24/2010 20:22:21Saudi Chamber Hails India's Decision to Freeze Protection Fees on Polypropylene
10/24/2010 18:16:00GCC: Qatar Hosts Second Family Firms Forum
10/21/2010 16:39:30Gulf and UK Ministers build deeper relations
10/17/2010 21:18:09Syria, China Establishing Investment Projects, Enhancing Bilateral Cooperation
10/13/2010 14:15:43Syrian-Tunisian Business Council Establishing Joint Trade Company
10/13/2010 14:06:23Egypt, Spain Enhancing Political and Economic Relations
10/10/2010 18:34:40Afro-Arab Summit Developing Joint Space to Face Challenges
10/09/2010 22:13:14Libya: Arab Summit Supporting Peace, Sudan unity, Arab Neighbourhood Policy
10/09/2010 20:57:13Libya: Extraordinary Summit Developing a Joint Arab Action
09/28/2010 08:40:28Arab Interim Parliament Convenes in Syria
09/12/2010 16:19:23Egypt, Qatar: Orascom to build additional phase of Doha Convention Centre
09/10/2010 13:12:06Egypt invests $ 12.78 billion in new urban communities
09/05/2010 23:07:19Syria Hosts Presidential Conference of Federation Internationale de l'Automobile
09/05/2010 20:23:06Omani Indian Business Council discusses joint economic opportunities
09/02/2010 14:47:21Syria, Austria Encouraging Trade Relations
09/02/2010 14:31:05Oman, Singapore enhancing relations, encouraging joint investments
08/29/2010 23:04:58Egypt: Mubarak holds meeting with Sarkozy ahead of Washington visit
08/28/2010 18:53:19Egypt: New oil fields discovered near Libya border
08/26/2010 16:32:42Iran: Ahmadinejad Faces New Conservative Challenge
08/25/2010 07:47:19UK: Anti-terror camp trains youth to counter extremism
08/24/2010 14:47:23EU: €20 million to support reforms of government departments in Jordan
08/21/2010 19:30:06Egypt offers $ 280 million to support industrial zones
08/20/2010 16:07:09UK: Jordan King, Queen receive military salutes at Royal Edinburgh Tattoo
08/16/2010 19:03:28E-Government: Syria to Provide 22 Services Online
08/14/2010 19:46:54President Saleh visit to London strengthening Yemen, UK relations
08/11/2010 07:53:21Russia to reschedule wheat contracts with Egypt despite grain exports ban
08/10/2010 09:46:40Kuwait, UK sign deal to work together on international security
08/09/2010 22:33:28Archaeologists: Islamic Coins Dating Back to Ayyubid Era Unearthed in Syria
08/06/2010 13:10:45Syria, EU sign memo for economic and technical cooperation
08/03/2010 14:28:20Syria, Yemen discuss economic, trade and investment cooperation
07/31/2010 20:37:32Yemeni President reiterates call for Houthis to honour truce
07/29/2010 15:29:16Saudi Arabia investments in Jordan reach $ 1.97 billion
07/29/2010 14:20:51Egypt discusses transport cooperation with China and South Korea
07/28/2010 16:19:54World Bank offers $ 3.2 billion to finance 18 development projects in Egypt
07/27/2010 21:41:29Ground Zero: Mosque ado about nothing
07/27/2010 16:29:49Saudi Arabia King Visits Syria and Lebanon
07/20/2010 14:30:06BP to invest $ 9 billion in oil and gas exploration in Egypt
07/18/2010 17:58:59Oman: UK reinforcing ties with the Gulf Region
07/15/2010 15:26:31Bahrain, UK building bilateral relationship for the future
07/15/2010 14:37:37African issues: Egypt calling for economic cooperation among Nile-basin countries
07/14/2010 21:38:17Multi-Billion Investments - Plastics Industries Expanding in Syria
07/01/2010 16:54:41Broader and deeper cooperation - UAE, UK strengthening relationship
06/28/2010 22:00:50Saudi King, US President summit tackles Mideast peace & international issues
06/28/2010 21:55:40Kuwait donates £1.5 million for British Tanks Museum
06/18/2010 15:31:46Football Lovers: World Cup Lifts Iraqi Gloom
06/18/2010 14:32:21Conservative: Labour’s Legacy to Britain, Debt to Reach £1,376 Billion
06/11/2010 14:59:01International Labour Organization: Hardship in securing employment in the occupied Arab territories
06/10/2010 18:33:41The Middle East at the Crossroads - Turkey steps forward on the world stage
06/09/2010 19:12:56Death sentences - Iran’s Hanging Judge
05/27/2010 19:55:52Egypt, Congo Eyeing More Energy Cooperation
05/25/2010 20:56:53Muslim American: When media acts responsibly everybody wins
05/17/2010 20:47:06Central Bank of Egypt - $3.1 bn Surplus in Balance of Payments
05/12/2010 05:42:09Egypt opens polyester plant in a major industrial city
05/12/2010 05:30:08Improving transport - Oman paving more roads
05/10/2010 18:42:35New IT tools - Dealing With Disasters in a Connected World
05/07/2010 17:09:53World Economic Forum: Democracy Gains Ground in Africa
05/07/2010 13:21:08Syria-Israel Peace Talks: Let Turkey Take Part
05/07/2010 11:53:04WEF: Time to move Africa from the periphery to the centre of the global economy
05/06/2010 10:28:48Asian Football Cup - Iraq faces a daunting task
04/27/2010 22:23:44Not helping the matter - Media should get Islam right
04/23/2010 12:14:20Oman - 33% Passenger Traffic Increase at Muscat International Airport
04/22/2010 17:38:42IMF: MENA Region Recovering with 4.5% Growth in 2010
04/22/2010 16:28:16Syria launches major gas plant with 2,8 million CMPD capacity
04/22/2010 14:20:10UK Election – Who would enhance the business environment
04/17/2010 23:10:52Syrian Archaeologists: Tower Tombs Unearthed in Palmyra
04/17/2010 22:58:11Arab World - Regional Cooperation and Integration initiatives
04/17/2010 22:42:05Jobs with Productivity - The Most Important Challenge in The Maghreb
04/14/2010 17:09:57Oman, Korea enhancing economic cooperation & furthering investment
04/02/2010 23:12:36World Bank Supports Egypt in Enhancing Finance for Small Enterprises
03/31/2010 21:51:05MENA region - Science and collaboration key to food security
03/30/2010 22:27:12Historic opportunity: Arab woman to head UN's new gender programme?
03/15/2010 09:21:30Dubai Judicial Institute promotes partnerships among courts and exchange experiences
03/14/2010 22:10:40Jordan warns Israel of settlements expansion consequences
02/18/2010 22:57:49Iraq: Baghdadis Bemoan Election Detritus
02/11/2010 16:48:20UK signs new deal to fight poverty in Palestine
02/07/2010 23:12:56Clinton: Al-Qaeda is "greater threat" than Iran & N. Korea
01/29/2010 09:46:38Don’t give Israel an excuse - One Intifada was enough
01/29/2010 09:34:38Freedom for all citizens - Palestine must be a secular state
01/28/2010 23:13:59Iraq: Blasts Cast Doubt Over Election Security Plan
01/15/2010 10:13:54Source of confusion - Assessing Egypt's actions in Gaza
01/11/2010 11:55:17Yemen to receive more international support
01/09/2010 22:22:23UNESCO: Financial crisis threatens to set back education worldwide
01/06/2010 13:56:57Egypt to offer schoolchildren H1N1 inoculations
01/06/2010 13:32:47Turkey to support OIC international Darfur donor's conference
01/06/2010 00:12:18EU: Lisbon-the first step in solving Europe's identity crisis
01/05/2010 22:28:05Iraq: Fear Grips Anbar After Double Bombing
01/05/2010 22:15:37Iraq: Widows Silent Victims of Ramadi Attacks
01/04/2010 12:19:35GCC population - Inaccuracies figures result in skewed development outlook
01/04/2010 11:39:56France joins UK and US actions as shuts embassy in Yemen
01/03/2010 20:18:45Morocco - Economy achieves 5.6% growth in 3Q 2009
01/02/2010 21:16:17US to support Yemen terrorism fight
01/02/2010 14:44:07Muslim world to strengthen ties with Russia
01/01/2010 20:01:58International Federation of Journalists: 137 journalists killed last year
01/01/2010 19:41:59Egypt to drill 520 exploratory oil & gas wells and start gold production
01/01/2010 19:31:10Egyptian Stock Exchange tops Arab stock market indices by 35% in 2009
01/01/2010 12:21:34Lack of sex education - Moving Egypt towards HIV epidemic
12/30/2009 20:06:25Moody's downgrades National Bank of Egypt, Commercial International Bank and Banque du Caire
12/28/2009 17:19:56Egypt prevents 1,000 protesters from travelling to Gaza
12/26/2009 16:37:50Israel, Gaza: One Year After Hostilities, Abuses Unpunished
12/25/2009 22:08:40Yemen shows interest in Tunisia’s experience in youth employment
12/23/2009 23:45:49Education - The best of both worlds
12/23/2009 22:30:37Religious leaders in Israel unite for a better future
12/23/2009 22:17:36Palestinian children suffer from a lack of appropriate TV programming
12/21/2009 12:33:02Yemen faces Al-Qaeda sympathizers not the group itself, says official
12/20/2009 19:27:48Record number of arrivals from the Horn of Africa to Yemen
12/20/2009 10:56:48Saudi Arabia intensifies inclusion of IT literacy programs across government agencies and universities
12/18/2009 18:37:30Protests in Iraq - Turkey Ban Draws Kurdish Ire
12/18/2009 01:27:25Israeli settlements in East Jerusalem a real threat to peace
12/16/2009 22:25:28Religious knowledge - Teaching faith in America's schools
12/14/2009 17:56:34Poverty fuels child labour among Iraqi refugees in Syria
12/12/2009 17:07:19Gulf media – A tangible effect on the society development
12/12/2009 13:25:56Iraq - Halabja Urges Verdict in Chemical Ali Case
12/12/2009 12:59:51 Elections mean little to Iraqis still facing violence and hardship
12/09/2009 19:42:07Iraq - Halabja Reunion Bolsters Search for Lost Kids
12/08/2009 22:35:32The Swiss minaret ban - European identity politics in play
12/08/2009 01:17:47Without hypocrisy: Real Message From the Swiss Minarets
12/07/2009 10:45:55FAO: Bananas resist economic crisis
12/04/2009 21:44:27Iraq - The Day AIDS Arrived at My Hospital
12/03/2009 12:09:54Iraq Struggles to Stop Banned Books Trade
11/30/2009 15:49:21Fitch Affirms Egypt's Commercial International Bank at 'BB+'; Outlook Stable
11/27/2009 21:18:15FIFA suspension spurs debate over the future of Iraqi football
11/26/2009 15:50:16Inclusive Judaism is needed in Israel
11/22/2009 21:32:50Dubai Summit - Redesigning the global system
11/17/2009 08:04:48Egypt - Out of the slum and into joblessness
11/17/2009 06:46:24Union for the Mediterranean: what can we expect?
11/15/2009 21:24:58SUDAN: The Nuba Mountains remain tense
11/10/2009 12:07:18Yemen - Heavy fighting forces 2,000 persons to flee
11/08/2009 13:01:33Somalia - Donor caution alarms aid workers
11/06/2009 09:05:30The Oslo legacy - Two states based on the 67 border
11/03/2009 14:03:59Yemen: Clambering up mountains to find water
11/01/2009 23:48:12Saudis discover 'al-Qaeda' arms cache
11/01/2009 20:52:36Yemen - Somalia: Record high of African arrivals
10/29/2009 22:11:11Lebanon: Solar power helps schools, hospitals
10/23/2009 12:25:42Yemen to provide humanitarian corridors for displaced families
10/23/2009 11:35:36 Libya, Morocco to advance economic cooperation
10/18/2009 22:26:34Sudan - kidnapped aid workers freed
10/16/2009 16:52:01Parliamentarians from the Mediterranean to meet in Istanbul
10/15/2009 14:25:39Libya frees 88 Islamists
10/13/2009 18:57:28Iraq - Collapse of ancient water system forces 100,000 to abandon their homes
10/12/2009 14:04:44Egypt - 6th October Victory Annual Celebration in London
10/12/2009 11:25:56UAE sees first imprisonment for parallel imports in the Middle East
10/09/2009 19:20:44I do not deserve Nobel prize, says Obama
10/09/2009 14:26:56Yemen - Humanitarian crisis continues
10/05/2009 09:43:17Report: UK offered Libya £14m to end IRA support
10/02/2009 13:57:54UN defers vote on Gaza war crime report
10/02/2009 13:50:46Iran agrees to nuclear inspection
10/01/2009 12:18:48Yemen : More than 25 Houthi fighters killed
09/25/2009 13:37:12HRW urges EU to demand justice for Gaza war victims
09/25/2009 10:35:0650,000 Somalis reach Kenya this year
09/22/2009 09:58:31US calls on Israeli and Palestinian to act with a "sense of urgency"
09/22/2009 09:13:32Sudan - More than 100 killed in clashes
09/21/2009 12:22:31Yemen army kills 140 fighters as Houthi launch attack
09/20/2009 18:45:40Ceasefire breaks down - Fighting in Yemen continues
09/17/2009 19:09:57Egypt jails US couples for child trafficking
09/17/2009 14:55:56Yemeni civilians killed in military aircraft raids
09/15/2009 22:45:42More Americans know their Muslim neighbours
09/15/2009 21:36:55Iraq needs a leader of Putin's calibre
09/14/2009 20:34:25Yemen - Saada city residents most affected by fighting
09/11/2009 21:33:11Israel reacts to rockets attack from Lebanon
09/10/2009 17:08:09Hariri quits after the opposition refusal
09/08/2009 14:08:07Sudan - WHO warns of epidemics in conflict areas of south
09/08/2009 13:57:46Official: Libya rules out IRA payout
09/08/2009 13:35:52Lebanon's opposition rejects al-Hariri’s proposed cabinet
09/08/2009 12:02:34Turkish Sufi music in the air in Abu Dhabi
09/04/2009 11:01:47Understanding Palestinian nationalism
09/04/2009 10:48:01A new model for resident participation in East Jerusalem
09/01/2009 15:00:25Sudan - Darfur & compassion fatigue
08/29/2009 10:01:10Iraq - Bomb explosion kills 14 injures 40
08/28/2009 10:26:31UNHCR calls for safe corridors in northern Yemen
08/27/2009 21:58:47Merkel urges Israel settlement stop
08/27/2009 21:00:14Israel - It's time to talk to Fatah
08/27/2009 19:50:44Yemen: military operations will continue against rebels
08/23/2009 18:30:34Elections in Afghanistan - Out the Same Door We Came In
08/20/2009 16:21:386th convention Fateh's and the building of a nation
08/19/2009 13:12:51UN Calls for Renewed Commitment to Help Most Vulnerable in Iraq
08/19/2009 00:02:26Obama & Mubarak : Mideast peace signs
08/18/2009 13:19:27Iraq - Remote control aid
08/17/2009 20:57:59Somalia - Drought fuelling rural exodus in Somaliland
08/17/2009 20:21:22Lebanon - Nahr al-Bared reconstruction finally about to get under way
08/16/2009 18:10:46US to restore relations with Syria
08/16/2009 17:59:46Syria denies reports about futile test-firing of missile
08/15/2009 10:45:2222 people died as Hamas fights Al-Qaeda
08/14/2009 22:36:35Hezbollah warns Israel
08/14/2009 15:18:04UNHCHR: Israeli practices represent collective punishment for Palestinians
08/13/2009 16:46:19French woman held in Iran spy trial
08/13/2009 07:15:27Israel- Investigate ‘White Flag’ Shootings of Gaza Civilians, HRW says
08/12/2009 15:10:30Poverty impels mass weddings in Yemen
08/09/2009 00:09:08Nile negotiators are near a deal
08/08/2009 23:16:50US - 9 dead in mid-air collision
08/08/2009 22:33:28Palestine - New guard replaces old in Fatah
08/08/2009 11:06:24UAE - Camel milk, dates and coffee … a taste of tradition
08/07/2009 12:02:52Baghdad - A journey through Iraq with Herodotus
08/07/2009 09:21:00Sudan - Abyei still fragile as Darfur conflict spills into Kordofan
08/06/2009 15:03:47Fatah conference - Struggle between delegates
08/06/2009 11:09:43Moroccan dissent alive on Twitter
08/03/2009 20:52:33A new fashion muse: the Middle East in haute couture
08/01/2009 21:05:44Al Qaeda in North Africa claims attack in Algeria
07/30/2009 21:06:05Israel admits white phosphorus use during Gaza war
07/30/2009 16:51:45Why a private television channel in Palestine
07/30/2009 10:04:58Iraq - Upgrade Baghdad slums to reduce poverty
07/29/2009 21:38:48Iran, US - Mixed signals
07/29/2009 19:56:30Moroccan King Pardons Nearly 25,000 Prisoners
07/29/2009 11:00:58Iraq's Kurds voted Masoud Barzani
07/28/2009 13:49:14UN & AIDA - Call for immediate opening of Gaza’s borders
07/27/2009 22:36:59Of Cultural Pluralism and Tolerance
07/27/2009 21:52:02Buyers return to Dubai property market, with caution
07/27/2009 19:51:40Mitchell: US is determined to reach a comprehensive Arab-Israeli peace
07/26/2009 20:23:19British MPs urge Hamas Dialogue
07/26/2009 17:32:40U.S. pushes for peace with Syria
07/24/2009 19:09:55Second plane smash in Iran
07/23/2009 18:44:03Obama hosts Maliki
07/23/2009 17:25:27Iraq - Trenches to protect Christians
07/22/2009 21:30:06Hit by global recession - Dubai to borrow second $10bn
07/13/2009 23:38:35Israel rejects EU deadline proposal
07/11/2009 17:20:19Ghanaian president welcomes Obama
07/10/2009 11:37:22Focus on hunger -$20 bln for food security at G8 summit
07/10/2009 08:35:12G8 - Historic consensus on fighting climate change
07/08/2009 21:52:58Car bombs Kill 12 Iraqi
07/08/2009 16:40:21NBAD supports Irena's initiatives to promote renewable energy
07/07/2009 14:31:46EU reaffirms commitment to Middle East peace efforts
07/03/2009 13:20:56High-tech security system to cover Saudi borders
07/02/2009 19:43:46Amnesty accuses Israel of war crimes in Gaza
06/29/2009 21:08:56Fireworks as US troops leave Iraq cities
06/27/2009 22:27:59Saad Hariri named Lebanon PM
06/25/2009 22:59:19Hamas rejects Netanyahu’s demand, welcomes Obama’s policy
06/23/2009 23:34:19Obama to Iran: I strongly condemn these unjust actions
06/23/2009 20:52:52Iraq - Timeline of violence in 2009
06/23/2009 00:10:09Despite a warning form Revolutionary Guard, protests continue in Iran
06/22/2009 01:03:28Ethiopian troops to battle Somali opposition fighters in Mogadishu
06/21/2009 23:46:13Iran - Mousavi calls for more protests
06/18/2009 22:29:19Thousands of supporters attended a "day of mourning" in Tehran
06/18/2009 10:57:47Al-Qaeda kills 23 policemen in Algeria
06/17/2009 20:44:01Mousavi calls his supporters to stage a peaceful mourning rally
06/16/2009 15:06:05Foreign media restricted, Iran to recount ‘doubtful vote’
06/16/2009 11:57:18HRW: End violence against peaceful protests in Iran
06/15/2009 19:51:09Iran - Armed men open fire on protesters
06/13/2009 19:19:08HRW: Israel should stop demolishing Palestinian homes
06/13/2009 10:03:04Iranians re-elect Ahmadinejad, 63.8% victory
06/12/2009 03:42:27Presidential election –Iranians begin to cast their votes
06/11/2009 14:40:19Somalia - Food insecurity concerns after poor rains
06/10/2009 21:16:19Car bomb kills at least 30 in Iraq, Al-Qaeda blamed
06/08/2009 22:50:28UN: Israel must open Gaza, freeze settlements
06/06/2009 22:51:31Iran: U.N. report shows our nuclear work peaceful
06/05/2009 08:15:21Roundtable interview of Obama with Arab and regional reporters
06/03/2009 22:45:31Obama’s Cairo speech: Turning over a new page with the Middle East
06/03/2009 01:15:02Iraq humanitarian effort needs ongoing support
06/02/2009 23:47:00Iraqi gets life for killing aid worker Margaret Hassan
06/02/2009 01:26:19Defying Obama's call, Israel continues to build more settlements
05/31/2009 22:47:10Hamas - Fatah clash leaves six dead in West Bank
05/30/2009 22:43:50Ex-Iraq trade minister arrested while fleeing
05/29/2009 23:24:02Global warming is killing about 315,000 people a year
05/28/2009 00:07:03Vietnam to enhance economic relations with Algeria
05/25/2009 23:29:16Taliban: we will stop fighting in Swat valley
05/25/2009 21:44:22Somalia calls for help against rebels
05/25/2009 21:03:08Hezbollah blames Israel for report on Hariri
05/24/2009 22:32:40Morocco - 11 killed in stampede at concert
05/24/2009 22:23:41Russia: Hamas talks needed for mideast peace
05/24/2009 21:46:08 Yemen, Algeria discuss technical, vocational training cooperation
05/24/2009 21:01:54Iraq - Over 20 percent of Iraqis live below the poverty line
05/24/2009 19:22:55Jordan - Education Reform for the Knowledge Economy
05/23/2009 23:19:33Egypt arrests 7 terror attack suspects
05/22/2009 20:14:25Biden: US links Lebanon aid to election result
05/21/2009 20:27:25Iran election – 4 candidates start the race
05/21/2009 02:12:08Gaza orphans in the spotlight
05/21/2009 01:08:14Somaliland clans in ceasefire over disputed farmland
05/20/2009 21:34:073 Somalis killed in Mogadishu clashes
05/19/2009 22:24:19Fayyad forms new Palestinian cabinet without Hamas
05/18/2009 23:08:4340,000 Lebanese affected by jobs cutting in GCC
05/18/2009 22:56:02LEBANON: Tough life for Palestinians in neglected “gatherings”
05/17/2009 22:12:08No progress, Palestinians resume Reconciliation Talks
05/16/2009 20:54:48Kuwaitis elect second parliament in a year
05/15/2009 21:41:53US will restart Guantanamo trials
05/15/2009 21:21:34Syrian, Turkish presidents address regional issues
05/15/2009 19:58:02Kuwaitis vote to end a dispute
05/15/2009 17:38:27WEF: 1,400 leaders response to the worst economic crisis
05/14/2009 22:34:57Somali pirates work as a team
05/13/2009 22:48:47Somalia: Islamist fighters on the edge of the presidential palace
05/12/2009 00:19:40Israel under pressure, UN renews call for 'two-state solution'
05/11/2009 00:40:36Amir of Kuwait visits China
05/10/2009 19:47:14Iran court hears US reporter's appeal
05/10/2009 19:06:20King of Jordan visits Syria Monday
05/09/2009 22:28:53US soldier guilty of rape and murder of Iraqi girl
05/09/2009 20:00:17Morocco, Palau establish diplomatic relations
05/08/2009 22:57:24SAUDI Arabia may take Guantanamo prisoners
05/08/2009 21:45:35Netanyahu: Israel will never withdraw from the Golan
05/08/2009 19:25:14FMD Middle East outbreaks spread as far as Libya
05/07/2009 20:12:10IRAQ: Government aid for marshland children
05/07/2009 13:59:09UN: Israel's separation wall has affected Palestinian Live
05/06/2009 19:45:50Libya asks Scotland to transfer Al-Megrahi
05/05/2009 22:24:35UN : Israeli military intentionally fired at civilians During Gaza war
05/05/2009 10:16:52Iranian appeals court will hear US journalist's case next week
05/05/2009 00:35:59Chad and Sudan agree to normalise relations
05/04/2009 13:07:40As political leader, Hamas reelectes Mashaal
05/04/2009 11:04:10Israel's war crimes to be discussed by UN
03/18/2009 12:46:15EMPA Plenary focuses on Middle East – Jordan takes Presidency

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