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11/27/2014 17:17:49GCC-British Economic Forum: The Private Sector - Challenges & Opportunities
10/22/2014 09:34:00International support helps Tunisia to facilitate financing for SMEs
07/08/2014 17:12:52Algeria to revive mining industry
06/16/2014 14:33:07The Enemy Within: Tackling Schistosomiasis in Yemen
06/09/2014 21:44:28Alert over spike in Middle East flu-like virus
04/08/2014 13:04:28Jordan’s private sector responds to economic reforms
02/20/2014 22:56:23Saudi Arabian retail sector set for growth
02/13/2014 15:54:04MENA youth refuse to step down despite setbacks
11/27/2013 19:00:01The USA and Russia in the Syrian Crisis: Prospects for Reconciliation
11/15/2013 22:43:47Oman economy - showing high performance with 16% GDP growth
08/22/2013 22:33:54Among Syria’s children, anger, lost hope and sometimes newfound happiness
08/19/2013 17:56:53Global Marketplace Abu Dhabi - new free zone planned in the UAE
07/17/2013 19:26:04MENA Social Safety Nets virtual community expands in Kuwait
06/27/2013 17:01:51Saudi Arabia taking mining offshore in Sudan
06/12/2013 12:45:37Oman: Salalah Tourism Festival from August
06/09/2013 17:41:44Transport sector in Qatar: Fuelling growth
05/22/2013 21:36:27Oman: Budget paves way for fast-tracking rail programme
05/22/2013 01:25:42Jordan: Seeking shale solution
04/27/2013 21:56:46Egypt: Expanding technology infrastructure
11/26/2012 00:26:22Kuwait: Oil production increase could exhaust reserves within few generations
11/13/2012 17:05:58Saudi Arabia leading Middle East and North Africa in construction investment
10/29/2012 00:58:41Saudi Arabia: Oil revenues to exceed $ 267 billion
10/14/2012 19:02:37New uprising - Access to information takes its next steps in Tunisia
10/10/2012 12:05:22IMF: Middle East and North Africa oil exporters to accelerate economic growth
10/03/2012 12:46:10World Bank offers best efforts and expertise to support for transition process in Yemen
10/01/2012 17:43:15Fitch Assigns Bahrain Mumtalakat Holding Company B.S.C. Sukuk Murabahah Programme 'BBB' Rating
09/26/2012 12:35:20Syrian rebels bomb army command in Damascus
09/20/2012 14:02:42Oman: Multi-billon dollar investment programme to create a new transport grid
09/16/2012 22:16:27Oman: Major dam to benefit Wilayat of Seeb
09/16/2012 03:27:31UAE: Dubai building regional information technology (IT) centre
09/11/2012 15:51:58New approach – Tunisia increasing tourism promotion and development
08/28/2012 12:13:29Tunisie : Une nouvelle approche
08/13/2012 16:29:03Le Maroc développe son secteur de l’énergie
08/01/2012 23:23:50Abu Dhabi: UAE’s Etisalat to allow foreigners to buy shares
07/31/2012 16:30:56IRAQ: Returnees from Syria - a “humanitarian crisis” in the making
05/31/2012 10:06:15Sudan denies armed police still in Abyei
05/24/2012 18:03:26Alternative measures to boost Morocco’s tourism
03/08/2012 13:45:03UAE: Global vision for RAK Petroleum Public Company
01/17/2012 15:04:20Algeria: Investment in infrastructure and industry boosting GDP up to 4%
12/21/2011 16:25:57Protecting Civilians - Syrian National Council Calls for UN to Immediately Establish a Safe Zone
12/16/2011 01:11:03Tunisie : De nouvelles perspectives économiques
11/22/2011 17:48:48Qatar: Ongoing development in information and communications technology
11/16/2011 00:11:13Maroc : Vers plus d’énergie verte
11/09/2011 21:14:17Egypt investing in telecom, boosting technology
10/26/2011 18:22:09UAE: 31% increase in RAK licenced companies
10/18/2011 22:01:45Algérie : Le secteur de la construction se porte bien
10/16/2011 12:10:54Oman: Majlis Ash’shura 7th term - Results trickle in
10/07/2011 20:41:58Maroc: Prend de la vitesse
09/16/2011 21:07:33Maroc : Une croissance saine
09/15/2011 15:15:42Morocco: Breathing new life into the markets
09/06/2011 12:21:00Libya: hopeful signs
09/01/2011 15:36:00Diplomats say Syria stonewalling IAEA
08/29/2011 21:57:00Libya Needs $25 Billion in Investments for Oil Production, Challenger Says
08/22/2011 21:57:04Investors eye promising opportunities in new Libya
08/03/2011 13:26:13Oman preserving copper crafts and industries
07/24/2011 18:14:55Basra holds Iraqi-British economic conference
07/22/2011 19:12:32Saudi Arabia banks operating in a secure and growing economy
07/11/2011 12:21:08Arab world calling for Justice, Jobs and equal opportunity
07/06/2011 01:19:12UAE: Fitch Downgrades Dubai-based HSBC Bank Middle East's Individual Rating
06/28/2011 00:54:39Oman: $1 billion convention centre to drive business tourism sector
06/22/2011 00:10:22Sales well up - Real estate on the rise in Jordan
06/06/2011 21:14:15Climate change: North African coastal cities face significant risks
05/30/2011 22:00:07Lebanon: Byblos Bank’s Ratings Affirmed
05/29/2011 19:46:03Qatar: Innovative Education Methods Bridging Relations
05/19/2011 19:11:17Groundbreaking Path - Morocco Investing in Solar Development
05/17/2011 12:06:33ESE: Kuwait a key investor on the Egyptian market
05/15/2011 21:17:40Oman British ties get boost - Joint Working Committee meets
05/09/2011 11:11:12Syria: The people want to topple the regime
05/03/2011 11:09:22Oman - Sohar Refinery upgrade to meet bitumen requirements
05/03/2011 10:41:05Capital Intelligence: Tunisia-based Attijari Bank Ratings Action
04/28/2011 16:49:00Defiant Syria vows protest crackdown will continue
04/23/2011 00:42:17Egypt, France boosting investment relations
04/19/2011 10:47:01International community to support Egypt’s plan of bridging deficit
04/13/2011 09:53:21Extreme Political Instability Downgrades Libya's Economic Ratings
04/11/2011 22:23:46Oman: Dubai Mercantile Exchange reaches two billion barrel landmark
04/08/2011 20:56:12Oman: 11.4 % Increase in Private Deposits at the Commercial Banks
04/04/2011 00:49:25Jordan, China to take economic ties to higher levels
04/04/2011 00:08:47JICA: Egypt, Japan Seek Boosting Economic Cooperation
03/23/2011 16:34:37Saudi, UK Discuss Libya, Bahrain and Yemen Unrest
03/21/2011 14:10:28Egypt offers incentives to increase industrial growth
03/18/2011 00:54:39Oman: $1 billion convention centre to drive business tourism sector
03/13/2011 19:08:58Standing Behind the Kingdom - GCC Supports Bahrain Leadership
03/08/2011 20:31:13Egyptian Prime Minister: Economy Moves in Right Direction
03/07/2011 21:03:01Turkish Bursa City Delegation Visits Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry
03/06/2011 21:42:33Arab initiative to promote investment in tourism sector in Egypt, Tunisia
03/06/2011 16:22:46UK: Jordan University, Perth College discuss aviation cooperation
03/03/2011 21:05:22UN: Ban says political change must come from inside Libya
03/01/2011 20:52:20Qatar, Saudi Arabia Promoting Joint Coordination
02/27/2011 14:21:12Egypt Extending loans for youths to establish medium, small ventures
02/23/2011 00:16:45Italy: Oman Takes Part in Travel & Tourism Trade Show in Milan
02/21/2011 16:47:30EU: UK calls for investigation into killing in Libya
02/21/2011 12:25:34Saudi Cement Company – 13.2% Net Profit Increase in 2010
02/21/2011 12:25:34Saudi Cement Company – 13.2% Net Profit Increase in 2010
02/19/2011 22:51:33Bahrain Withdraws Troops, Protesters Back
02/17/2011 13:02:59Qatar Hosts Grand Finale of ASPIRE Football Dreams
02/17/2011 09:57:27Qatar Boosting Private Sector's Role in Sustainable Development
02/14/2011 22:53:52Education in Arab World - Steady Progress in Quantity not Quality
02/13/2011 23:20:59Dubai: UAE-based Tamweel achieves $ 7 million net profit
02/13/2011 21:46:46Exhibition and Conference Promoting Small & Medium Enterprises in Oman
02/11/2011 12:12:35Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development Marks 49 Years of Contributions
02/09/2011 22:22:19Oman and Finland Enhancing Research and Scientific Cooperation
02/08/2011 09:30:53Moody's: Negative Outlook on Development & Investment Projects Fund of Jordan Armed Forces
02/06/2011 21:33:33Egypt: Banks open, customers queue after protests
02/06/2011 15:36:55Egypt Gas to Jordan May Halt for Two Weeks
02/04/2011 19:43:24Oman Organizes Human Resources Development Exhibition
02/03/2011 01:11:26Kuwait, Qatar, Abu Dhabi leading economic growth in GCC
02/02/2011 18:27:13UAE: DMCA Partners with Dubai International Boat Show 2011
01/31/2011 22:00:17Qatar International Islamic Bank reveals QR 559 million net profit
01/31/2011 20:26:59Federation of GCC Chambers of Commerce organizes Joint Business Forum with South-Eastern European countries
01/30/2011 11:42:34UK: Oman Inaugurates Traditional Jewels and Fashion Expo at British Museum
01/28/2011 15:25:25UAE: Abu Dhabi Shah project back on track
01/26/2011 17:24:51Jordan investing $ 1.5 billion in pharmaceutical sector
01/25/2011 18:08:38UAE: Ras Al Khaimah Ruler Receives US Trade Mission
01/25/2011 16:47:04St. Petersburg: Morocco, Russia launch first sea route
01/25/2011 00:50:45World Bank supports corporate governance in Morocco
01/23/2011 01:40:21Oman Organizes Al Batinah Agricultural Exhibition
01/19/2011 23:50:26Qatar: Significant Year-on-Year Surge in Hotel Market
01/19/2011 22:47:14Oman Information Minister Launches Two Books
01/16/2011 23:39:25UAE to Participate in over 16 International Fairs in 2011
01/16/2011 23:30:39UAE, Kazakhstan: joint investment crosses $ 3 billion in 2010
01/16/2011 00:16:04Roman Bathhouses in Southern Syria - New Archaeological Discoveries
01/12/2011 11:16:02Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Turkey Boosting Strategic Tourism Cooperation
01/11/2011 16:50:23UAE: Abu Dhabi, Japan Set up Economic Council
01/10/2011 19:26:56Oman Launches Centre for Medical Simulation
01/07/2011 00:23:37Qatar Exchange, New York Exchange - Successful Partnership
01/06/2011 22:30:35Oman: Greenhouse farming boost agricultural output
01/06/2011 21:38:08Archaeologists Unearthed Byzantine Mosaic Painting in Syria
01/05/2011 20:03:39Morocco, Egypt strengthening political relations
01/05/2011 00:47:19Oman Building $1 Billion Convention and Exhibition Centre
01/03/2011 18:10:00Qatar: The State Bank of India Opens Branch in Doha
01/02/2011 22:32:46Oman: 3.8% Increase in Electricity Production
01/01/2011 21:28:35Abu Dhabi Gas Industries awards $ 1.1 billion contracts for Sulphur plant projects
01/01/2011 21:19:59Polyethylene Production in GCC to Rise to 31 Million Tonnes by 2015
12/31/2010 23:42:46UAE: Mohammed Bin Rashid releases 170 houbara bustards in Dubai
12/30/2010 21:39:50Dubai: 70 Participants in UAE Jet Ski Championship
12/29/2010 11:22:32Archaeologists: Fifth Century Basilica Church Unearthed in South of Syria
12/24/2010 14:53:34UAE Energy Minister: OPEC does not interfere in oil prices
12/19/2010 19:24:10UAE: Trade Volume in Free Zones Hits $ 78 Billion in 2009
12/18/2010 12:50:06Armed Forces Parade Marking Qatar National Day
12/17/2010 19:23:24Morocco, EU sign € 70 million agricultural assistance agreement
12/17/2010 18:39:03Egypt Calls for Increasing Arab Investment in Africa
12/13/2010 15:43:29Fitch: Banque Saudi Fransi Stable Outlook Reflect Sound Financials
12/10/2010 11:48:27Yemen Ambassador to UK Presents Credentials to Queen Elizabeth
12/08/2010 20:25:44Sharjah: Family-Friendly Holiday Destination in UAE
12/05/2010 21:35:16Sa'ad al Hariri Commends Oman, Lebanon Relations
12/05/2010 21:25:02Oman, Lebanon Enhancing Bilateral Relations, Developing Economic Ties
12/05/2010 01:00:43Saudi King Urges Gulf Countries to Establish Economic Partnership with Africa
12/03/2010 22:19:20Iraq: Consortium to sign gas development contract
12/03/2010 21:03:09Manama Dialogue 2010 - King of Bahrain affirms strategic ties with US
12/03/2010 16:02:17British Trade Mission Visits Oman, UAE and Qatar
11/30/2010 21:31:08Romania: Marine Line for Exporting Electricity to Turkey and Syria
11/29/2010 13:42:34Pakistan: flood survivors recall Kuwait aid, express gratitude
11/27/2010 18:55:54Oman: Sultan Qaboos, Queen Elizabeth Watch Horse Show
11/26/2010 22:00:07Oman, UK waiving visa, setting up joint working group
11/26/2010 13:10:41Oman, UK - Official Welcome for Queen Elizabeth II Commences
11/25/2010 21:53:15Saudi Arabia: Ma'aden and SABIC Starts Phosphate Production
11/24/2010 19:36:58UAE: Queen Elizabeth Visits Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque
11/24/2010 13:58:20Kuwait: UN Millennium Development Goals Still Reachable
11/23/2010 14:17:08UAE: RAK Airways Ready for take-off
11/21/2010 23:10:54Oman - Development Achievements in Forty Years
11/21/2010 13:20:22Archaeologists Discover Skeletons Dating Back to the Stone Age in Syria
11/17/2010 22:19:25Kuwait UIC attracting FDI, promoting investment opportunities
11/17/2010 08:44:38One trillion food import bill as prices rise in 2010
11/14/2010 13:23:04Oman - International recognition for 40 years achievements
11/12/2010 15:38:04Egypt, EU sign agreement on settling trade disputes
11/10/2010 09:08:44Geneva - Morocco highlights the stability of macro-economic environment
11/09/2010 12:05:42UNICEF announces winners of Middle East and North Africa media award
11/08/2010 06:54:29GCC railway significant for mega common projects in region
11/06/2010 19:41:57Kuwait, International Monetary Fund Establish IMF-Middle East Center for Economics and Finance
11/05/2010 03:01:42Doing Business Report: Egypt Ranks 94th Globally
11/02/2010 10:40:43 $ 3.25 billion debt affected - Positive outlook for Dubai-based DP World
10/31/2010 23:32:34China - Shanghai Expo: Morocco pavilion wins bronze medal
10/29/2010 12:52:33Baroness Hayman: UK House of Lords support unity and democracy in Yemen
10/27/2010 23:54:36Oman embassy in Russia marking the 40th National Day
10/27/2010 22:17:05Syria,Turkey: Trade exchange nearing $ 2 billion mark
10/22/2010 20:48:57Green energy - Egypt urges local companies to contribute in first nuclear plant
10/21/2010 19:49:26China – A major country investing in Egypt
10/20/2010 20:47:36Jordan, Yemen ink health cooperation agreement
10/19/2010 22:45:36Morocco, Greece to establish joint business council
10/17/2010 20:22:09Greece backs Jordan bid for advanced EU status
10/17/2010 10:45:30Qatar Oman Investment Company gains QR 10,5 million net profit
10/15/2010 16:08:57IMF: Lebanon’s economy expansion continues at a fast pace
10/13/2010 14:00:04Morocco forecasts 5% economic growth rate
10/12/2010 14:47:22Algeria, Kuwait sign tourism, transport and economic agreements
10/12/2010 09:53:11Divorce rates in Morocco plunge 46%
10/11/2010 18:53:37Bahrain and Germany consolidating economic relations
10/10/2010 22:50:53World Bank: GCC need to promote private sector's role to create jobs
10/10/2010 21:08:18Jordan, Finland forging stronger political and economic ties
10/10/2010 10:38:33Yemen ‎Safeguarding Taiz from Seasonal Floods and Disease
10/08/2010 15:43:28Dubai Debt Risk Sinks to Pre-Crisis Stage
10/06/2010 20:05:35Tunisia: Jordan chairs Arab conference of civil status departments directors
10/05/2010 17:58:08Saudi Arabia to Invest $ 500 Million in Brazil Agriculture Sector
10/05/2010 13:49:34Russia: Qatar Chamber of Commerce Gives Sign of Joint Cooperation
10/04/2010 20:09:35World Health Organization Praises Oman’s Efforts in Health Care
10/02/2010 21:06:12Kuwait hosts International Invention Fair of the Middle East
10/01/2010 01:01:47Morocco and Senegal to strengthen cooperation in health field
09/30/2010 20:08:12Fitch Revises UAE-based Tamweel Rating Watch to Positive
09/30/2010 00:00:17Despite US embargo, France supports Syria to buy Airbus aircraft
09/29/2010 21:49:44Syria, UNDP Support Establishing Regional Planning Commission
09/29/2010 20:58:34Oman, China relations witnessing social and economic developments
09/28/2010 20:55:24Morocco, Bulgaria Reinforcing Economic Relations
09/27/2010 23:02:23Argentina hails strong relations with Morocco
09/27/2010 17:43:34Morocco to achieve all Millennium Development Goals by 2015
09/26/2010 22:16:54Enhancing energy cooperation – India is a major importer of Kuwait oil
09/26/2010 20:48:50Brazil: Syria, Mercosul to Establish Free Trade Zone
09/25/2010 21:59:34Qatar: Plan to Form Middle East Green Buildings Councils Network
09/25/2010 20:45:21President Saleh lauds friends for backing Yemen security and stability
09/24/2010 17:31:59Syria Hosts Women in Arab Legislations and Constitutions Symposium
09/23/2010 22:02:11Central Bank of Kuwait: investors seek mechanism to handle complaints
09/22/2010 21:28:33Egypt Developing New Industrial Areas to Attract More Investments
09/22/2010 20:59:51Environmental Approach - Bahrain, Egypt Discuss Cooperation in Water Desalination
09/22/2010 04:52:25Yemen: Oman Takes Part in Sana'a International Book Fair
09/20/2010 16:49:27Kuwait Finance House - dominant franchise, strong customer funding and adequate capitalisation
09/18/2010 12:45:58Saudi Electricity Company Invests $ 38 Billion in Approved Projects
09/17/2010 22:20:27Egypt: New approach for property developers
09/16/2010 12:48:54EU: Montada raises cultural heritage awareness in Algeria, Morocco & Tunisia
09/16/2010 09:54:00Bahrain - Advertising spending doubled the average growth
09/15/2010 15:32:47Syria Invites France to Invest in Tourism Industry
03/26/2009 00:37:09GBCORP to sponsor “Bahrain 1” Racing Team

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