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10/23/2014 12:09:15Qatari-British Economic Forum to take place in London
02/20/2014 17:24:40Saudi Arabia plans to pitch Obama for regime change in Syria
11/28/2013 14:23:01Tunisia considering a $1.1 billion recapitalisation of state-owned banks
11/25/2013 20:58:53Patient Feedback in Tunisian Public Hospitals: Sowing the Seeds of Accountability
11/25/2013 20:09:31Leveraging Financial Inclusion to Promote Economic Development in Egypt
10/17/2012 00:44:32Theatre opens up new worlds in Tunisia
11/09/2011 00:38:28Bahrain building affordable housing sector
10/21/2011 18:15:50Oman encourages more companies to join Muscat Securities Market
10/18/2011 22:06:30Algeria: a generous spending programme on construction sector
09/22/2011 21:51:24Qatar - The world’s fastest-growing economy
09/22/2011 15:05:31Private participation takes flight - 35% Kuwait Airlines stake for sale
09/15/2011 15:22:46Maroc : Dynamiser les marchés
09/01/2011 15:39:00South Sudan seeks alternative to North Sudan oil pipeline
05/09/2011 08:01:27Building back up – Kuwait’s real estate sector looking up
05/03/2011 08:53:40Saudi Arabia: third-largest mobile phone service provider bows out
05/03/2011 00:33:16Lebanon: Despite political stalemate, economy continues expansion
04/18/2011 00:11:21UAE: Abu Dhabi Upgrading Educational Facilities
04/13/2011 09:49:14Qatar Developing Education, Diversifying Economy
04/11/2011 20:52:42Tunisie: Investir pour l’avenir
04/11/2011 20:49:22Economic Recovery - Tunisia Investing in the Future
03/27/2011 10:38:00UAE: Sharjah Banking on Growth
03/22/2011 22:13:32UAE: Sharjah Banking on Growth
03/22/2011 12:51:49Staying in Touch - Lebanon Strengthening IT Sector
03/17/2011 16:04:02Tunisia: A profitable year for banking sector
03/16/2011 20:19:42Egypt: Tourism to recover far more quickly than expected
03/14/2011 22:41:02Saudi Arabia: Retail spending to rise to $ 100 billion
03/14/2011 22:41:02Saudi Arabia: Retail spending to rise to $ 100 billion
03/14/2011 22:34:12L’industrie marocaine du textile: Signes de reprise
02/14/2011 13:30:47Jordan: New Government Facing Challenges
02/14/2011 09:04:28Maroc : Le taux de pénétration de la téléphonie mobile approche rapidement de la barre de 100%
02/14/2011 09:00:13Morocco: Mobile penetration rates approaching the 100%
02/09/2011 22:11:03UAE, US fighting trans-border money laundering
02/08/2011 21:28:39Morocco rated 2nd in demand among tourists in Russia
01/31/2011 19:56:05Bahrain boosting performance, increasing expenditure
01/31/2011 18:33:23Jordan attracting $ 14 billion investments in energy infrastructure
01/19/2011 20:20:04Morocco Review in 2010: Fall in Growth, Rebound in Capital Market
01/17/2011 12:42:00Saudi Arabia Improving Insurance and Safety at Work
01/14/2011 16:30:23Banner year – Qatar continues to make headlines in 2011
01/13/2011 14:38:42Algérie ciblant le tourisme, la diversification de l'économie
01/08/2011 21:35:32UAE: Abu Dhabi Building up Economic Vision 2030
01/06/2011 21:46:09Saudi Arabia Economy Expanded 3.8% in 2010
12/23/2010 15:04:36Formula for Growth – Egypt Easing Pharmaceutical Registration Procedures
12/21/2010 19:31:51Banking Goals – Qatar Gears up to Host World Cup
12/21/2010 08:39:50Busy signals – No plans for fourth mobile operator in Bahrain
12/21/2010 08:31:32Egypt - Auto industry moves up a gear
12/17/2010 15:56:37Lebanon – Successful Economy Facing Political Challenge
12/07/2010 09:49:34Morocco - Positive Tale for Retail
12/07/2010 09:43:50Jordan: Manufacturing Industries Dealing with Challenges
11/22/2010 12:19:23Real estate rising - Economic confidence driving higher sales in Oman
11/22/2010 12:08:16Banking on success – Bahrain looking to expand beyond local market
11/21/2010 16:00:55UK: Queen Elizabeth II Visits Oman Marking the 40th Anniversary
11/01/2010 09:27:31UAE: Abu Dhabi Upgrading Telecommunications Networks
10/26/2010 20:13:22Qatar Emir, Sheikha Mozah - Ceremonial Welcome at Windsor Castle
10/25/2010 13:35:19Qatar - New regulations for Islamic banking
10/21/2010 22:00:01UAE: Dubai Tourism makes one year pledge to the clean water charity
10/21/2010 17:44:01UAE: Infrastructure projects open up investment opportunities in Abu Dhabi
10/19/2010 23:01:29French technologies upgrading Syrian textile
10/19/2010 19:26:31GCC days - Creating effective partnership between Gulf and UK
10/19/2010 18:39:45Algérie: l’ère post-pétrole - La puissance des énergies renouvelables
09/12/2010 11:25:55Economist Intelligence Unit: High oil prices to boost UAE economy up to Dh 1 trillion
09/12/2010 11:10:472022 World Cups Bid - Qatar to Impress FIFA Inspection Team
09/09/2010 18:33:39UK ambassador: Morocco, a dynamic market leading the way in North Africa
09/09/2010 09:00:01Ambassador to UK: Morocco, a regional hub for trade & investment
09/02/2010 22:51:01Syria: Foreign investments drop 4.8 % stood at $ 1.4 billion
09/01/2010 10:52:18Jordan, Nissan Motor sign zero-emission partnership
08/30/2010 11:59:50GDP Growth in Qatar to Go Higher than 14 % in 2010
08/28/2010 21:04:10Qatar to Host International Snooker Championship During September
08/27/2010 13:52:48Oman: Investment at Al-Buraimi Industrial Zone reaches $ 184.48 million
08/27/2010 11:34:55Qatar Achieves Millennium Development Goals before 2015
08/27/2010 11:19:05Lebanon, International Labour Organization sign project memorandum with Canadian fund
08/23/2010 08:31:21HBME - Fitch Affirms HSBC Bank Middle East at AA-, Maintains Rating Watch Negative
08/19/2010 22:17:15Newsweek: The Reformer - Saudi King Abdullah in Top 10 Leaders List
08/19/2010 21:52:49Libya - An essential factor in Africa’s economic recovery
08/14/2010 20:57:00Production shrunk - Over 2.725 tonnes of cannabis seized northern Morocco
08/13/2010 13:53:11Central Bank of Egypt: International reserves reach $ 35 billion
08/13/2010 13:47:43Egypt: EU offers € 380 million to expand electricity network
08/13/2010 13:29:16UN Office for Humanitarian: Kuwait posts highest Arab, Muslim donation to Pakistan
08/06/2010 14:41:11Tunisia, a successful model still little known
07/16/2010 14:10:03IMF: Well tailored macroeconomic policies in Tunisia‎
06/15/2010 20:33:35Spanish Foreign Minister: Algeria a priority country for the EU
06/13/2010 19:19:29Kuwait: Yachts’ owners suffer from lack of marinas
05/29/2010 09:48:32Oman: 47.9% increase in revenues during the first quarter of 2010
05/26/2010 23:43:23UK- A key Western centre for Islamic financial services
05/23/2010 20:47:39Oman, Pakistan – Promoting manpower cooperation and exchanging expertise
05/23/2010 20:32:40The first adventurer from Oman reaches the top of Everest Mountain
05/20/2010 13:33:37Fitch: Dubai World Restructuring Shows Progress; Uncertainty Remains For Banks
05/17/2010 14:35:30SABIC Capital to Issue Bond Guaranteed by Saudi Basic Industries Corp
05/12/2010 18:46:17Future Investment - Syria to build 25 new industrial zones
04/29/2010 13:08:23Oman - Jewel of the Gulf Offers Luxury Holiday
04/26/2010 09:14:36S&P Fund Services – China domestic consumption not a bubble
04/25/2010 10:12:51Archaeologists unearthed ancient city in the Egyptian eastern borders
04/19/2010 22:38:32Business reform in MENA – Setting up the right implementation framework
04/15/2010 23:33:33Archaeologists: Ancient Texts Show Similarities between Arabic and Ugaritic Languages
03/25/2010 11:48:31Fitch: Dubai World Announcement Has No Impact on State-Supported Corporate Ratings in GCC
03/23/2010 11:10:26Moody's Investors Service: Possible downgrade for Qatari GRI ratings
03/23/2010 10:55:29Standard & Poor's Raises Morocco Rating On Improving Economic Flexibility
03/21/2010 09:31:35Egypt: Government Initiatives for Subsidy Reform
02/15/2010 08:32:21German-Iran Economic Ties Continue to Move Nuclear Weapons Process Forward
02/12/2010 11:12:06Syria: Gays and Lesbians Battle Discrimination
02/12/2010 00:53:47Nuclear power - Russia Sending New Signals on Iran Sanctions
01/30/2010 20:22:41The challenge of civil service reform in MENA
01/19/2010 20:26:30Syrian Law and society treat homosexuals as criminals or perverts
01/01/2010 19:22:14Algeria orders Orascom Telecom (Djezzy) to pay 20% of tax arrears
12/22/2009 14:25:02Lebanon - Political Stability & Fiscal Reform increase Sovereign Ratings
12/22/2009 13:26:02Moody's downgrades 4 Classes issued by UAE affecting $63 million CMBS
12/22/2009 13:11:442010 - Mixed outlook for oil demand & prices
12/20/2009 00:01:55Oman: Commercial banks’ total assets show modest rise by 5.5%
12/16/2009 12:21:25VisitBritain announces British Film Location App for iPhone and iPod
12/10/2009 19:20:41An Ancient Bath-house Dating Back to Byzantine Era Discovered in Syria
12/04/2009 17:46:29Despite difficulties - Yemen exerts efforts to build open economy
11/30/2009 13:50:34Moody's: Dubai World restructuring unlikely to threaten sovereign credit of UAE and Abu Dhabi
11/27/2009 16:32:14Iraq - Erbil Eyes Archaeological Tourism
11/24/2009 17:03:23Tunisia’s priority - Building knowledge society
11/20/2009 14:12:37Dubai Summit - Over 700 leaders to improve international dialogue
11/12/2009 15:28:34Oman - Land of hospitality and natural beauty
11/05/2009 20:25:42Verenex accepts Libya's $299 million offer
10/30/2009 22:11:23Abu Dhabi Grand Prix - Everyone involved from drivers to spectators
10/30/2009 21:50:05Dubai Fashion Week - Barbie takes centre stage
10/30/2009 21:40:29Syria, Lebanon - An insight into the mindset of 2 ambitious neighbours
10/30/2009 14:08:07Abu Dhabi to unveil global green tourism initiative at WTM
10/25/2009 00:01:00Oman heritage symposium be held at Shangri-La
10/22/2009 13:39:21Djibouti - African, Arabian and part of Mars
10/22/2009 13:27:37UAE - More developments & construction taking shape
10/21/2009 22:00:00Byzantine Clay Lamps & Glass Kohl Jars Uncovered in Syria
10/19/2009 22:06:05Banking in Morocco: One-stop shop for financial service
10/19/2009 21:40:16Electrical industries in Tunisia - Proven know-how and profitability
10/19/2009 21:00:03Banking in Syria - The fastest growing economic sector
10/18/2009 09:25:36Oman Air Commences Operations To Germany
10/17/2009 22:03:35Antiques from Oman heritage exhibit in Amsterdam
10/17/2009 21:14:47Omanis taking up rugby with passion
10/17/2009 18:56:22Kuwaiti-Syrian group starts investment project in tourism
10/16/2009 09:56:14Aden following the Joint Venture Agreement and Other Yemeni Ports
10/15/2009 23:14:31Jordan - cappuccino-coloured shore of the Dead Sea
10/14/2009 19:58:40GCC - Banking sector in line for a result
10/14/2009 19:50:36Property investment - The Maghreb entices UAE's developers
10/14/2009 19:43:17GCC economies - Venturing back to the comfort zone
10/11/2009 21:04:05Yemen - Welcome to the magical Wadi
10/05/2009 08:39:46Abu Dhabi to launch third session of Camel Festival
10/04/2009 22:19:01Morocco - A perfect place for a second home
10/04/2009 09:48:10Remembering Andalusia : Oud and Flamenco at Al Ain Center in Abu Dhabi
10/04/2009 09:41:15Promising destination - Natural beauty and glorious history in Oman
09/29/2009 13:14:23Gaddafi, Chavez call for a new global definition of terrorism
09/29/2009 09:21:26The Middle East - Freezones Encounter Drop in Lease Rates
09/26/2009 20:10:34Fitch downgrades Bahrain-based Taib Bank on weaker shareholder support
09/25/2009 19:40:20Libya spends $120 billion on services & housing sector
09/24/2009 22:17:42Emirati food - Culture with countless international influences
09/24/2009 14:15:48Amir of Kuwait calls for Russian-Muslim cooperation plan
09/23/2009 12:52:43$5 billion Libyan fund to quit Geneva amid tensions
09/22/2009 15:44:25UAE - Ras Al Khaimah mortgage shows sign of revival
09/22/2009 15:34:48Yas Island of Abu Dhabi - Room for more
09/10/2009 22:03:46WEF: Oman from efficiency to innovation driven stage
09/04/2009 23:45:04Abu Dhabi National Energy buys four oil blocks from Shell, Exxon
09/04/2009 23:27:11Bahrain TRA preparing for wireless networks in the kingdom
09/04/2009 23:20:08Development and education - The Bahraini government’s key projects
08/29/2009 20:36:50Oman - Dhofar attracts more than quarter million visitors
08/29/2009 20:09:39Oman - Asian Beach Games to be held in Muscat on time
08/29/2009 17:25:50Only 5% - Hope in sight for Arab internet users
08/25/2009 22:22:06Jordan's wild wadis - Most spectacular but little-known
08/25/2009 13:09:22Saudi Arabia - Average income failed to keep pace with property prices
08/23/2009 21:59:37UAE - Industrial and energy projects down 17%
08/22/2009 23:39:07Muslims begin the holy month of Ramadan
08/21/2009 19:39:26Bahrain - Reclamation on Durrat Marina complete
08/20/2009 10:23:11Saudi Arabia arrests 44 al-Qaeda suspects
08/19/2009 21:47:54Telecom - UAE, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia lead the Arab World
08/19/2009 14:11:42Outlook - Egypt's sovereign ratings from negative to stable
08/18/2009 21:40:43Dow Jones expands conventional and Shari'ah compliant indexes for GCC and MENA
08/17/2009 20:41:40Oil falls to a two-week low
08/16/2009 22:00:28Iraq: Bahrain Air to fly to Baghdad and Najaf
08/12/2009 09:01:44Bahrain property - Macroeconomic figures provide positive indicators
08/10/2009 18:11:22Islamic bank ratings remain stable despite rapid growth
08/06/2009 23:45:04Lusail - The future city of Qatar
08/04/2009 20:43:52Frankincense - Fragrance of Oman
08/03/2009 17:36:21Oil surges past $72
08/01/2009 22:46:58E-Purse - Cashless society in Oman
08/01/2009 18:01:10Tunisia: Algerian and Libyan visitors boosting tourism revenues
07/30/2009 12:48:41Tunisia - US$ 55 million Energy Efficiency Project to be implemented in 4 years
07/26/2009 11:02:13Cool Salalah Tourism Festival heats up at Oman Air Pavilion
07/18/2009 16:01:16HTC launches its newest Qwerty smartphone
07/14/2009 18:09:38Thomson Reuters grows Middle East trading network
07/07/2009 17:25:25Dhofar - Lush and green land of Oman
07/06/2009 17:32:40Conference in Oman to discuss various sustainable manufacturing issues
07/06/2009 17:17:21@bahrain project to deliver- 2,500 jobs to be created
07/06/2009 17:05:43Derayah - Mutual fund supermarket in Saudi Arabia
07/06/2009 16:40:51Abu Dhabi - Balanced price movement through consumer price index

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