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10/22/2014 12:15:46EU launches project to foster cooperation in Southern Mediterranean cultural and creative industrie
02/20/2014 21:21:25Can the six regions save Yemen from collapse?
08/22/2013 21:22:29Tourism in Qatar - Developing a broader leisure industry
08/19/2013 19:22:29Better together: a new regional platform to improve public service delivery in MENA
08/19/2013 18:56:49Libya struggles to clear explosive remnants of war
07/19/2013 00:21:21Oman: Budget boost for education
07/18/2013 23:10:38Qatar: Multi-billion projects trigger a rise in state spending
06/27/2013 17:23:20Jordan using foreign investment to ensure a rebound and long-term growth
05/27/2013 21:44:36UAE: Dubai Supporting health tourism
05/27/2013 12:59:59Oman: Opportunities in private health care
05/17/2013 23:59:44Road to recovery - Bahrain signals the long-term growth expectations
11/26/2012 01:30:49Egypt stocks plunge after Mursi power grab
11/13/2012 15:44:01Saudi Arabia: New industrial city in Dharma
11/01/2012 14:20:58Saudi Arabia: Rising steel demand due to multi-billion state investments
10/28/2012 22:55:50Morocco: Pharmaceuticals sector increasing access to medication
10/24/2012 12:32:57World Bank: Saudi Arabia best in Middle East for doing business
10/21/2012 14:54:02Petrofac: British oil services firm sees contract wins in MENA markets
10/17/2012 02:01:37Educating the Arab World - The answer to reducing extremism
10/15/2012 18:05:51Bahrain telecom: Innovations in technology bolster SMEs
10/14/2012 18:06:05Jordan remains confident of solid economic growth
10/11/2012 12:26:28Taking freelancing job through internet - Could it provide a cure for skilled unemployment across MENA
10/10/2012 10:53:39Arab Spring: Tunisian democracy is starting to function
10/09/2012 14:42:03Video: Turkish president says "worst case" unfolding in Syria
10/03/2012 13:10:16Syria: Clashes between pro and anti-Assad Alawite militias
10/02/2012 23:04:11National Environment Day: Tunisian civil society got together to clean up streets
10/02/2012 15:47:48Lebanon, EU discussing economic and financial Affairs
10/01/2012 19:37:03Lebanon central bank says Syria crisis slowing economy
10/01/2012 18:50:49GCC and the United States sign new deal to boost trade cooperations
09/26/2012 21:28:22UAE: Sharjah stepping up efforts to attract foreign direct investment
09/25/2012 01:04:42Jordan to Host World Economic Forum on the Middle East and North Africa
09/20/2012 17:49:51Intelligence report: Iran ships arms, personnel to Syria via Iraq
09/17/2012 18:39:56Syrian Weekly Brief: Revolutionary Military Council and Syria’s Liberation Front
08/02/2012 20:51:10Iranian-Iraqi regimes’ Plan for Massacre at Ashraf and A Green Light by UN Envoy
07/31/2012 16:56:08Morocco - Get the right stuff, always carry shades and fly with the sun
05/31/2012 10:01:17Egypt election outcome makes economic challenge tougher
05/24/2012 18:37:53Egypt: Foreign remittance totalling $ 14.3 billion
01/17/2012 15:41:15Algérie : Bilan de l’année 2011
01/12/2012 16:58:06Oman - Increased investor interest in the coming years
11/22/2011 18:16:29Bahrain to step through a new democratic gateway
11/09/2011 00:51:05Oman: Investment in tourism helps broaden facilities and improve services
10/12/2011 22:41:56Oman Royal Opera House unveils inaugural season of performances
10/07/2011 21:08:32Lucrative market - Qatar boosting Islamic banking
09/15/2011 22:16:09Civil war in Yemen - Warnings of Somalization
09/06/2011 12:30:00Palestinians feel the pinch as Arab donors stay away
09/02/2011 07:36:22New market - Oman branching into Islamic banking
08/29/2011 22:55:22Orascom Development Holdings appeals Egypt court conviction
08/22/2011 23:38:43Arab spring: After Libya, eyes turn to Syrian revolt
08/02/2011 23:55:01Dubai: Retail sector entering solid growth era
07/24/2011 19:39:41Unrest in Yemen: Demonstrators call for the end of President Saleh's rule
07/11/2011 12:34:32Tunisie : Les investissements dans l’énergie se maintiennent
07/10/2011 19:12:37EU to support Egyptian economy with € 1.24 billion
07/09/2011 08:06:52UAE: Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange rebounding strongly
06/22/2011 13:34:45Oman: Boosting economic activities, GDP grows by 23.4 %
05/30/2011 23:08:49Restoring socio-economic stability - African bank offers $500 millon to Tunisia
05/19/2011 19:27:55Arab world - Steady progress in education reform
05/17/2011 14:33:19Second Qatar International Business Women Forum Launched
05/13/2011 13:57:47Archaeologists: Byzantine Mosaic Unearthed in Syria
04/19/2011 15:08:22Kuwait Setting a Nationwide Metro Network
04/07/2011 06:56:45Archaeologists: Six Roman Tombs Uncovered in Central Syria
03/28/2011 09:50:00Arab world - Steady progress in education reform
03/27/2011 11:44:21Syria: 2000 Square Meter of Mosaics at Archaeological Ma'arat al-Nu'man Museum
03/16/2011 21:54:26Maximianpolis - Archaeological Town Records Syria's History
03/15/2011 18:43:57Fitch: Bahrain Rating Downgrade Reflects Further Political Risk
03/12/2011 17:19:47UAE, South Korea promoting political and economic partnership
03/10/2011 18:17:27Netherland: Qatar Emir Receives Queen Beatrix
03/06/2011 20:31:14UAE: Sheikha Lubna most powerful female in Arab World
03/03/2011 21:48:02Virginia Commonwealth University Wins Research Fund Grant in Qatar
02/28/2011 11:00:28Tunisia: Capital Intelligence Assigns Negative Outlook to Banque de Tunisie
02/24/2011 21:34:42Saudi Arabia, Syria Exploring Investment Opportunities
02/23/2011 22:09:15Oman, UK Sign Agreement for Establishing Sultan Qaboos Chair for Ibrahimi Religions
02/23/2011 22:09:15Oman, UK Sign Agreement for Establishing Sultan Qaboos Chair for Ibrahimi Religions
02/22/2011 19:47:05Qatar Business Women Award - Workshop on Innovation
02/20/2011 00:17:07Oman, Finland Strengthening Educational Cooperation
02/15/2011 14:50:34Qatar Airways: Qatar and Georgia Sign Air Transport Agreement
02/13/2011 22:56:23Egypt: economic growth to drop to 3.5 %
02/11/2011 14:48:02Oman Hosts Small & Medium Enterprises Exhibition and Conference
02/09/2011 19:06:49Saudi Arabia: Ma’aden Mining Company Recorded Loss of $ 3.41 Million
02/08/2011 12:43:00Syria Seeks Secular Image as Jews Restore Synagogues
02/06/2011 21:29:33Central Bank: Egypt can deal with crisis, growth hit
02/06/2011 21:27:33Egypt delays stock exchange reopening
02/04/2011 20:33:16Syrian Archaeologists: 3000-year-old Aramean Gods go on show in Germany
02/02/2011 22:14:36Syria, Malaysia Launch Business Council
01/24/2011 21:36:30UAE: RAK Ruler attend agreement signing to set up Eye Care Centre
01/19/2011 10:37:29Oman ranked third on Arab level in Economic Freedom Index for 2011
01/10/2011 21:57:50Lebanon, Syria Sign Agreement to Enhance Tourism Cooperation
12/30/2010 19:38:20Women Building Confidence, Creating Job Opportunities in Jordan
12/06/2010 12:47:53UAE Media Achievements - Figures Speak Loudly
11/21/2010 22:15:24Iraq: Egyptian investors delegation visits Kurdistan region
11/15/2010 16:33:09Oman: Municipalities and Water Resources - Qualitative and Quantitative Leap
11/04/2010 20:05:01Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency Calls for Stronger SME Role
10/29/2010 18:11:29Red Sea and Gulf of Aden - Piracy Costs Yemen $ 150 Million
10/29/2010 16:33:26Raymah - Touristic Treasure in Yemen Mountains
10/25/2010 21:04:35Italy: Milan Mayor for Kuwait for launching Islamic exhibit
10/25/2010 20:42:54Kuwait: Pollution, heat, oil slicks cause death of corals reefs
10/24/2010 17:47:30Qatar Foundation forms focal point for understanding between nations
10/02/2010 07:53:04Morocco: 21.5 % increase in goods exports
09/12/2010 15:56:22Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company invests $ 2.5 billion in Bahrain
09/11/2010 21:12:57Kuwait: China approves $ 9 billion oil refinery project
09/10/2010 12:26:37Saudi Arabia Supports Qatar Bid to Host FIFA World Cup in 2022
09/07/2010 23:04:09Anna Lindh Foundation highlights cultural values in Mediterranean countries
09/06/2010 19:59:56Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank leads share of $ 1.1 billion project finance for UAE Steel
09/06/2010 13:40:26UAE: Dolphin Energy Limited rating reflects cost competitive gas supplier to Abu Dhabi and Dubai
09/06/2010 07:54:51Volunteers from Algeria and Tunisia seek to revive water heritage
09/04/2010 14:21:31Saudi Arabia: FAO awards King Abdullah Agricola Medal
09/03/2010 23:17:07Morocco: "Destins croisés" and “Terminus des Anges” to be screened at Montreal World Film Festival
08/30/2010 13:20:46QFC: New rules to make Qatar a regional centre for asset management
08/25/2010 16:34:20Oman Consumer Products Exhibition promoting national products
08/16/2010 07:01:04Syria: Holding companies invest $ 6.22 billion in industrial and agricultural projects
08/11/2010 07:32:35Egypt, Yemen to establish joint oil & gas company
08/09/2010 13:24:36Egypt: Private Sector Investments Hit $ 24.68 Billion
08/07/2010 21:12:35Oman: 250 Camels take part in beauty show in Salalah
08/06/2010 08:07:02Lebanon: Qatar Petrochemical Company opens logistics facility in Tripoli
08/04/2010 15:32:54Oman: Opportunities and Challenges in Small and Medium Sector (SMEs)
08/04/2010 14:51:38National Youth Orchestra of Iraq to perform groundbreaking concert
08/01/2010 08:30:49UNESCO inscribes Turaif District in Saudi Arabia on World Heritage List
07/29/2010 08:25:04France: Morocco, an axis of stability and development
07/28/2010 16:36:41Rehabilitating Medina Can Lead to Economic, Cultural Gain
07/28/2010 13:37:15Flying to Libya: Dubai-based Emirates expands to North Africa
07/27/2010 14:16:35Egypt adopts the largest budget to support industry
07/21/2010 12:07:12Archaeologists: Crystalline cave dating back to millions of years discovered in Syria
07/20/2010 13:40:35Medina in MENA region - a rich cultural heritage suffering a steady decay
07/18/2010 13:39:46AIDS summit - Cash Can Reduce HIV and Sexually Transmitted Infections in Africa
07/07/2010 12:51:04Baroness Sayeeda Warsi: Kuwait, UK strengthening civil society
07/04/2010 18:54:41EU: Call for Cultural Activities to Strengthen Dialogue in Morocco
07/04/2010 08:40:48Bimaristan Arghun in Syria - Masterpiece of Islamic Architecture
07/02/2010 14:16:24UAE, Germany sign a treaty on avoidance of double taxation
06/29/2010 21:10:52Dramatic changes - Civil society transforming Morocco
06/29/2010 20:56:41Morocco: A festival of coexistence and peace in Fez
06/28/2010 18:13:26Syria: Investment Forum Calls for Setting up Joint Arab Free Zone
06/27/2010 09:04:50Morocco: UAE artists to take part in Asilah Cultural Festival
06/26/2010 09:18:02$28.936 Million Trade Exchange - Nigerian Businessmen Seek Syrian market
06/21/2010 23:10:40Syria and Brazil - Mutual History Paves Way to the Future
06/21/2010 22:22:42£1 billion trade exchange – Another milestone strengthening Morocco, UK ties
06/15/2010 23:37:07Syria Discusses Cooperation with US Information Technology Companies
06/13/2010 16:59:18Alisar Ailabouni - A Syrian girl becomes German Top Model 2010
06/11/2010 14:48:11Syria: Sugar production expected to reach about 160,000 tons
06/10/2010 22:49:40Syria & India discuss economic, commercial relations
06/09/2010 20:10:34Felt Industry - Important Traditional Handicraft in Syria
06/07/2010 21:26:46Oman clears Cyclone damage in the southern region
06/05/2010 23:33:36EU: Syria workshop addresses Mediterranean cultural heritage
05/30/2010 17:09:03 Archaeologists: Unearthed Cemeteries Indicate Human Life in Early Times South of Syria
05/29/2010 14:26:18Dubai Children's City - UAE Children explore, play and learn
05/25/2010 21:17:08Saudi Arabia - Empowering women becomes a priority
05/23/2010 22:26:26Egypt - Origins of Arabic-Islamic heritage in focus at manuscripts conference
05/19/2010 07:31:30Cannes Festival - Over 1000 cinema figures join Abu Dhabi's celebration of seventh art
05/18/2010 14:06:27Archaeological Site in North-eastern Syria Wins International Carlo Scarpa Prize
05/15/2010 09:58:04Cannes Film Festival - Abu Dhabi receives world filmmakers
05/14/2010 13:04:51North-eastern Syria: An ancient landmark with valuable archaeological discoveries
05/12/2010 09:33:44Liberalization Policy - Kuwait Media Return to the Forefront
05/05/2010 11:48:15UAE - 70% hotel occupancy in Sharjah despite global financial crisis
05/05/2010 07:48:25Abu Dhabi - A notable presence at Marché du Film during Cannes Festival
05/01/2010 11:28:02Saudi Arabia - Bedouin tents, date trees at Shanghai Expo
05/01/2010 11:10:00Qatar Pavilion at Shanghai Expo - Glance into heritage, past and future vision
05/01/2010 10:36:16Morocco pavilion at Shanghai Expo - The Kingdom's legacy and the life art
05/01/2010 10:02:17Oman pavilion at Shanghai Expo - Combining Arabian heritage and modern approach
05/01/2010 09:16:21Golden sand dune bringing UAE spirit to Shanghai Expo
04/28/2010 19:21:23Dubai Press Club: Nobelist Dr. Zewail to speak at Arab Media Forum
04/26/2010 07:28:50Emirati Takht band attracts audience at WOMAD Abu Dhabi
04/24/2010 10:26:00UAE: ADACH launches an Emirati traditional band
04/24/2010 10:14:20UAE: 3 horses of Sheikh Mansoor bin Zayed Al Nahyan win Hippodrome de Toulouse race
04/23/2010 12:09:53WIB Conference - Oman empowering women in business
04/20/2010 14:11:55Kuwait hosts oil & gas conference in late April
04/19/2010 12:38:17British Airways: Restrictions on airspace are unnecessary
04/09/2010 15:32:42Damascus - A Beauty Destination for Arab Celebrities
04/06/2010 06:33:33Abu Dhabi: Who is the Million's Poet of Arabia?
03/21/2010 09:34:59Abu Dhabi presents Cimarron - Colombian musical night on the beach
03/18/2010 09:34:59 Oman supports business-women’s role in economic development
03/12/2010 00:22:01Admiration - Islam and Judaism have much in common
03/03/2010 12:54:06Tahar Haddad - The Precursor of Women's Rights in Tunisia
02/24/2010 14:31:58Egypt to Host International Donors Conference for Reconstruction of Darfur
02/14/2010 19:21:14Oman, Shell unveil road safety curriculum
02/11/2010 18:51:50Archaeological Cave Dating Back to the Roman Era Unearthed in Syria
02/01/2010 12:58:00Qatar hosts International Businesswomen Forum in Doha, May 2010
01/31/2010 16:43:52Oman’s fishing - One of the most promising ‎sector
01/31/2010 16:34:25Oman - Generating new job opportunities for women
01/30/2010 20:32:36Egypt: System, mindsets top civil service reform priorities
01/30/2010 20:10:56UAE - Chefs compete to create camel meat and dairy dishes during Al Dhafra Festival
01/29/2010 16:58:56Cosmetic Eye-colour Surgery Sparks Alarm in Syria
01/13/2010 08:25:58Jerusalem: the city of earthly and heavenly peace
01/13/2010 08:16:14Christian Muslim unity - A Syrian haven for spirituality
01/09/2010 23:14:44Invest in Med brings together Mediterranean film production and tourism professionals
01/07/2010 16:00:19BBC Arabic spotlight: Religious legitimacy of Egypt's wall with Gaza
01/07/2010 14:58:09Sheikh Sultan Bin Tahnoon: Abu Dhabi’s young tourism maturing into an international destination
12/30/2009 10:40:13Abu Dhabi: ADACH steps up efforts to preserve nation’s oral heritage in UAE
12/30/2009 10:36:36Bosch to improve road safety throughout the Middle East
12/19/2009 23:34:13Tunisia holds national festival of dates
12/17/2009 12:35:22International Prize for Arabic Fiction 2010 announces the six finalists shortlisted
12/15/2009 11:33:16Abu Dhabi - New mechanism to choose “Million’s poet”
12/14/2009 18:32:59National carrier of Jordan marks its 46th anniversary
12/12/2009 15:31:04Egypt: Syrian Novelist Wins Naguib Mahfouz Prize
12/08/2009 22:44:52“Axis of Love” - When East meets West through music
12/03/2009 16:48:39Hess discovers new gas deposits in Libya
11/30/2009 14:00:20ISESCO and World Bank to hold knowledge economy conference in Tunisia
11/27/2009 14:52:22European Film Festival in Lebanon: a reflection of Europe’s cultural diversity
11/23/2009 11:32:03Mindware awarded ‘Fastest-growing Distributor’ in Middle East, Africa and Southern Europe by Citrix
11/22/2009 10:35:22Abu Dhabi: ADACH announce the list of best 100 poets to participate in Million’s Poet competition
11/22/2009 09:19:37Archaeological findings: Mosaic painting from Byzantine era unearthed in Syria
11/22/2009 08:25:34Emerging countries key in global economic architecture, says Bahrain EDB
11/20/2009 11:15:29An Archaeological Tomb Dating Back to the 3rd Millennium B.C Unearthed in Syria
11/19/2009 21:46:06UAE - Heritage music and poetry meet in Abu Dhabi evening
11/18/2009 11:39:24Abu Dhabi - UAE artist holds workshop on colour coordination
11/18/2009 10:33:17NOVA Award - Bahrain World Trade Center raises Kingdom's profile
11/17/2009 11:04:20SCCI urges UAE chambers to strengthen ties with local businesses to create more investment opportunities
11/16/2009 09:59:27Saudi Telecom Company to deliver enhanced services to 20 million subscribers
11/15/2009 11:46:01RAK Ceramics strengthens portfolio of Green products as demand for sustainable building solutions
11/15/2009 11:15:15Intel provides vital technology skills to Jordanian and Palestinian companies in Amman
11/14/2009 20:52:25UAE: Troy show thrills Abu Dhabi
11/11/2009 11:36:49Sharjah calls for more initiatives to boost real estate sector
11/10/2009 12:05:01'Saudi Agriculture' & 'Saudi Agro-Food' - Generate deals worth SAR billions
11/10/2009 11:24:03Capital Intelligence maintains long- and short-term ratings to Dar Al-Arkan
11/10/2009 10:57:46Moody's - Islamic bonds surge, dominated by government-related issuers
11/09/2009 11:28:17UAE - Tenth major award for ExCeL London since ADNEC took ownership
11/08/2009 12:37:58Women investors in the GCC hold $40 billion of the region's wealth
11/08/2009 12:36:40Carter Centre coordinates with Al Basel to enhance cultural relations within the region
11/08/2009 12:31:39Ras Al Khaimah to unveil latest hospitality projects in UAE at World Travel Market
11/08/2009 12:28:01ICDL GCC Foundation supports establishing integrated digital society in Oman
11/05/2009 23:55:04Textile in Tunisia -Environment for growth
11/05/2009 22:06:27EU brings European writers to Algeria anniversary event
11/04/2009 12:52:21UAE - ADNEC showcases venue enhancements at international trade shows in Asia and Europe
11/02/2009 16:34:32Meddle East - Unfavourable tenant market having a negative impact on CMBS
11/01/2009 19:58:30GECOL–IFS Partnership Marked at High Profile Conference in Libya
10/28/2009 08:43:33Burial Jars Dating Back to Third Century Found in Palmyra
10/28/2009 08:35:46Archaeological Findings: International Museums Showcase Euphrates Valley Exhibits
10/27/2009 09:51:51Bahrain Insurance Association: Gulf Insurance Forum to be held in Manama
10/27/2009 08:50:25Oman - Step forward in the fight against cancer
10/26/2009 11:56:48UAE - Rubber World Industries bags insulation contract for ‘Yas Island’ project in Abu Dhabi
10/21/2009 10:51:20Solar panels to supply hot water at Aloft Hotel
10/21/2009 10:49:44GCC Power 2009 Conference showcases of latest trends and innovation
10/21/2009 10:45:20Epson to invest in a high quality emission reduction project
10/18/2009 10:35:30Abu Dhabi - Six Emirati authors release their translated works at Frankfurt Book Fair
10/16/2009 15:42:36Tourism in Tunisia - Revenues up despite global crisis
10/16/2009 15:40:48Hani Al Shaibani best short film maker in UAE and Gulf
10/16/2009 15:26:46Yemen - Dengue cases on the rise in Taiz city
10/13/2009 16:33:41Saudi Arabia – No Postponement of SWCC Restructuring and Privatization
10/11/2009 11:42:552 Mural Paintings Portraying Heaven and Hell Discovered in Syria
10/11/2009 09:52:57Bahrain manufacturing credentials showcased in Germany
10/11/2009 09:46:42Cleuziou - Prehistory of Arabia Expert Dies
10/11/2009 03:12:52UAE - SCCI launches the Eighth Cycle of Sharjah Economic Excellence Award
09/30/2009 21:28:36Oman, Yemen to enhance joint economic cooperation
09/28/2009 14:36:01Al-Nawfara in Damascus - A cafe of memories and dreams
09/27/2009 19:49:17Emirates Film Competition Announces Final Films
09/27/2009 19:35:16Saudi Arabia - Swine flu awareness campaign in educational facilities
09/27/2009 19:28:20Syria & Jordan cooperation - Water resources, borders demarcation and customs
09/25/2009 16:07:02More than 318,925 cases of swine flu, says WHO
09/24/2009 15:10:00Sudan: Fighting with rebels ceased, government forces in control
09/22/2009 11:18:07Damascene Rose - Key revenues to Syrian farmers
09/21/2009 09:51:49FDI Inflows to the Arab World Down 6.3%
09/19/2009 20:12:51Saudi King Abdullah congratulates Muslims on Eid
09/19/2009 19:50:16Saudi Arabia: No swine flu deaths among Umrah pilgrims during Ramadan
09/17/2009 20:53:16World Bank - Egypt one of the world's leading economic reformers
09/17/2009 20:47:50UAE to change onshore rules for foreign companies
09/17/2009 20:37:20Jordan launches 'Jordanian Medicines...The Quality your Health Deserves'
09/17/2009 19:35:32Morocco: Home is where the art is
09/12/2009 22:52:22Archaeological Findings - A mass cemetery carved in rocks discovered in Syria
09/12/2009 22:14:06UAE Insurance Authority: Dhs 21.6 billion invested in the insurance market
09/12/2009 21:46:21Mobile Portal Services - Egyptair customers to use cell-phones on board
09/08/2009 15:54:56Bavaria Hotels International to launch the largest hotels in MENA
09/08/2009 09:36:33EU helps develop, revitalise and preserve Damascus
09/07/2009 15:44:51Qatna - One of the Ancient Kingdoms in Syria
09/07/2009 15:40:19Tal al-Sheikh Hamad, an Assyrian City Inhabited since Fourth Millennium BC
09/07/2009 15:32:46Archaeologists - Engraved Stone Tile Dating Back to Neolithic Age Found in Syria
09/02/2009 11:43:06Eurojar highlights Tempus role in developing Syrian higher education
09/02/2009 11:31:47EU-funded project encourages Lebanese women to stay in their villages
09/01/2009 21:06:45Syria - Emerging attractive tourist destination
09/01/2009 20:16:30Lebanon - Zahle is the bride luring tourists
09/01/2009 19:37:00UAE- We must walk together to reduce our carbon footprint
08/29/2009 16:56:57Jalabiya designer: I prefer to see my designs on other people
08/29/2009 15:44:01Top Tunisian Ramadan dishes: Dates, soups and Breek
08/24/2009 12:19:44Morocco among most advanced telecommunications markets in Africa
08/24/2009 12:11:22Morocco: 2009 Naguib Mahfouz Award goes to Bensalem Himmich
08/23/2009 15:05:25More swine flu cases in the Middle East
08/21/2009 17:20:19 Michael Moore unveils "Capitalism: A Love Story"
08/19/2009 12:20:53EMEA Consumer Loan ABS Performance Deteriorates Further In Q2 2009
08/18/2009 14:57:39Kuwait: screening 20 investment opportunities
08/17/2009 22:57:12Yasmine Hamdan: making the crossover
08/17/2009 11:22:24Foundation warns: Al-Aqsa Mosque may collapse
08/16/2009 23:55:51Archaeology: Rocky Tombs Dating Back to Islamic Era Unearthed in Syria
08/16/2009 21:30:03UAE - Student hopes to be first up Burj Dubai's stairs
08/16/2009 18:25:16Kuwait discovers new oil field in Egypt
08/15/2009 20:54:16Al Jazeera English launches on SkyCable
08/15/2009 11:23:34Syria: 5th century skeleton found in Byzantine cathedral
08/14/2009 21:49:02Saving history for people who also need progress
08/14/2009 21:30:26Algeria, Malaysia Agree to Sign Air Treaty
08/14/2009 14:06:37Syria: Investments forecast at USD 132 billion in 2015
08/13/2009 15:03:42Qatar - Boeing delivers 1st C-17 Globemaster III to the Emiri Air Force
08/13/2009 14:46:11World's biggest boat companies to sign up for Dubai International Boat Show
08/13/2009 13:51:40Iraq’s oil & gas - Sustainable capability development through education, training and learning
08/13/2009 11:46:15EFG - Hermes posts strong results for the second quarter
08/12/2009 19:28:54UAE invests $5bn to be top Arab investor in Saudi
08/12/2009 09:17:36S&P - Considerations in the analysis of sharia compliant takaful insurance and reinsurance
08/10/2009 21:02:48Sharjah - 'Green' mosques in UAE
08/10/2009 13:05:23Building sovereignty: Palestinian customs pioneering steps
08/09/2009 22:55:52UAE - New law for real-time automated payments
08/09/2009 19:26:14Dead baby awakes before funeral
08/09/2009 16:13:15MEP: Partnership between Arab world and Europe is essential
08/08/2009 10:41:13Air Arabia net profit up 21% in first half of 2009
08/07/2009 22:42:31UAE wedding - Honouring tradition
08/07/2009 21:04:13UAE economy to recover in 2010
08/07/2009 20:48:10UAE sees $66bn in foreign direct investment in 10 years
08/06/2009 22:47:04Tourism in Tunisia - Revenues up despite global crisis
08/04/2009 21:42:39Lessons from early American conversations with Islam
08/04/2009 21:12:52Experimental Art in Damascus - Leaving the Cultural Backyard
08/04/2009 14:31:24Somalia - Desperate water shortage in Somaliland
08/01/2009 23:39:48Egypt - Museum of Islamic Art to Reopen in September
08/01/2009 23:25:42Kuwait Energy Co. Aims to Go Public in 2010
07/31/2009 23:05:14Dubai Properties - Hard sell
07/30/2009 16:13:42New Report: Libya Remains Attractive
07/30/2009 14:45:56Dubai property insight - Another difficult quarter
07/30/2009 12:28:02The World Bank Group Reinforces its Support to MENA Countries
07/28/2009 15:10:38Al Islami UAE meat market - compelling need for fresh meat
07/25/2009 22:24:20Injazat Capital to advise on a $1bn agricultural project in Sudan
07/23/2009 20:01:31Mega yachts to feature in first Abu Dhabi Formula 1 Grand Prix
07/21/2009 23:19:56Qatar - Transport for the Future
07/21/2009 23:08:24Saudi Arabia - Banking on Expansion
07/21/2009 12:48:06LG introduces premium notebook series in Syria
07/20/2009 20:23:18DbFX Middle Eastern currency trading volumes increase by more than 500%
07/19/2009 22:39:17Lebanon - Earthquake threat looms large
07/18/2009 16:57:37Bahrain Islamic Bank wins Award from the Global Finance
07/17/2009 16:23:23Egypt - Massive expansions for Jaz Hotels, Resorts and Cruises
07/17/2009 15:42:54High-Tech Solutions extends its partner network for GPS vehicle tracking solutions
07/17/2009 01:08:17Enhanced moonwalk video released
07/15/2009 13:08:37Gulf Air service to Iraq imminent
07/14/2009 17:52:57Manara unveils masterplan for 'Investment Gateway-Bahrain'
07/12/2009 14:23:06Iraq - Fewer tattoos as identity marks
07/11/2009 18:50:59Rotana announces the launch of Ahlan airport kiosk in Lebanon
07/11/2009 15:42:18Kings, make way for the bishops!
07/10/2009 23:28:04Compliance with the Child Rights Convention
07/10/2009 14:50:14Dubai unveils the world's longest automated Metro
07/10/2009 12:02:06We've lost with the Icelandic banks, now lets try the Islamic banks
07/09/2009 19:01:13Games help ease stress, trauma for Gaza refugee children
07/09/2009 17:49:54Somalia: Young men running from militia conscription
07/08/2009 20:59:55Sufism - A new way to fight insurgency in Algeria
07/08/2009 14:55:05Emaar Properties hands over Burj Views homes in Downtown Burj Dubai
07/08/2009 09:22:35Emerging economy to lead world out of recession
07/07/2009 22:15:50Complex forces behind the veil
07/07/2009 22:05:14Youth Views: Arab flavours in the American stew
07/07/2009 16:59:02In Line With Downgrade Of Parent, Oman Insurance Ratings Lowered
07/07/2009 16:02:59G8 - Too many summits but very little tranquil wisdom
07/07/2009 14:22:23CreditWatch Negative - Kuwait-Based Wethaq Takaful Insurance Ratings Lowered
07/07/2009 13:21:50Orascom inaugurated the marina town of Chbika in Morocco
07/06/2009 16:13:34Iraqis have lived this lie before
07/06/2009 14:55:50Michael Jackson’s Utopic Vision and the Loss of Innocence
07/06/2009 13:49:40Dubai: Of Mergers and Transparency in an Era of Downslide
07/06/2009 10:40:27Arab cultural leaders meet their counterparts from around the world in London
07/05/2009 20:00:11Oman- Lifestyle Expo to present home, office and lifestyle reengineering concepts
07/05/2009 19:52:35Abu Dhabi Fund for Development to develop National Medical Centre for in Yemen
07/05/2009 10:12:47Obama and Iran, Considered
07/03/2009 10:09:16London hosts arts of the Mamluks conference
07/01/2009 23:05:15"New Muslim Cool": a look at where Islam and hip-hop intersect
07/01/2009 13:10:52UAE - PM issues law establishing Falcon and Associates
07/01/2009 08:01:22Study: BBC & Al Jazeera Coverage of Israeli-Palestinian Violence
07/01/2009 00:24:13Who will “make the world a better place” now?
06/30/2009 23:56:08The perfidious comparison: Why Obama is not another Blair
06/29/2009 22:37:45Doha Bank: Qatar is an example for public- private partnership
06/27/2009 21:40:03A Setback for Iran
06/27/2009 20:57:42France - The Other Side of Motherhood
06/26/2009 09:32:32Somalia - UN calls for improved access to the displaced
06/26/2009 06:42:49Middle East: Swine flu cases on the rise
06/25/2009 20:50:04Dubai Financial Market - Foreign investors sell more than they buy
06/24/2009 20:40:01UAE continues to be a top expatriate location
06/24/2009 20:37:33PRC's report - The status of Palestinian Refugees under International Law
06/24/2009 12:04:54Libya - British Media Portrayals of Gaddafi in Italy
06/23/2009 20:33:52Dubai Press Club launches new training program for UAE journalists
06/23/2009 20:26:12$750m Middle East gaming industry prepares for launch of 'DiRT 2' video game
06/22/2009 23:46:02Palestine - Disabled man builds his own car
06/22/2009 21:34:50Sonatrach announces a new discovery of oil in Algeria
06/22/2009 17:30:26Sarkozy: Burqas are not welcome in France
06/22/2009 13:44:28UNHCR study: Islam has influence on modern international refugee law more than any source
06/22/2009 09:41:49Africa’s sleeping giant
06/21/2009 22:07:10Egypt - Needle sharing rife among drug users
06/21/2009 21:57:35Iraq - Call to protect, support Iraqi refugees worldwide
06/21/2009 15:47:34Al Salam Bank and CP Group forms strategic alliance in agribusiness
06/21/2009 12:23:22Orange Jordan provides its services to Aqaba Container Terminal
06/20/2009 12:39:50Among 30 emerging markets, UAE ranks 4th in global retail attractiveness
06/19/2009 22:08:49HRW: End Violent Attacks on Protesters, Arrests of Critics in Iran
06/19/2009 16:36:30GCC Sukuk Market On Road To Recovery
06/19/2009 13:53:37To attract foreign companies, new income tax law in Oman
06/19/2009 10:27:49Tunisia - Regional Conference in Kairouan on Health Care via Internet
06/19/2009 07:56:55Oman Air takes to the road in the Sultanate
06/18/2009 16:46:31Sudan - Health workers warned that the number of HIV-positive has risen
06/18/2009 16:16:49MEDSTAT explores the issue of water use by tourism
06/18/2009 15:21:05ITU: Experts agree on strategy to protect children in cyberspace
06/18/2009 09:29:45Israel - Still a destination for human trafficking
06/17/2009 19:37:41Oman confirmed the first case of H1N1 flu
06/17/2009 12:03:40Iraq- Government moves to rationalize food aid system
06/16/2009 23:58:56EU organising event on renewable energies in Cairo
06/16/2009 23:44:24Liverpool celebrates the diversity of Arab culture
06/16/2009 23:02:13Palestinian Return Centre - In response to Netanyahu’s speech
06/16/2009 22:35:23Muslim women: no back doors, no back seats
06/16/2009 19:56:15EU allocates €6 million for Palestinian and Syrian drought victims
06/16/2009 19:51:01Somalia - Just another day for Hargeisa's street children
06/16/2009 18:54:44Jingo's Jungle to be opened in Jordan
06/16/2009 18:02:33Media and marketing survey reveals media habits, attitudes and lifestyle of the Middle East's top tier consumers
06/16/2009 12:24:19How Darwin changed the world… of art
06/15/2009 23:30:52Migrants amnesty could benefit the UK by £3 billion
06/14/2009 22:56:40Al-Futtaim to develop major Festival City project in Morocco
06/14/2009 21:49:21Sheikha Lubna Al Qasimi Launches HSBC Trade Confidence Index in UAE
06/14/2009 14:03:22GCC Countries support Yemen unity, security and development
06/14/2009 13:42:07Yemen - 9 foreigners kidnapped
06/14/2009 12:44:38Moroccan party close to the monarchy wins elections
06/13/2009 21:56:41Google - New tool to bring more Arabic content online
06/12/2009 09:18:31Top Saudi companies take center stage at London Stock Exchange
06/12/2009 05:37:50"Egypt: Life in a Picture" travels to Toulouse
06/11/2009 14:51:35More than just social networking
06/11/2009 13:18:12TIM SCOTT BOLTON EXHIBITION - Travels in the Middle East
06/11/2009 12:38:24Living in Exile: Iraqi Refugees in Syria
06/10/2009 10:32:39On peace mission, Solana heads to Middle East
06/10/2009 09:16:33Emirates Driving Institute focuses on road safety
06/09/2009 23:23:30Lebanese activist: There is a kind of HIV phobia in my country
06/09/2009 17:00:38Tunisia, Egypt and Jordan aiming to help young women
06/08/2009 23:59:55UAE - New Discoveries at Al Shuaib
06/08/2009 23:43:23Iraq - Appeal for help to clear landmines
06/08/2009 06:55:12Israeli soldiers kill 4 Palestinians
06/07/2009 19:15:25EGYPT-OPT: Gaza aid inefficiencies, bottlenecks
06/07/2009 19:02:45Moodys: Oman's government bonds are rated A2
06/07/2009 16:31:48Shifting Paradigms in Teaching About Cyber Safety
06/07/2009 10:32:06Somalia- Coping with humanitarian tragedy in Mogadishu
06/05/2009 05:33:00Youth in Lebanon and Jordan Promote Cultural Heritage
06/05/2009 05:22:21Gaza building project experiments with clay, rubble
06/05/2009 04:47:36British Council work to build bridges celebrated by Muslim body
06/05/2009 04:09:02EU to provide €10 million in humanitarian aid for the "forgotten refugees"
06/03/2009 23:08:37Obama: We can stand up for democracy
06/03/2009 14:34:30Grains and global food security
06/03/2009 01:53:28Oman Oil buys Enagas stake for $217.2 mln
06/03/2009 01:02:22Reforms, not votes, will ensure Lebanese independence
05/31/2009 21:14:01Book: Makers of Islamic Civilization - Abu Hanifa
05/31/2009 01:14:14Train the trainers: Euro-Mediterranean course for human rights education
05/29/2009 16:37:07Tozeur, Gateway to Tunisia’s Oasis Region
05/29/2009 00:23:58Iraqi refugees stage demo in Syria
05/28/2009 01:37:02Oman - 3rd in first race of the Formula Renault season
05/26/2009 00:54:33High food prices despite good rains in Djibouti
05/24/2009 21:24:24Abu Dhabi presents Alim Qasimov from Azerbaijan
05/24/2009 19:39:34France Telecom and Turkcell bidding for licence in Tunisia
05/22/2009 23:05:58IRAQ: Corruption undermining state food aid programme?
05/21/2009 01:16:58Abu Dhabi Welcomes Nominations in Nine Book Awards
05/20/2009 23:20:07Standard & Poor's - affirmed its 'AA-/A-1+' sovereign credit ratings on Kuwait
05/19/2009 21:07:12Alaa Al Aswany - ‘Friendly Fire’
05/18/2009 20:48:01Abu Dhabi readies for Venice Biennale
05/15/2009 17:45:09Queen Sonja of Norway to Open Exhibition Islam in Oslo
05/14/2009 18:14:5948 AU countries to participate in Pan-African cultural festival in Algeria
05/13/2009 18:28:14Zaytoun CIC wins 2009 Arab-British Culture & Society Award
05/11/2009 23:06:33Egypt Symposium ‘Khamseen’ in London
05/10/2009 21:55:10Oman, Iran review relations in Tourism & Municipalities
05/09/2009 23:39:29Institut Français presents: Tahar Ben Jelloun,‘Leaving Tangier’
05/09/2009 17:41:02Pope: Religion should be a force for unity
05/08/2009 19:41:57EU Delegation organises Cultural Festival in Algeria
05/08/2009 18:59:26Changing the Arab Gulf, verse by verse
05/07/2009 19:23:32UNICEF and EU complete Education Support Project with Syrian Ministry of Education
05/06/2009 15:30:56Caftan 2009 highlights Moroccan haute couture
05/05/2009 19:16:11May is a month of World Music in Abu Dhabi
05/05/2009 19:02:38EU to fund 6 Conflict-resolution films for the Palestinian
05/03/2009 14:51:40Japanese calligraphy - spotlight in algeria
05/02/2009 21:18:50Syrian Opera Singer Talar Dekrmenjian Sings in Belgium
05/02/2009 20:33:29Yemen and Malaysia discuss academic cooperation
05/02/2009 18:57:11DPC announces the nominees for the Arab Journalism Award
05/02/2009 18:43:10OIC: Press Freedom Day is a mutual understanding and reconciliation among nations
05/02/2009 17:42:32Hunger cartoon .. art, culture and media
05/01/2009 00:48:25Chrysler driven into bankruptcy
05/01/2009 00:16:19Swine Flu spreads around the globe
04/30/2009 12:01:03Saudi insurance markets withstand regulatory restructuring and the global economic downturn
04/28/2009 12:25:22Abu Dhabi Classical Music wins its “2009 Grand Prize”
04/28/2009 12:11:37Kairouan .. the capital of Islamic Culture for 2009
04/28/2009 11:41:59UN high-level meeting to combat global financial crisis
04/28/2009 11:28:45UAE.. Zero tolerance for child abuse
04/28/2009 11:24:28News Centre for Syrian Arab Television in Damascus Officially Opens
04/28/2009 10:30:40Spanish Authorities arrest nine Somali pirates
04/28/2009 09:46:32Pandemic fears grow as swine flu cases rise
04/27/2009 23:38:03Nigeria, Tunisia sign bilateral pact on news exchange
04/12/2009 20:09:19IMF: Algeria enjoyed several years of strong economic performance
04/12/2009 19:44:16International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition shines again in Abu Dhabi
04/12/2009 19:27:39Shooting and Crying - Nothing New Since 1948 ... Or is it?
04/12/2009 19:16:43Israel Railways accused of racism over sacked Arab guards
04/12/2009 19:09:38The Palestinian minority still face a precarious existence in Iraq
04/12/2009 18:54:59Big jump in profit for Banque Albaraka D’Algerie BY 106%
04/12/2009 18:44:43Study shows bioenergy benefits for rural poor
04/12/2009 18:34:17Israel’s Arab students cross to Jordan
04/12/2009 18:25:29Beyond Bollywood: Indian Cinema from the Grassroots
04/12/2009 18:18:28Al Rajhi Bank Presents Financing and Investment Opportunities at Riyadh Real Estate & Development Ex
04/12/2009 18:13:07Business Incubation Centre launched in EU co-funded project
04/12/2009 18:05:40Telecom Operators in the Middle East & Africa can Save Over $8 bn by Sharing Their Network Towers
04/03/2009 22:21:38Libya -Tunisia: Supporting consular cooperation
04/03/2009 22:14:31UAE- Singapore: focusing on new opportunities
04/03/2009 21:56:25OIC Conference..an opportunity to strengthen joint work by Islamic humanitarian organisations
04/03/2009 21:34:52Jordan-Lebanon talks strategic Arab projects
04/03/2009 21:18:14UN Secretary General calls for establishment of Palestinian state
04/03/2009 21:02:30Djibouti and Japan to sign deal on antipiracy mission
04/03/2009 20:55:21king Abdullah and Obama discuss the financial crisis
04/03/2009 20:39:14Arab-South American Summit Strengthening the relations
04/03/2009 20:31:42Oman-Syria: Discuss Resolutions of Doha Summit
04/03/2009 20:24:38Bahrain- Syria: Adoption of Dialogue Principle & Openness
04/03/2009 15:51:32MAURITANIA: Thank you for reparations – but where is the justice?
04/03/2009 15:44:19WFP launches first food voucher operation in Palestinian
04/03/2009 15:38:21FAO: Climate change talks should include farmers
04/03/2009 15:30:19The Bahrain Society for Children with Behavioral organizes ‘Untangle Autism’ conference
04/03/2009 15:07:28New Research on Future of Newspapers to be Unveiled at Power of Print Conference
04/03/2009 14:58:45Docs Offer Young People’s Views on Khaleeji Life
04/03/2009 14:46:32Moody's rates Qatar sovereign bonds Aa2
04/03/2009 11:25:46BBC: special version of The Doha Debates from Washington
04/03/2009 11:15:16Moody's upgrades four Lebanese banks following sovereign upgrade
04/03/2009 10:59:51Reaching people on both sides of the Arab-Israeli divide
04/03/2009 10:45:53CAPTIVATING IRAQ- Films at Gulf Film Festival Take on Country’s Wounds
04/03/2009 10:38:19State of Qatar $3 Billion Global Bond Issue Assigned 'AA-' Rating
04/03/2009 10:32:58Ethiopia: Somali refugees being moved to a new camp
04/03/2009 10:31:06Kenya- Refoulement of Somali asylum seekers
04/01/2009 16:12:23SITA: Drop in mishandled baggage as industry saves $800 Million
04/01/2009 16:07:27Anger over delays in food distribution to flood victims in Yemen
04/01/2009 16:02:36Fitch Affirms KFH's IDRs; Downgrades Individual Rating
04/01/2009 15:57:30Energy Institute wins education and training award
04/01/2009 15:51:09NGOs incensed over Iraqi government moves to regulate them
04/01/2009 15:42:06Moody's upgrades Lebanon's sovereign ratings
03/31/2009 23:13:51GCC Theatrical Festival starts in Kuwait
03/31/2009 22:58:42EU rejects Mauritania govt's 'road map' to constitutional rule
03/31/2009 22:37:16Contract of setting up $ 250mln sugar factory in Yemen signed
03/31/2009 22:11:36Report: Yemen still in need of the European support
03/31/2009 21:56:30Tunisia a gateway for Jordan's national exports to Africa
03/31/2009 21:50:44Jordan-Yemen: Technical cooperation
03/31/2009 21:38:24Algeria and Tunisia: twinning universities
03/30/2009 22:32:19Globalisation in reverse?
03/30/2009 22:21:15WTO: 9% global trade decline as recession strikes
03/30/2009 21:40:46Two Summits in Dubai to face the Impact of the International Financial Crisis
03/28/2009 19:36:51World Economic Forum stresses importance of ICT a catalyst for growth in global turmoil
03/28/2009 01:59:57Tourism industry looks to 'greener' future
03/28/2009 01:54:03Banking on Bankruptcy
03/28/2009 01:49:37Fitch Rates Abu Dhabi's USD10bn GMTN Programme 'AA'
03/28/2009 01:42:09Thousands of Somalis continue to flee to north-eastern Kenya
03/28/2009 01:31:26Moody's rates Abu Dhabi bond programme Aa2
03/28/2009 01:22:50DAVID ROBERTS RA: Lithographs of Egypt and the Holy Land
03/28/2009 01:14:28Abu Dhabi's Upcoming $10 Billion Global Medium-Term Note Program Rated 'AA'
03/28/2009 00:29:55Helping migrants to invest in countries of origin
03/28/2009 00:22:31Religious leaders combat HIV stigma in Somalia
03/27/2009 23:34:06ICT industry offered common approach to reporting greenhouse gas emissions
03/27/2009 14:04:23Billions wasted in Iraq reconstruction
03/27/2009 13:58:07Egypt's Central Bank Lowers Interest Rates
03/27/2009 13:52:58DREF support humanitarian in Djibouti by EUR 131,739
03/27/2009 13:35:04euronews: Siniora welcomes US and EU warming of relations with Syria
03/27/2009 13:22:39Lebanon's travel to contribute 9.3 percent of GDP
03/27/2009 02:48:24Iraq car bombing kills 26 in Baghdad
03/27/2009 02:39:23Egypt: more efforts exerted on Palestinian-Israeli prisoner swaptalks
03/27/2009 02:30:55Morocco's Drug Market is Expected to Reach US$1.89Bn by 2013
03/27/2009 02:22:26SOMALIA: Disaster warning as drought worsens
03/27/2009 02:14:26African Union maintains sanctions on Mauritania
03/27/2009 02:04:59Libya could Invest UP to $12 billion in Oil Projects in 2009
03/27/2009 01:56:44Park Inn arrives in Saudi Arabia and Oman
03/27/2009 01:41:49Economist: Oman has Ability to Face Global Crisis
03/27/2009 01:29:54EU supports "Rituel pour une métamorphose" by Saadallah Wannous
03/27/2009 01:18:20Turkey’s fallout with Israel deals blow to settlers
03/27/2009 01:10:21Economic Shifts and Oil Price Volatility
03/27/2009 00:52:14IMF: Djibouti's economy performed strongly in 2008
03/27/2009 00:41:22"Arabesque": more than a festival
03/27/2009 00:33:42Perspectives: Israelis and Palestinians – Generation 2.0
03/27/2009 00:17:49Tunisia celebrates World Theatre Day
03/27/2009 00:12:29Turning to Tunisia- Yachts seeking VAT exemption
03/27/2009 00:04:13Tunisia eyes energy surplus in 2009
03/27/2009 00:00:48International petrol and related services fair to be held in Tunisia
03/26/2009 23:44:36Tunisia signals its digital independence with a new sub sea cable linking
03/26/2009 23:34:46IMF welcomes Yemen improvement in financial sector
03/26/2009 23:10:27ISESCO Criticizes Statement of Amnesty International’s Secretary General
03/26/2009 23:01:49EU hands over €1.3 million of waste collection equipment to Palestinians
03/26/2009 21:18:02SUDAN: Lost aid expertise hard to replace - UN
03/26/2009 20:58:46Great Wall Motor Company to export 3,300 pickups to Libya
03/26/2009 20:47:13Libya to float 15% of Al Joumhouriya Bank
03/26/2009 20:24:37Rani Injects Fresh Flavor Into Adrenaline Sports Live Festival
03/26/2009 20:05:11Harvard Graduate Design Studio visits Abu Dhabi for Research on Oasis
03/23/2009 21:39:29SUDAN: "Hungry people are desperate people"
03/18/2009 11:29:28EU funded vans for Palestinian Civilian Police
03/18/2009 11:03:56Arab and African ministers to attend Gas Forum in Paris
03/16/2009 21:30:40Arab Insurance Group 'BBB' Ratings Affirmed; Withdrawn At Company's Request
03/16/2009 21:06:49Etisalat & Tata Communications Introduce Advanced Communication Services in UAE
03/16/2009 19:50:38Magical Muscat - Municipality Commitment to Progress
03/15/2009 20:15:22Algeria's youth expected to benefit from oil income

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