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Oman Politics
The Sultanate of Oman marks 43rd National Day - Forging ahead with Development and Nation Building
Global Arab Network - - Shahid Abbas
Sultan Qaboos Oman national day 2013

On November 18, 2013, the Omani people celebrate the 43rd National Day while building their country with firm will and strong determination, working sincerely to achieve the goals of the development.

Citizenship and Democracy in Oman - The Royal Meet-the-people Tour
Global Arab Network - - Mohammed Almasri
Sultan Qaboos Oman tour -2013

At a time the process of developing Oman into a state of modern institutions is taking shape, based on grounds of solid foundations where citizenship, equality and justice are being enhanced every day and the fruits of renaissance being taken to all corners of the country,

Oman: Royal orders to reform salary system and enhance standard of living
Global Arab Network - - Asif Khalifa

As Oman Sultan is keen to provide his citizens with a secure and dignified life and to ensure that they play their prospective roles in the comprehensive development march, HM has ordered the following:

Oman: Muscat Declaration calls to fight hunger
Global Arab Network - - Asmaa Malik

Muscat Declaration stressed the importance achieving the Millennium Development Goals aimed at eradicating hunger and extreme poverty and to ensure sustainability of environment.

Oman: Sultan Qaboos visit to Iran strengthening bilateral cooperation
Global Arab Network - - Shahid Abbas
Oman Sultan Qaboos and President Dr Hassan Rouhani of Iran
Muscat - During his visit to Tehran, Sultan Qaboos Bin Said of Oman conducted talks with President Hassan Rohani of the Islamic Republic of Iran during which they discussed supporting the existing bilateral cooperation between the Sultanate and the Islamic Republic of Iran in all spheres to serve th [ … ]
Sultanate of Oman Celebrates the 43rd Anniversary of Renaissance
Global Arab Network - - Shahid Abbas
The Sultanate of Oman celebrates the 43rd Anniversary of Renaissance, start of the modern Oman state.
British BAE Systems: Royal Navy of Oman gets new naval vessel
Global Arab Network - - Amina Murtada
British BAE Systems - Royal Navy of Oman gets new naval vessel

The Royal Navy of Oman (RNO) celebrated the hand over of naval vessel Al Shamikh, the first ship to be delivered to the Sultanate as part of a deal with the British BAE Systems to provide RNO with three such vessels.

Oman Sultan briefed about major oil projects
Oman Sultan briefed about major oil projects

Oman Sultan Qaboos yesterday visited Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) at Saih Al Malih. HM the Sultan was greeted at PDO’s main building, Beit Mina al Fahal, by ministers, PDO General Manager, government representatives in PDO Board of Directors and members of the company’s senior management.

Oman: Sultan Qaboos presides over military parade
Global Arab Network - - Shahid Abbas
HM Sultan Qaboos, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, yesterday presided over a military parade held at the Sultan Qaboos Air Academy yesterday to mark the Sultanate’s 42nd National Day.
Sultan Qaboos presides over Council of Oman
Global Arab Network - - Shahid Abbas
His Majesty Sultan Qaboos presided over the annual session of the 5th term of the Council of Oman for 2012 at the premises of the Council of Oman in Muscat.
Building for the future – Oman celebrates 42 National Day Anniversary
Global Arab Network - - Shahid Abbas

The Omani people celebrate the National forty-second Day on the eighteenth of November. They build Oman by their strong will and sincere determination in their developmental process with well-studied steps to build

Armed Forces: Royal Guard of Oman celebrates Annual Day
Global Arab Network - - Talal Abdullah

The Royal Guard of Oman (RGO) celebrated its Annual Day, which falls on November 1 every year, in a ceremony held under the auspices of Nasr bin Hamoud bin Ahmed al Kindi, Secretary-General of the Royal Court Affairs, 

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