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The Arab Spring: Why the Syrian Revolution taking very long time?
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The Arab Spring started three years ago when Mohammad Bouazizi set himself on fire, signifying in his action that the Arab people had had enough of the humiliation, mortification and corruption of the dictators ruling them since independence.

As Nuclear Talks Resume, Iran's Supreme Skeptic Dismisses Prospects for Diplomacy
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Nuclear Iran

On the eve of the latest round of nuclear talks between Tehran and the international community, Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei delivered one of his trademark jeremiads against Washington.

Syrian ‘terrorism’ and U.S. retrenchment
Global Arab Network - Eyad Abu Shakra
Faisal Mokdad in Geneva Syria

When I finally listened to the statements made by Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mokdad in Geneva, in which he rejected any talk of President Bashar al-Assad stepping down, I felt frustrated and tense.

Iran: Rouhani and his “American Boys”
Rouhani and his American Boys Iran US

Ever since the mullahs seized power almost 35 years ago, they have regarded the United States with a mixture of fascination and fear—and that mixture has played a crucial role in the power struggle going on within the Khomeinist camp ever since.

Lebanon, Syria, Yemen - The Arab region has reached the point of no return
Global Arab Network - Eyad Abu Shakra
Yemen the Shiite Houthis

It is becoming clear that it is pointless to keep dealing with crises of coexistence in the Mashreq as though they were individual cases. There is only one big picture, albeit with many smaller details.

The Egyptian revolution still grinds on
The Egyptian revolution still grinds on

What does it say about the state of Egypt's revolution when Ramy Essam, the "singer of the revolution", the artist most identified with Tahrir Square, couldn't risk going anywhere near Tahrir on the third anniversary of its outbreak - for fear of getting arrested, beaten by roving mobs of pro-Sisi [ … ]

The USA and Russia in the Syrian Crisis: Prospects for Reconciliation
USA and Russia in the Syrian Crisis Prospects for Reconciliation

The prospects for Geneva II are not good. As has been seen at the Friends of Syria meeting in London, no opposition group can be seen to negotiate directly with the government presided over by President Assad and maintain their credibility with the wider opposition movement.

Syria - The Hidden Cost Of The Iranian Nuclear Deal
US-Iranian relations

One's evaluation of the nuclear deal depends on how one understands the broader context of US-Iranian relations. There are potential pathways ahead that might not be all that bad. But I am pessimistic. I see the deal as a deceptively pleasant way station on the long and bloody road that is the Ame [ … ]

There is no justice in Egypt any more
Gika stencil at a protest in Tahrir Square

No parent should have to bury their child. But a year ago, the parents of teenager Gaber Salah Gaber Ahmed – also known as “Gika” – told us they had to do just that.

Lebanon is a booby-trapped mailbox
Global Arab Network - Eyad Abu Shakra
lebanon Beirut car bomb

Lebanon’s Hezbollah did not wait long to accuse “Israeli spies” of responsibility for the twin explosions outside the Iranian embassy in the Bir Hassan neighborhood of southern Beirut. Al-Qaeda affiliated groups did not wait long to claim responsibility for the attack.

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