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Syria: What Went Wrong in Kobani?
Global Arab Network - Wafiq Al-Samarrai
Syria What Went Wrong in Kobani

I have been of the opinion that directing airstrikes on Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) positions in Syria has been a mistake since the international campaign against the group began.

The political implications of ISIS’s Caliphate
Global Arab Network - Eyad Abu Shakra
syria  The political implications of ISIS’s Caliphate

The declaration by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) of the establishment of an Islamic caliphate in Iraq should not go unremarked.

The end of the Arabs and the fall of Arabism
Global Arab Network - Eyad Abu Shakra
Syria The end of the Arabs and the fall of Arabism Egypt

I hesitated a bit before choosing this dramatic title for my article. My hesitation was due perhaps, first, to my hope that I may be mistaken; and, second, I did not want to seem like I was copying Francis Fukuyama’s thesis in his book, The End of History and the Last Man, which he had to reconsid [ … ]

Ambassador Robert Ford: Arm Syria’s Opposition
Ambassador Robert S. Ford Arm Syrias Opposition

In February, I resigned as the American ambassador to Syria, after 30 years’ foreign service in Africa and the Middle East. As the situation in Syria deteriorated, I found it ever harder to justify our policy. It was time for me to leave. 

Has Iran prevented the Syrian regime's collapse?
Global Arab Network - Khairallah Khairalla
syria lebanon hizballah حزب الله جاء لانقاذ بشار الأسد فسقط في  الثقب الأسود لحرب سوريا

When dealing with the region’s countries and the U.S., Iran acts like it won the war in Syria - the war which the Syrian regime launched against its people. Is such a behavior appropriate and is there anything to justify it?

Syrian Activists Mock Assad Election
Global Arab Network - Suzan Ahmad
Syrian Activists Mock Assad

A group of Syrian activists based in Syria and abroad started a sarcastic campaign to criticize "the mockary electoral play” Assad is holding in areas he controls while bombing other areas with explosive barrels.

Syrian Elections: Democratic or Bloody
Global Arab Network - Suzan Ahmad
syria bashar alassad - Syrian Elections Democratic or Bloody

Since the Syrian regime announced holding presidency elections next June, many campaigns have been launched to remind the world why Assad cannot be a president anymore.

The Arab Spring: Why the Syrian Revolution taking very long time?
536268 10150702444497550 2098131698 n

The Arab Spring started three years ago when Mohammad Bouazizi set himself on fire, signifying in his action that the Arab people had had enough of the humiliation, mortification and corruption of the dictators ruling them since independence.

As Nuclear Talks Resume, Iran's Supreme Skeptic Dismisses Prospects for Diplomacy
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Nuclear Iran

On the eve of the latest round of nuclear talks between Tehran and the international community, Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei delivered one of his trademark jeremiads against Washington.

Syrian ‘terrorism’ and U.S. retrenchment
Global Arab Network - Eyad Abu Shakra
Faisal Mokdad in Geneva Syria

When I finally listened to the statements made by Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mokdad in Geneva, in which he rejected any talk of President Bashar al-Assad stepping down, I felt frustrated and tense.

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