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Has Iran changed its hues?
 479 A2

Will nuclear agreement truly influence Tehran’s regional rela­tions and tone down its bellicose rhetoric?
There is a growing debate in the Middle East about which way things are headed with developments under way in several hot spots.

Cautious optimism in the Gulf after summit
 460 23

GCC states, and in particular Saudi Arabia, will con­tinue to take lead while keeping United States in the loop.
The results of the Camp Da­vid summit between US President Barack Obama and leaders and repre­sentatives of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) have been met with cautious opt [ … ]

Has Obama given up on regime change in Iran?

Term “change” is used more than ten times in interview and it covers economy, strategy and regional policies, meaning that Islamic Republic must change itself instead of having change imposed on it by outside world.

The lessons of the Saudi reshuffle
 192 3

King set in motion succession pro­cess, injected new blood into ageing Saudi government and made governance more inclusive by ap­pointing non-royalty to top jobs.

An expansionist Iran and Obama’s ‘wishful thinking’

rise of sectarian Iranian proxies in countries where Shias do not constitute overwhelm­ing majority increases long-term threat of instability in Yemen, Syria and Iraq.

Et tu, Pakistan?
Global Arab Network - Faisal J. Abbas

The record needs to be set straight on a few issues relating to the recent Pakistani parliament vote to remain neutral with regards to the war in Yemen.

The truth about ‘America’s project’
Global Arab Network - Eyad Abu Shakra

With every day that passes, Operation Decisive Storm proves just how necessary, and hence, justifiable it is.
The conspirators inside Yemen have made huge investments over the past few years in funding sectarian infrastructures, organizations, logistics, as well as tribal and interest-based relatio [ … ]

Iran’s first acquisition after the deal

Iran's first acquisition after signing the draft nuclear deal, amid promises to lift sanctions, were not cars, airplanes, refrigerators, or women’s purses – but rather long-range missiles! Iran was overjoyed after acquiring S300 missiles that the Kremlin has agreed to send this summer.

Arab Ahwaz must be liberated from Iran
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Whenever the Arab world is discussed, forgotten are the five million Arabs struggling to survive under the Persian yoke in an Arab region bordering Iraq and the Arabian Gulf, rich with oil and gas. Once an autonomous area, separated from Persia by the Zagros mountain range,

The calm that preceded the ‘Decisive Storm’
Global Arab Network - Faisal J. Abbas
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As Operation Decisive Storm continues to successfully degrade the military capabilities of the Houthi militias and emasculate their illegitimate power grab campaign in Yemen, it is worth reflecting a bit on the quiet period that preceded the swift and sudden Saudi-led intervention.

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