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Baghdad is in ISIS crosshairs, warns Iraqi president
 453 A2

Iraqi President says Baghdad is now in danger from Islamic State jihadist mil­itants following their capture of strategic western city of Ramadi.

Algerian army targets southern smuggling
 455 11

Algeria’s army is shifting its focus from fighting Is­lamist militants at home to Sahel border smuggling that supports those militants.

Egypt and Russia deepen relations
2015-635587934333260515-326 resized

Egyptian-Russian relations date to 16th century, when Russia began supporting Orthodox Chris­tian interests in Egypt, while for much of Cold War Egypt was major Soviet ally.

Impact of US and Algerian positions on Libya crisis
 183 A2

Wrong-headed policies of both United States and Algeria have served to exacerbate crisis in Libya.
The Libyan crisis is worsening day after day, despite the fact that Libyan society largely lacks the type of ethnic and sectar­ian divisions noted in Iraq, Syria or Yemen.

US leadership conspicuously absent on Libya crisis
 182 A2

Solution to abetting illegal immigration lies in Libya and world powers must take initiative to push for remedy there.
The European Union had an emergency meeting on April 23rd to address the rise in illegal migration and its humanitarian implica­tions.

Omar al-Bashir keeps iron grip on Sudan against all odds
 184 A2

Aside from years of horrendous crimes in Darfur region, Sudan is perhaps best known as having first sitting president wanted by ICC.

Political solution appears elusive as fighting continues in Yemen
 214 12

With spike in military opera­tions, question arises of where this leaves much-needed politi­cal process.

Hezbollah’s sectarian politics
 205 8

How much of Hezbollah’s Arab and Lebanese identity remains intact as party definitively demon­strated its complete bias on side of Iran camp?

After general’s mysterious death, is Assad’s inner circle coming apart?
 201 6xx

Workings of Assad’s inner circle are shrouded in secrecy and even more impenetrable than paranoid opacity that eternally masks regime.

Ten years ago, the Syrians left Lebanon
 191 2

Ironically, today if President Bashar Assad is able to remain in power it is largely thanks to Lebanese Shia militia, Hezbollah.

Saudi succession reset: Major reshuffle aims to cope with new challenges
 190 1

Yemen campaign is seen by analysts as reflecting more assertive approach to Saudi Arabia’s foreign policy under Sal­man.

In Yemen, Egypt balancing its interests
 7 7xxx

Egypt’s decision to inter­vene in the Yemeni crisis against the Houthis re­flects President Abdel Fat­tah al-Sisi’s need to protect Egypt’s economic and political in­terests.

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