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Libya, a new terror theatre in a larger arena
Global Arab Network - Eyad Abu Shakra
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The horrifying seaside slaughter of 20 innocent Egyptian Copts and one Ghanaian opens a new chapter in the war against wanton terrorist violence, whose perpetrators are hell-bent on pushing Islam—as a whole—on a collision course with world civilizations.

For Egypt not to fall in the ISIS trap
Global Arab Network - Jamal Khashoggi

The U.N. Security Council and international community saved Egypt from falling into a trap which the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) set for it. The international community did so by rejecting President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi’s call for an international military intervention in Libya.

Yemen with two governments and two capitals
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The exit of the late Kuwaiti emir and crown prince in August 1990 is considered the most important step which killed invader Saddam Hussein’s dream of eliminating the legitimacy of the Kuwaiti state. After invading Kuwait, the then-Iraqi president tried with all possible means to impose his legiti [ … ]

Assad is no better than Saddam
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The Syrian people are being oppressed, humiliated and killed by a criminal and tyrannical regime. This is the only view that any rational, objective and just person can have of the Syrian revolution, and this is the right view.

No-man's land: the Iraqis trapped between IS and the Kurds
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Yahyawah is a muddy, tented settlement to the southeast of the Iraqi city of Kirkuk. Wedged between the borders of semi-autonomous Kurdistan and the front line of the so-called Islamic state (IS), it is in a geopolitical no-man’s land.

The GCC woke up late to the Yemen threat
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Iranian-backed Shiite Houthi rebels have successfully achieved their goal while the Arab World was sleeping. Under the pretense of seeking a more inclusive government, they have taken control of the country, including its capital Sanaa.

Houthis anxiously search for allies in Yemen
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A political leader clinging to power at all costs and against all odds is a familiar story in the Arab world, but during his 33 years in power Ali Abdullah Saleh was unrivalled in mastering the skill of shifting alliances and turning his opponents against one another.

Iraq: Militias Escalate Abuses, Possibly War Crimes
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Abuses by militias allied with Iraqi security forces in Sunni areas have escalated in recent months. Residents have been forced from their homes, kidnapped, and in some cases summarily executed.

From tourism to terrorism: welcome to post-Hariri Lebanon!
Global Arab Network - Faisal J. Abbas
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I still remember that beautiful summer night in the early 2000s; Downtown Beirut was just buzzing with a massive amount of residents, expats and tourists who went out every evening to enjoy fine-dining, shopping,

Syria: Avoiding a Permanent Refugee Trap in Turkey

There are now some 9 million Syrian refugees and it is estimated that 5,000 additional refugees are created every day. Over 5 million Syrians reside in neighboring countries, principally Jordan (800,000), Lebanon (1.8 million) and Turkey (1.8 million).

What next for Libya?

If any further evidence was needed of the importance of ending the power struggle that has plunged Libya into chaos since last summer, it was the reminder this week that sympathisers of the so-called Islamic State (IS) are keen to exploit the resulting power vacuum.

Saudi: Stability, Continuity and Smooth Transition
Global Arab Network - Eyad Abu Shakra
Saudi Arabia-11

In both the US and Western Europe, there are two major political currents that are always happy to doubt and belittle any constructive step taken by traditional regimes in the Middle East: the ultra-conservative Right and the radical Left.

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