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Health window left ajar for Qatari insurers

A decision to defer extending a comprehensive state health insurance scheme to the expatriate community in Qatar means that private insurance companies will be able to tap into the segment for at least another 18 months.

Has Syria really beaten polio?

The World Health Organization has announced that Syria has seen no new cases of polio in the past year, but some health experts question the quality of the surveillance that led to this conclusion.

The Enemy Within: Tackling Schistosomiasis in Yemen
The Enemy Within Tackling Schistosomiasis in Yemen

In the unsettling horror movie Alien, an alien invades and hides within the human body, eventually causing great devastation.

Alert over spike in Middle East flu-like virus
Alert over spike in Middle East flu-like virus

Health authorities around the world are on high alert after a sudden spike in the incidence of a deadly Middle Eastern flu-like bug that began in Saudi Arabia but has now spread to Asia and the USA.

UAE: Providing specialised health care services in Abu Dhabi
Global Arab Network - - Ahmed Rashid
UAE Providing specialised health care services in Abu Dhabi

A number of new health care facilities in Abu Dhabi are under development, financed by both the public and private sectors, with the latter focused on the provision of specialised health care services.

Patient Feedback in Tunisian Public Hospitals: Sowing the Seeds of Accountability
Patient Feedback in Tunisian Public Hospitals

It started with the first cries of “degage” that resonated across southern and central Tunisia to the streets of the capital in the winter of 2010. Through the ups and downs of Tunisia’s transition, one constant has been the citizens’ demand that the government listen to their voices, in other wor [ … ]

Moroccan Association of Regional Science:Platform To share experiences and knowledge
Global Arab Network - Mohammed Tafraouti

Regional Science issues have been approached in Morocco like in any other countries from disciplinary perspectives of geography, economics and law, agronomy, landscape architecture, urban architecture, ecology, spatial planning, policy and transport.

Oman: Construction of Intl Medical City to commence soon

Inbound medical tourism to the Gulf region is set to enjoy a huge surge in popularity with the planned International Medical City (IMC) development in Salalah.

Dubai: Health insurance makeover
Global Arab Network - - Reda Darwish

Plans by the emirate’s authorities to tighten regulatory oversight for health insurance and put in place a long delayed scheme for mandatory coverage will likely result in major changes to the sector.

Colon cancer: “A catastrophe for families” in Egypt
Global Arab Network - - Gamal Ragay

Colon cancer in Egypt is more deadly and destructive than elsewhere, yet less understood.
A new study adds to a small body of research, through which a picture is emerging: colorectal cancer, commonly known as colon cancer, strikes younger people in Egypt far more frequently than it does in Europe [ … ]

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