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Syria Politics
Syria: Razan Zaitouneh’s Family Blame Zahran Alloush for her Safety
Global Arab Network - Suzan Ahmad
Syria Razan ZaitounehZahran Alloush for her Safety

The family of lawyer and human rights activist Razan Zaitouneh has issued a statement concerning the kidnapping of Razan from a liberated area in Syria under the control of Islam Army (Jaysh al-Islam) headed by  Zahran Alloush.

Syria: New Deadly Cluster Munition Attacks
Global Arab Network - - George Hajjar
Syria New Deadly Cluster Munition Attacks

Syrian government forces are using a powerful type of cluster munition rocket not seen before in the conflict, Human Rights Watch said.

UK: Syrian refugees in Lebanon and the British role
Global Arab Network - Chris Doyle
Syrian refugees in Lebanon and the British role

As British politicians debated the relative merits of taking in Syrian refugees, I was accompanying two members of Parliament around Syrian refugee communities in the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon.

Major New Report Shows 11,420 Children Killed in Syria
Global Arab Network - - Rami Alshami
bashar assad-cartoon-Children Killed in Syria

Releasing new figures based on an analysis of 11,420 recorded child deaths in Syria, Global Arab Network reports according to a new research.

Hosting Syrian refugees - the cost conundrum
Hosting Syrian refugees - the cost conundrum

In a speech to parliament on 3 November, King Abdullah II said the presence of 600,000 Syrian refugees in Jordan has put “enormous pressure” on his country’s infrastructure.

Watch Video | Syria: Special Report on Use of Chemical Weapons in Damascus Suburbs

During the first hours of Wednesday 21st August 2013, the regime committed another horrific crime against civilians leaving hundreds death and casualties in an area that had been already bombarded by the regime forces on daily basis, and that had been besieged for long months, which made it imposs [ … ]

Obama faces growing calls to act over Syria chemical attack
Global Arab Network - - Adnan Kassar
Obama faces growing calls to act over Syria chemical attack
With his international credibility seen increasingly on the line, President Barack Obama on Thursday faced growing calls at home and abroad for forceful action against the Syrian government over accusations it carried out a massive new deadly chemical weapons attack.
Chemical weapons attack: No more hand-wringing on Syria

It is impossible to watch the videos that emanated from Syria yesterday and not be moved, yet again, to rage about the international community’s repeated failure to end the slaughter of civilians amid the country’s internal armed conflict.

Syrian government increases restrictions on medical aid
Global Arab Network - - George Hajjar
Syrian government increases restrictions on medical aid
The Syrian government has increasingly restricted the delivery of medical supplies to opposition-controlled areas in recent months, several aid workers told IRIN, refusing to approve medical deliveries; taking medical supplies out of aid convoys; and requiring case-by-case negotiations for the deliv [ … ]
Reuters: Saudi offers Russia deal to scale back Assad support
Global Arab Network - - Ahmed Rashid
Saudi Arabia has offered Russia economic incentives including a major arms deal and a pledge not to challenge Russian gas sales if Moscow scales back support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad,
Syria: Will Baath accomplish its last mission?
Global Arab Network - Khairallah Khairalla

The Baath party as we understand it does not even exist in Syria to begin with, so the recent change in leadership doesn’t really make a difference.

USA Does Not Mind Syria’s Defeat
Global Arab Network - Samir Altaqi

America’s attitude in the Middle East seems to be confused, especially in the terms of the Syrian case. At first, the American administration talks enthusiastically about arming the Syrian opposition and declares that Geneva Convention would not be held soon. Suddenly, it suddenly remains silent a [ … ]

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