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Syria Politics
Assad is no better than Saddam
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The Syrian people are being oppressed, humiliated and killed by a criminal and tyrannical regime. This is the only view that any rational, objective and just person can have of the Syrian revolution, and this is the right view.

Syria: Avoiding a Permanent Refugee Trap in Turkey

There are now some 9 million Syrian refugees and it is estimated that 5,000 additional refugees are created every day. Over 5 million Syrians reside in neighboring countries, principally Jordan (800,000), Lebanon (1.8 million) and Turkey (1.8 million).

Breaking the silence' on Syria's besieged Yarmouk camp
Global Arab Network - Mamoon Alabbasi

Palestinian and Syrian residents inside the Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus, which has been under siege for over two years by forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad,

What’s the secret behind Russia’s love for Assad?w
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we don't have explanations for Russia's position on the Syrian crisis since it started four years ago; there are no mutual defense treaties and the Syrian regime does not add any strategic value to Moscow in the regional conflict.

Turkey introduces tough new border policies for Syrians

Turkey has quietly increased travel restrictions for Syrian refugees that could very negatively affect aid agencies working in the country, IRIN has learned.

Report: Scenarios for a Peace Mission for Syria
The report Scenarios for a Peace Mission for Syria


This report analyses scenarios for a possible peacekeeping mission in Syria, making recommendations for the attention of the UN and the European Union.

Iran in Syria: From an Ally of the Regime to an Occupying Force
Global Arab Network - - Adnan Kassar
Bashar Alassad Syria Iran  بشار الاسد ينحني لاسياده في ايران

The campaign group Naame Shaam has published an in-depth report examining various aspects of the Iranian regime’s role in the ongoing war in Syria.

Syria: Investigate Possible Unlawful US Strikes
Syria Investigate Possible Unlawful US Strikes

Apparent US missile strikes on Idlib in Syria that killed at least seven civilians should be investigated for possible violations of the laws of war.

Syria: Hundreds of Activists Call for Assad to Release Human Rights Defender Mazen Darwish
Global Arab Network - Suzan Ahmad
Mazen Darwish

More than two hundred intellectuals and human rights activists and journalists signed a statement calling for immediate and unconditional release of Mazen Darwish and his colleagues.

Moaz al-Khatib: Boycotting Elections and Negotiation is the Solution in Syria
Global Arab Network - Suzan Ahmad
Moaz al-Khatib Boycotting Elections and Negotiation is the Solution in Syria

Moaz al-Khatib, a former head of the National Coalition for Syrian opposition, calls for boycotting presidential elections and finding political solution through negotiation.

Syria: Razan Zaitouneh’s Family Blame Zahran Alloush for her Safety
Global Arab Network - Suzan Ahmad
Syria Razan ZaitounehZahran Alloush for her Safety

The family of lawyer and human rights activist Razan Zaitouneh has issued a statement concerning the kidnapping of Razan from a liberated area in Syria under the control of Islam Army (Jaysh al-Islam) headed by  Zahran Alloush.

Syria: New Deadly Cluster Munition Attacks
Global Arab Network - - George Hajjar
Syria New Deadly Cluster Munition Attacks

Syrian government forces are using a powerful type of cluster munition rocket not seen before in the conflict, Human Rights Watch said.

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