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Tourism set for growth in Ras Al Khaimah

Ras Al Khaimah saw its tourism industry hit a high note in 2014, with revenues surpassing Dh1bn ($242.9m), bolstered by the addition of new rooms and a rise in the number of hotel nights spent by visitors in the emirate.

Jordan’s tourism industry feels impact of regional volatility

A concerted drive is under way in Jordan to reinvigorate the important tourism sector that has been curtailed by regional instability.

Morocco revives falconry heritage with help from UAE
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Emirati participation is part of UAE\'s commitment to re­viving Morocco’s falconry heritage through active sup­port of Lekouassem Fal­conry Festival.

Southward Journey through Tunisia
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Our visit to Tunisia’s south pro­vided diversity in architecture, in landscape and in the people we met.
When Lawrence of Arabia travelled the desert, he left many images behind that conjure up a rather romantic vision of desert life; travel by camel, a world far from worries and images of endl [ … ]

Sudan’s pyramids, nearly as grand as Egypt’s, go unvisited
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Pyramids at Meroe, some 200 kilometres north of Khartoum, are rarely visited despite being UNESCO World Heritage Site like those in Egypt.

Maurice Chehab, the guardian angel of Lebanon’s cultural heritage
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Late director of Lebanese Antiqui­ties’ Department, Emir Maurice Chehab, is prized for his ingenuity in protecting coun­try’s cultural heritage from wrath of 15 years of civil war.

Marrakech: Always a winner
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Today Mar­rakech is filled with stylish boutique properties built from homes within medina often abandoned or sold cheaply by locals, in many cases, to European visitors.

Ad campaign and security measures as Tunisia hopes to save tourist season
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Still smarting from a jihadist attack that killed 21 foreign tourists last month, Tunisia is hoping to save the summer season with new security measures and an ad campaign touting its safety as a destination, but industry leaders are glum.

Egypt expecting tourism recovery by next year
Global Arab Network - - Adnan Kassar
Egypt expecting tourism recovery by next year

The government in Egypt is expecting a recovery of its tourism sector by next year after the latest data showed the tide may be turning for an industry that has been hit hard by domestic instability over the past three years.

The fragrant roses of the Sultanate of Oman
The fragrant roses of the Sultanate of Oman

The road winds higher and deeper into the wild mountains. I am reminded of my fear of heights as I glance down into the abyss on the right side of the jeep and I ask myself: "Why do I do this kind of thing to myself?"

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