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Morocco looks to welcome 20 million tourists & generate $17bn
Global Arab Network - - Ahmed Gamal
Morocco looks to welcome 20 million tourists  generate 17bn

Morocco continues to pursue its plans under Vision 2020 to attract up to 20m tourists each year, bring total bed capacity to 375,000, create 17,000 new jobs and

Tourism in Qatar - Developing a broader leisure industry
Global Arab Network - - Maha Karim
With a strong existing market from business visitors, and a growing status among tourists from elsewhere in the Gulf, Qatar’s authorities are now focusing on developing a broader leisure industry.
UAE: Abu Dhabi's Tourism Development & Investment Company launches tenders for Guggenheim
Global Arab Network - - Shahid Abbas

Abu Dhabi's Tourism Development & Investment Company (TDIC) is inviting contractors to pre-qualify for the main contract to build the Guggenheim museum on Saadiyat Island.

Regional instability creates new tourism challenges in Jordan
Global Arab Network - - Ahmed Rashid
Despite a rebound in tourism revenues last year, the sector continues to face a difficult operating environment with both regional instability and the potential for increased government taxation weighing it down.
Jordan: Fewer visitors, more money
Global Arab Network - - George Hajjar

It has been an uneven year for Jordan’s tourism industry, with rising earnings yet declining visitor numbers. Both are reflections of the kingdom’s growing market, but also of the hovering uncertainty in the region and the impact it is having on visitor confidence.

Oman: Mosques of Barka — places of worship built in traditional style

By Huda al Hamadani — Mosques play an important role in the daily life of Omanis — they serve as places of prayer, religious schools and as a meeting place for the community.

Algeria bolstering the underdeveloped tourism sector’s potential
Global Arab Network - - Ahmed Rashid

With an increasing number of hotel developments under way, a renewed focus on niche attractions and a spate of new regulations to legislate and encourage sustainable growth, officials in Algeria are hard at work bolstering the underdeveloped tourism sector’s potential.

Tourism: a ‘win-win’ sector to promote recovery & employment in the Middle East & North Africa

From the pyramids showcasing the world’s first great civilization, to the sandy white beaches of the southern Mediterranean, religious sites and pristine eco-reserves, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is chock full of unique tourist attractions.

Oman: Salalah Tourism Festival from August
Oman Salalah Tourism Festival from August

The Salalah Tourism Festival (STF) will start with the Eid festivities this year. Beginning from the second day of Eid al Fitr, the official festival will continue for another 26 days.

Oman: New blueprint for tourism to reach full potential
Global Arab Network - - Ayman Khalil

An extensive study to develop a long-term strategy for tourism is underway in Oman after the minister responsible for the sector acknowledged that although solid progress had been made in recent years, the industry has not yet reached its full potential.

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