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Global Arab Network

Global Arab Network (GAN) is a comprehensive news and information service about the Arab world in English and Arabic.  

GAN covers news and information from the Middle East and North Africa concerning national and international affairs, relations between the Arab countries and the rest of the world, economy and business, foreign policy, science and technology, culture and society, entertainment and lifestyle.

The website uses the latest multimedia technology and is continually updated to display top headlines with related photography and videos.

One of the features that makes us unique is our Dual Display Coverage. This is a first-of-its-kind service that allows articles to be classified according to both relevant sectors and countries, e.g. an article about a financial agreement between UAE and Lebanon would appear in three sections: Finance, Lebanon News and UAE News. The aim of this feature is to maximise exposure and appeal to as many audiences as possible.

Our advanced website also offers a networking facility (click here), new among the existing websites related to the Arab world. This service attracts millions of visitors and creates the largest online VIP community of more than 35,000 members and subscribers (based on March 2010 statistics) including businesspeople, executives, politicians, diplomats, academics, researchers and writers interested in the region.

The networking facility enables writers, researchers, academics and readers to submit their articles, opinions, press releases and other materials for publication.

Click on Join us fill out the form and you’ll get a License, along with instructions on how to go about it, to publish.

GAN has a fundamental belief in the importance of the team. Our producers, reporters and editors are well known, experienced professionals and appear on several satellite channels broadcasted in different languages.

GAN has formed media partnerships with leading companies organizing high profile, well-attended international events related to the Middle East and North Africa.

GAN also offers a customised Email Newsletter Service to alert the subscribers about the latest News and information regarding their country of interest. Subscribe now.

In order to find out more about Global Arab Network register now:

We look forward to welcoming you as a member of Global Arab Network.

Ghassan Ibrahim 


In English: www.English.GlobalArabNetwork.com

In Arabic: www.GlobAlarabNetwork.com



Global Arab Network
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