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Qatari-British Economic Forum to take place in London
Global Arab Network - - Andy McDonough

Qatari-British Economic Forum

In our continuing efforts to strengthen cooperation between the United Kingdom and the Arab world, the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce is organising the Qatari-British Economic Forum.

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Iran’s Dangerous Game in Yemen
Global Arab Network - Amir Taheri
Yemen Politics

Irans Dangerous Game in Yemen

“Yemen is simple,” says a European diplomat working on a report for NATO on the war-torn nation. “The Saudis feed the Yemenis and the Iranians arm them. So, what is left for Yemenis to do, except chew qat and fight each other?”

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Syria: What Went Wrong in Kobani?
Global Arab Network - Wafiq Al-Samarrai

Syria What Went Wrong in Kobani

I have been of the opinion that directing airstrikes on Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) positions in Syria has been a mistake since the international campaign against the group began.

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EU: Building relations with Jordan - a look back on priorities and achievement
Global Arab Network - - Mohamed Tamer
Jordan Politics

EU relations with Jordan flags

Between 2007 and 2013, major progress was made in the education, energy and public finance sectors of Jordan, with support from the EU, according to the DG EuropeAid report “European Neighbourhood Instrument 2007-2013 – Overview of Activities and Results”, recently released.

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EU launches project to foster cooperation in Southern Mediterranean cultural and creative industrie
Global Arab Network - - Maha Karim

EU launches project to foster competitiveness and entrepreneurial cooperation in Southern Mediterranean cultural and creative industries

The Secretariat of the Union for the Mediterranean has officially launched the UfM-labelled project “Establishment of a Regional Platform for the Development of Cultural and Creative Industries and Clusters in the Southern Mediterranean”.

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Libya aid push constrained by insecurity
Global Arab Network - - Jihad Taki
Libya Politics

Libya aid push constrained by insecurity

A wave of violence between militia groups vying for power is sweeping across parts of Libya, prompting international organizations to put forth an ambitious plan to provide humanitarian aid to 85,000 people by the end of this year.

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Syria: Investigate Possible Unlawful US Strikes
Syria Politics

Syria Investigate Possible Unlawful US Strikes

Apparent US missile strikes on Idlib in Syria that killed at least seven civilians should be investigated for possible violations of the laws of war.

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Egypt: Release Arrested University Students
Egypt Politics

Egypt Release Arrested University Students

Egyptian authorities should release more than 110 university students arrested since the start of the school year on October 11, 2014.

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Qatar: Real estate sector growing for the foreseeable future
Global Arab Network - - Ayman Khalil

Qatar Real estate sector growing for the foreseeable future

Real estate prices in Qatar hit record highs in June after rising 28.9% year-on-year (y-o-y) according to the Real Estate Price Index (REPI) published by the Qatar Central Bank (QCB),

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New bridge to boost Bahrain trade links with Saudi Arabia
Global Arab Network - - Asmaa Malik

New bridge to boost Bahrain Strade links with Saudi Arabia King Fahd causeway

As part of plans to tackle delays on the King Fahd causeway, Bahrain is taking steps to reduce waiting times and ease congestion on its road link with Saudi Arabia while larger measures are under consideration,

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