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Syria: Razan Zaitouneh’s Family Blame Zahran Alloush for her Safety
Global Arab Network - Suzan Ahmad
Syria Politics

Syria Razan ZaitounehZahran Alloush for her Safety

The family of lawyer and human rights activist Razan Zaitouneh has issued a statement concerning the kidnapping of Razan from a liberated area in Syria under the control of Islam Army (Jaysh al-Islam) headed by  Zahran Alloush.

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The Arab Spring: Why the Syrian Revolution taking very long time?

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The Arab Spring started three years ago when Mohammad Bouazizi set himself on fire, signifying in his action that the Arab people had had enough of the humiliation, mortification and corruption of the dictators ruling them since independence.

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BBC's Safety of Journalists Symposium calls for Al Jazeera staff release in Egypt
Global Arab Network - - Asif Khalifa

BBCs Safety of Journalists Symposium calls for Al Jazeera staff release in Egypt

BBC Global News and CFOM, the Centre for Freedom of the Media at the University of Sheffield, in cooperation with the BBC College of Journalism hosted the BBC’s Safety of Journalists Symposium,

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Jordan’s private sector responds to economic reforms
Global Arab Network - - Ammar Shikhani

Jordans private sector responds to economic reforms

Business leaders in Jordan are stepping up their calls for government policymakers to consult more closely with them in formulating and implementing economic reforms,

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A new national curriculum - Education reform in Kuwait
Global Arab Network - - Amal Hasson

Kuwait steps up pace of education reform

A new national curriculum, possible regulations for private sector providers and plans to outsource certain functions in the school system are

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UAE stabilising Dubai’s real estate market
Global Arab Network - - Ahmed Rashid

UAE stabilising  Dubais real estate market

As property prices in Dubai continue their rise, the Central Bank of the UAE (CBUAE) has issued new mortgage regulations designed to limit speculation and help ensure the long-term stability of the investment environment.

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Morocco looks to welcome 20 million tourists & generate $17bn
Global Arab Network - - Ahmed Gamal

Morocco looks to welcome 20 million tourists  generate 17bn

Morocco continues to pursue its plans under Vision 2020 to attract up to 20m tourists each year, bring total bed capacity to 375,000, create 17,000 new jobs and

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Building up - Oman to pour billions into infrastructure sector
Global Arab Network - - Adnan Kassar
Real Estate

Oman to pour billions into infrastructure

A programme by the Omani government to pour billions into infrastructure to help support long-term economic diversification is benefiting the Sultanate’s construction sector,

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Syria: Shakespeare in Za’atari Refugee Camp in Jordan
Global Arab Network - Shaza Zafer Al Jundi

Syria Shakespeare in Zaatari Refugee Camp

Through their voices and in the language of Shakespeare “The children of Syria are calling for help for those whom still have a heart and sense of responsibility….. from Syria to the world save our lives”.

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UAE: Abu Dhabi’s real estate market on the rise
Global Arab Network - - Gamal Ragay

Abu Dhabis real estate market on the rise UAE

Recent regulatory changes are giving an added boost to Abu Dhabi’s real estate market, which appears on track to a recovery.

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