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An expansionist Iran and Obama’s ‘wishful thinking’


rise of sectarian Iranian proxies in countries where Shias do not constitute overwhelm­ing majority increases long-term threat of instability in Yemen, Syria and Iraq.

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In Yemen, Egypt balancing its interests
Egypt Politics

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Egypt’s decision to inter­vene in the Yemeni crisis against the Houthis re­flects President Abdel Fat­tah al-Sisi’s need to protect Egypt’s economic and political in­terests.

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Saudi Arabia’s new strategic narrative
Saudi Politics

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I t has become customary for prominent Saudis who write articles in the Western media or who give talks at think-tanks and academic institutions to stress one specific theme when speaking about Saudi Arabia’s cur­rent foreign policy posture: The Saudis have adopted a new “doc­trine”.

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The Moroccan challenge to ISIS
Morocco Politics

 21 12

The entire Maghreb, from Libya to Morocco, is being targeted by the Islamic State (ISIS). The terror group’s recent assumption of responsibility for the Bardo Museum attack in Tunis comes in the context of a wider campaign to influence democracy in Tunisia and open a new front in the heart of the Maghreb. Morocco, however, represents a unique challenge to this threat.

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What’s next for Libya?
Libya Politics

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UN Special Envoy to Libya Bernardino Leon has been trying to herd the scattered Libyan politicians of all politi­cal shades around the table in or­der to negotiate a peace treaty of sorts, put an end to the fighting and establish a unity government that can keep the country together and enable it to serve as a credible member of the international com­munity.

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Ad campaign and security measures as Tunisia hopes to save tourist season

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Still smarting from a jihadist attack that killed 21 foreign tourists last month, Tunisia is hoping to save the summer season with new security measures and an ad campaign touting its safety as a destination, but industry leaders are glum.

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The Arab world’s soft revolution

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Arab youth are breaking taboos, bridging borders and reinventing them­selves in unprecedented ways and it is not by picking up arms or joining jihad.

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‘Arab spring’ batters Jordan produce exports

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The sudden closure of Jor­dan’s borders with Syria and Iraq and reinforced Israeli security measures at border crossings have hampered the flow of Jordanian produce, leading to a drop of 42% in the country’s fruit and vegetable exports.

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Saudi Capital Market Authority intensifies regulatory activities

 32 2583

Saudi Arabia’s market regu­lator is pursuing an aggres­sive transparency policy to prepare the kingdom’s stock exchange to open up to foreign investment.

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The Houthis must be stopped
Yemen Politics


My country, Yemen, is under siege by radical Houthi militia forces whose campaign of horror and destruction is fueled by the political and military support of an Iranian regime obsessed with regional domination. There is no question that the chaos in Yemen has been driven by Iran’s hunger for power and its ambition to control the entire region.

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