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Djibouti: What Happens When Women Control the Income?

djibouti women

Imagine you are a mother of three in Djibouti, a tiny country on the Horn of the Africa with scarce farmable land or drinking water that is a frequent victim of devastating floods and droughts.

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Djibouti Keeps an Eye on Quality in Efforts to Expand Access to Education


With newspaper headlines focused on violence and  political upheavals across the Middle East and North Africa region, it is easy  to forget that an annual beginning is also underway. Children from the Mashreq  to the Maghreb have started going back to school.

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Geothermal in Djibouti: a game changer?


In my very first meeting with a government official, I was asked about World Bank support for geothermal power generation and the exploration needed to identify viable sources.

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The Middle East and North Africa: Today’s plan is a shelter for tomorrow’s storm


At a conference on the margin of the recent Spring Meetings, the bi-annual gathering of finance ministers and central bank governors hosted by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, high-level representatives of Djibouti, Yemen and Morocco presented their respective programs for managing risk.

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IMF: Reform measures in Arab transition countries should minimize impact on the poor
The economic outlook for the Middle East and North Africa region is mixed. Most of the region’s oil-exporting countries are growing at healthy rates while the oil importers face subdued economic prospects,
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Kuwait signs grant agreement for Djibouti from Goodwill Fund
Djibouti Politics
Global Arab Network - Within the framework of the initiative of HH the Amir of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah during the 1st International Islamic Economic Conference held in Kuwait
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Arab World ramping up disaster preparedness
Global Arab Network - Several Middle East countries which over the years had failed to prioritize disaster preparedness have established national databases and should now be able to estimate
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International health partnership tightens anti fraud procedures
Mauritania Politics
International health partnership tightens anti fraud procedures
In the wake of revelations of US $34 million in misappropriated funds, a prominent private/public health partnership that fights AIDS and other diseases
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Morocco, Djibouti – Cooperation on Employment and Vocational Training
Morocco (Rabat) - Morocco and Djibouti signed, on Friday in Rabat, a Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation in the fields
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Libya: Africa-EU Summit Partnering for Millennium Development Goals
Africa-EU Summit in Libya (Tripoli ) - The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) partnership constitutes a platform for intensified
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Arab region: Anti-poverty policies to reach 2015 targets
Kuwait - An economic study indicated that there were enough financial and manpower resources in the Arab region to reach development-related targets by
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GAN Business Network | Middle East & North Africa | Global Arab Network
GAN Business Network | Middle East & North Africa | Global Arab Network
Global Arab Network offers a unique networking facility for businesspeople and decision makers to interact and promote their activities and organizations by submitting news and press releases,
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Djibouti - significant progress in improving health services
Djibouti has made significant progress in improving its health services, which nearly a decade ago were facing a growing threat from the spread of HIV/AIDS while
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