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Egypt gains momentum in ICT outsourcing


Egypt has long been a cost-competitive destination for offshore services, such as business process outsourcing (BPO), but a spate of new agreements with a number of large investors has given the ICT sector a further boost, with thousands of potential new jobs in the offing.

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Most glorious days of freedom

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Self-censorship, refusal to push limits just in case someone might disapprove, is more insidi­ous, more slippery and far harder to fight.

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Egypt’s ‘Generation Y’ erupts on stage

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Borrowing much from thea­tre of absurd, play is di­vided into 13 seemingly unrelated vignettes tied by themes of aliena­tion, resentment, indignation and fear of unknown.

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Egypt and Russia deepen relations
Egypt Politics

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Egyptian-Russian relations date to 16th century, when Russia began supporting Orthodox Chris­tian interests in Egypt, while for much of Cold War Egypt was major Soviet ally.

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In Yemen, Egypt balancing its interests
Egypt Politics

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Egypt’s decision to inter­vene in the Yemeni crisis against the Houthis re­flects President Abdel Fat­tah al-Sisi’s need to protect Egypt’s economic and political in­terests.

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The Arab world’s soft revolution

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Arab youth are breaking taboos, bridging borders and reinventing them­selves in unprecedented ways and it is not by picking up arms or joining jihad.

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Egypt looks to success after investment conference


Garnering more investment, loans and assistance packages than had been widely expected, Egypt’s Economic Development Conference (EEDC) secured investment contracts worth $36.2bn, an additional $18.6bn in infrastructure contracts to set up power plants, and $5.2bn in loans from international financial institutions.

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Arab League summit: start of a new era in diplomacy?
Egypt Politics

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The Arab Summit, held recently at Sharm El-Sheikh, can be the beginning of a new phase in joint Arab action and the credibility of Arab countries if decisions are translated into reality.

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Egyptians in Libya - to flee or to stay?
Libya Politics

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The roundabouts in the Libyan capital of Tripoli have long been a place for Egyptians to find work. Every day, carpenters, builders, plumbers and decorators sit and wait, each man carrying the tools of his trade to make it easier for prospective employers.

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Egypt, UAE ink deal to build brand new capital east of Cairo


Egypt and the United Arab Emirates on Saturday signed a deal to build Egypt’s new administrative capital, east of the existing capital Cairo.

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Improving Mediterranean trade: project trains future experts in efficient maritime transport


A group of ten people from Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Tunisia have undergone a specialized training dedicated to intermodal transport as a way to improve the efficiency of freight circulation between Mediterranean ports.

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The day Egyptians forgot about the Muslim Brotherhood
Egypt Politics

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It’s been decades since optimism reigned as it did yesterday, when giant developmental and constructional plans declaring a 'new Egypt' were announced.

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How the Middle East should handle the Muslim Brotherhood

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I have not read the minutes of the separate meetings that the Saudi king held with the Turkish and Egyptian presidents, but I am ready to assert that the Muslim Brotherhood was not mentioned at all. Journalists and political commentators were divided on the matter.

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