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Iran’s emergency plan for post-Assad era in Lebanon


The Syrian regime is acting as if it will survive forever and is seeking to cement ties with its allies for numerous objectives—none of which are positive.

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Social protection in Iraq: towards social inclusion and investing in human capital

Within the framework of the upcoming Country Partnership Strategy for Iraq, we reflect on the Social Protection challenges in Iraq, starting with a look at Iraq’s social safety nets, to be followed by subsequent blogs on labor/employment and social insurance.

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Export oil, import water – the Middle East’s risky economics


The world’s driest region, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), is getting drier at an alarming rate.
And yet, despite massive population growth (the Middle East’s population grew 61 percent from 1990 to 2010 to 205 million people)* predictions of so-called “water wars” have failed to materialize.

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Exclusive politics fuels Iraq unrest
Iraq Politics


Iraqi authorities must tackle underlying political issues to curb violence that has killed more than 600 people in May, and avoid approaching it as just a security problem, experts and officials say.

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Through their eyes: climate change in the Arab world

During our research for a report on climate change in the Arab world which released in Doha , I travelled the region extensively.

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NOW is the time to bring MENA's poor Into the net

Times of transition can be defining moments for social welfare systems. This is when these systems that are designed (or should be) to help the poorest and most vulnerable citizens come under scrutiny, a real stress test as to whether they can respond to those in need.

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Iraq: Less dependent on food rations


Food security in Iraq has improved in the last decade, as the American-led invasion brought an end to sanctions and a resumption of open relations between Iraq and the rest of the world.

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Growth, good jobs and governance - the re-development of Iraq
As the World Bank prepares a full Country Partnership Strategy for Iraq, Special Representative Marie-Hélène Bricknell reflects on the specific challenges of working in a post-conflict environment
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International Energy Agency: Oil demand to rise 14% by 2035
The global thirst for oil will grow in the next two decades driven by demand from emerging nations and the rise of the US as the top producer,
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Iran - from fake election to fake dollars
Despite the official American and Iranian denial of the information that appeared in the article published by The New York Times on Oct. 21, which stated
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Foreign investment in Iraq to drop to $ 35 billion
Foreign investment in Iraq is set to drop slightly to $35bn this year as potential investors, including its rich Arabian Gulf neighbours, hesitate in the face of the continuing
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Syria and the regional chain - Raising food prices in Jordan, Iraq and Turkey
The Syrian crisis has disrupted food imports and exports in the region, raising food prices in Jordan, Iraq and Turkey, but governments have so far been able to contain the impact on consumers
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Iraq: Oil exports from southern ports head for record
Iraq’s oil exports from its southern ports have risen by 120,000 barrels per day (bpd) so far in October versus last month, according to shipping data, suggesting the country is
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