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Kuwait eyes investment surge


Long in the offing, a new FDI law, which aims to improve Kuwait’s business climate and reduce obstacles to market entry, is set to play a key role in underpinning investment growth.

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Gulf women and competing economies

saudi women

‘Arab Women’ are the subject of Western and Eastern curiosity and, often, fascination. However, most attempts to investigate ‘Arab Women’ reduce them to one entity, ignoring their multitude of experience. The fact is Arab women are very different from each other.

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Kuwait’s retailers face uncertain times

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Long established as a destination for major brands, Kuwait has witnessed steady retail expansion in recent years, but falling oil prices and forecasts of a budget deficit risk clouding the outlook for 2015.

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Kuwait: Non-oil growth to drive up economic activity

Img Kuwait

Non-oil growth and higher domestic consumption combined to drive up economic activity in Kuwait in 2014, although plunging world oil prices and relatively flat domestic production look set to weigh on the state’s finances.

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Kuwait diversifying its economy to reduce hydrocarbon dependency

industries kuwait oil

Plummeting oil prices have brought renewed calls for Kuwait to deepen its focus on diversifying its economy and reducing hydrocarbon dependency.

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UK: Lord Mayor to promote economic relationship with Arab Gulf Countries

The Lord Mayor of the City of London visits to GCC Gulf countries Global Arab Network

The Lord Mayor of the City of London, Alderman Alan Yarrow, is to lead a large business delegation to the Gulf (16-28 January) as part of efforts to make sure London and the UK remain the regional partner of choice when it comes to financial and professional services, Global Arab Network reports according to press statement.

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Kuwait Transparency: Corruption, Political Instability Obstacles to Development
Kuwait Politics


Prior to Kuwait’s independence on June 19, 1961, it had experienced periods of political instability. It had been the hope that turning into a state and adopting a constitution would end the political chaos and serve as a catalyst for Kuwait’s development.

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Kuwait suspends offset programme in investment drive

Kuwait stock market

The decision to temporarily halt and revise the Kuwait Offset Programme (KOP), before reintroducing it next year, is widely seen as a sign of the government’s commitment to enhancing the business climate amidst fierce regional competition and following regulatory reforms.

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Kuwait investing in education - New schools to meet growing demand

Kuwait investing in education - New schools to meet growing demand

A growing population and crowded public school system have led Kuwait to move forward on a host of investments in education.

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Kuwait looks to enhance regional position of ports

Ports in Kuwait

Ports in Kuwait have performed well in recent years, supported by a national bid to increase both hydrocarbon exports and non-oil commercial shipping activity.

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A new national curriculum - Education reform in Kuwait

Kuwait steps up pace of education reform

A new national curriculum, possible regulations for private sector providers and plans to outsource certain functions in the school system are

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As Nuclear Talks Resume, Iran's Supreme Skeptic Dismisses Prospects for Diplomacy

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Nuclear Iran

On the eve of the latest round of nuclear talks between Tehran and the international community, Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei delivered one of his trademark jeremiads against Washington.

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Kuwait: $6bn airport investment plan to support aviation industry growth


Air traffic is rising steadily in Kuwait as the state continues to capitalise on growing volumes of international travellers, buoyed by heightened regional activity.

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