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United against ISIS… or is it ISIL or the Islamic State?

isis syria

Of all the fraudulent fictions and fantasies of the ‘war on terror’, the “we are united against a common enemy” mantra seemed the most hollow, the most disingenuous.

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Double-edged sword for Omani industry


From the start of this year, Oman has doubled gas tariffs for industrial producers, with the move expected to squeeze margins for operators. However, the higher prices may spur a move towards greater efficiency, which could benefit the sector over the long-term.

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Oman moves to broaden health care base
Science & Health


The opening of a multimillion-dollar cardiac centre outside of Muscat in May marked the latest milestone in Oman’s drive to broaden the scope of its health care sector.

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Oman takes another step towards takaful legislation

dtl 9 8 2014 16 49 23

Legislation regulating Oman’s sharia-compliant insurance market has moved a step closer to being finalised after the State Council approved a draft law that will help encourage new investment in the takaful (Islamic insurance) industry.

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Gulf women and competing economies

saudi women

‘Arab Women’ are the subject of Western and Eastern curiosity and, often, fascination. However, most attempts to investigate ‘Arab Women’ reduce them to one entity, ignoring their multitude of experience. The fact is Arab women are very different from each other.

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Omani:Balancing a healthy economy with social achievements

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Solid economic growth projected at 7 per cent with inflation expected to remain at the previous year’s level of 4 per cent, a boost to educational and job sectors for citizens are among other key goals as the State Budget for 2012 was unveiled on Monday.

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Oman celebrates International Women’s Day


The recent International Women’s Day on the 8th of March was an occasion to take stock of the status of Oman women in society and feel proud of their achievements. Sultan Qaboos Bin Said who has taken a deep interest in their welfare.

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Education for all is a distinct priority in Oman


“We are determined to teach our children even in the shadow of a tree”
This statement was made by Sultane Qaboos when he came to power on the 23rd. of July, 1970.

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Oman adds links to food chain

Oman adds links to food

Major investments in agri-businesses this year look set to help Oman improve food security and develop an export capacity in processed foods from its new hub in the northern port city of Sohar. The expansion will also produce spin-off benefits for the freight and packaging sectors.

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Oman implements industrial projects to create job opportunities

Oman implements industrial projects to create job opportunities

Oman has pinned a lot of hope on small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to ensure business opportunities and employment.

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Oman: Investment in human capital a priority
Oman Politics

Oman Investment in human capital a priority

The latest projection of the economic growth for the Sultanate by the World Bank isn’t surprising at all.

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Tranquilizing Tourism - Oman makes steady strides in the hospitality industry

Oman Tranquilizing Tourism

Efforts to make tourism a key economic driver, is one of the cornerstones of Oman’s development.

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Oman: Islamic banking to grow at double-digit rates

dtl 6 1 2014 15 4 9

Islamic banking in Oman is expected to grow at double-digit rates as sharia-compliant banking products increasingly gain acceptance and the government’s plans to ease restrictions come to fruition.

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