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Qatar’s Islamic banks continue on growth path

Qatars Islamic banks Doha

Islamic banks in Qatar are gaining strength, with sharia-compliant lenders outperforming their conventional counterparts in many areas during 2013, despite the confines of an increasingly competitive market. 

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IMF: Exceeding the expectations - optimistic outlook for Qatar's economy

Qatar exceeding economic growth expectations

IMF expressed its optimistic outlook for Qatar's economy following a recent visit.

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BBC's Safety of Journalists Symposium calls for Al Jazeera staff release in Egypt

BBCs Safety of Journalists Symposium calls for Al Jazeera staff release in Egypt

BBC Global News and CFOM, the Centre for Freedom of the Media at the University of Sheffield, in cooperation with the BBC College of Journalism hosted the BBC’s Safety of Journalists Symposium,

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Qatar steps up support for small and medium-sized enterprise initiatives

Qatar steps up support for small and medium-sized enterprise initiatives

A drive aimed at encouraging Qatar’s citizens to set up in business is gaining pace, as the government moves to increase the private sector’s contribution to the national economy through regulatory changes and stronger support for entrepreneurs.

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As Nuclear Talks Resume, Iran's Supreme Skeptic Dismisses Prospects for Diplomacy

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Nuclear Iran

On the eve of the latest round of nuclear talks between Tehran and the international community, Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei delivered one of his trademark jeremiads against Washington.

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Some good news - The quality of education in the Middle East and North Africa

The quality of education in MENA Some good news

In some respects, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region has a very strong record in the area of education.

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New life for an old idea - Qatar to benefit from growth in GTL market

Qatar poised to benefit from growth in GTL market

With plentiful supplies of natural gas, Qatar has over the years looked for alternatives to its liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports,

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How Competitive are the Arab Countries?

Tunisia How Competitive are the Arab Countries

How Competitive are the Arab Countries?How do Arab economies fare in terms of “Competitiveness”? Are they able to provide prosperity for their citizens? Are they efficient in using available resources?

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Tourism in Qatar - Developing a broader leisure industry
With a strong existing market from business visitors, and a growing status among tourists from elsewhere in the Gulf, Qatar’s authorities are now focusing on developing a broader leisure industry.
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Qatar investing in shale-related projects in North America
The world’s largest exporter of liquefied natural gas (LNG) is spreading its wings into energy ventures far from the vast reserves on its own doorstep.
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Qatar: Multi-billion projects trigger a rise in state spending


With the 2022 FIFA World Cup less than a decade away, Qatar’s government is poised to up the tempo of its infrastructure and development programme after raising expenditures on April 1 for the new financial year.

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Qatar embracing solar technology to reduce greenhouse emissions

Aiming to reduce both its greenhouse emissions and its use of hydrocarbons to generate power, Qatar is looking to embrace solar technology.

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Transport sector in Qatar: Fuelling growth

The transport sector in Qatar has had mixed results so far this year, in part a reflection of its exposure to the global economy. However, the three leading transport firms listed on the bourse continued to post strong earnings leading into the last quarter of the year. 

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