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Salman bin Abdulaziz declared Saudi king
Saudi Politics

saudi king Salman

Salman bin Abdulaziz has become Saudi Arabia’s king and Prince Muqrin bin Abdulaziz was declared the crown prince after King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz passed away, the Royal court announced on Friday.

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Fighting trade concealment in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia-based SAMBA Financial Group

In Saudi Arabia, Commerce Minister Toufic al-Rabiah has become the most popular minister after he ordered shutting down big stores that were manipulating discount prices,

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UK: Lord Mayor to promote economic relationship with Arab Gulf Countries

The Lord Mayor of the City of London visits to GCC Gulf countries Global Arab Network

The Lord Mayor of the City of London, Alderman Alan Yarrow, is to lead a large business delegation to the Gulf (16-28 January) as part of efforts to make sure London and the UK remain the regional partner of choice when it comes to financial and professional services, Global Arab Network reports according to press statement.

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Two Scenarios for a Hotter and Drier Arab World—And What We Can Do About It

mena-climate-change 1

If you think the summers in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region are hot—think again. Summers are likely to become much warmer.

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Saudi Arabia powering up

saudi solar copy

The first wave of state-backed solar power stations in Saudi were recently unveiled as part of a much larger commitment to diversify the Kingdom’s electricity generation capacity.

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GCC-British Economic Forum: The Private Sector - Challenges & Opportunities

GCC-British Economic Forum - The Private Sector - Challenges  Opportunities

In continuing efforts to strengthen cooperation between the United Kingdom and the Arab world, the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce (ABCC) is organising the GCC-British Economic Forum - The Private Sector: Challenges & Opportunities, Global Arab Network reports according to a press release.

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Iran’s Dangerous Game in Yemen
Yemen Politics

Irans Dangerous Game in Yemen

“Yemen is simple,” says a European diplomat working on a report for NATO on the war-torn nation. “The Saudis feed the Yemenis and the Iranians arm them. So, what is left for Yemenis to do, except chew qat and fight each other?”

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New bridge to boost Bahrain trade links with Saudi Arabia

New bridge to boost Bahrain Strade links with Saudi Arabia King Fahd causeway

As part of plans to tackle delays on the King Fahd causeway, Bahrain is taking steps to reduce waiting times and ease congestion on its road link with Saudi Arabia while larger measures are under consideration,

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Tadawul: Opening up the Saudi Arabia Stock Exchange

Tadawul Opening up the Saudi Arabia Stock Exchange

Plans for new regulations on direct foreign investment in the Saudi Arabian stock market have been outlined,

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The political implications of ISIS’s Caliphate

syria  The political implications of ISIS’s Caliphate

The declaration by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) of the establishment of an Islamic caliphate in Iraq should not go unremarked.

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$9.6 billion investments - Saudi Arabia’s city of phosphate

Saudi Arabias city of phosphate

A new phosphate mining and processing mega-project is set to improve Saudi Arabia’s access to the global fertiliser market, but a potential excess of international supply may extend the period before the multi-billion scheme turns a profit.

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Ambassador Robert Ford: Arm Syria’s Opposition

Ambassador Robert S. Ford Arm Syrias Opposition

In February, I resigned as the American ambassador to Syria, after 30 years’ foreign service in Africa and the Middle East. As the situation in Syria deteriorated, I found it ever harder to justify our policy. It was time for me to leave. 

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Alert over spike in Middle East flu-like virus
Science & Health

Alert over spike in Middle East flu-like virus

Health authorities around the world are on high alert after a sudden spike in the incidence of a deadly Middle Eastern flu-like bug that began in Saudi Arabia but has now spread to Asia and the USA.

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