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An expansionist Iran and Obama’s ‘wishful thinking’


rise of sectarian Iranian proxies in countries where Shias do not constitute overwhelm­ing majority increases long-term threat of instability in Yemen, Syria and Iraq.

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The Arab world’s soft revolution

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Arab youth are breaking taboos, bridging borders and reinventing them­selves in unprecedented ways and it is not by picking up arms or joining jihad.

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‘Arab spring’ batters Jordan produce exports

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The sudden closure of Jor­dan’s borders with Syria and Iraq and reinforced Israeli security measures at border crossings have hampered the flow of Jordanian produce, leading to a drop of 42% in the country’s fruit and vegetable exports.

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The truth about ‘America’s project’


With every day that passes, Operation Decisive Storm proves just how necessary, and hence, justifiable it is.
The conspirators inside Yemen have made huge investments over the past few years in funding sectarian infrastructures, organizations, logistics, as well as tribal and interest-based relations woven with ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh’s “family-run militia.”

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Iran’s first acquisition after the deal


Iran's first acquisition after signing the draft nuclear deal, amid promises to lift sanctions, were not cars, airplanes, refrigerators, or women’s purses – but rather long-range missiles! Iran was overjoyed after acquiring S300 missiles that the Kremlin has agreed to send this summer.

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How the jihadist seizure of Yarmouk benefits Assad
Syria Politics


The jihadist’s seizure of most of the Yarmouk refugee camp for Palestinians in Syria has been widely portrayed as a threat to the Syrian regime, owing to the camp’s proximity to President Bashar al-Assad’s seat of power in Damascus. In actuality, this development benefits him in several ways.

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WhatwouldYOUtake: experience the choices faced by Syrian refugees


BBC Arabic launches today a new digital project about Syrian Refugees, which will be available in six languages.
Syrian Journey (#SyrianJourney) takes the audience on their own personal journey, facing dilemmas based on real-life stories.

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Arab Ahwaz must be liberated from Iran

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Whenever the Arab world is discussed, forgotten are the five million Arabs struggling to survive under the Persian yoke in an Arab region bordering Iraq and the Arabian Gulf, rich with oil and gas. Once an autonomous area, separated from Persia by the Zagros mountain range,

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Iran nuclear deal means change is coming

iran nuclear 114

The nuclear deal is now a reality and one that should be dealt with as a fait accompli. Even before getting into the details of the nuclear deal between Iran and the United States, we should be aware that significant historical change is looming on the horizon. The question remains: what direction will this take Iran and the Arab world?

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Hidden Minorities, Hidden Tragedies: A Beautiful Syrian World in Trouble


February 23rd, 2015 marked another day of infamy on the ISIS calendar of atrocities. That day, their barbaric parade entered the Assyrian village of Tel-Shamiram brandishing their characteristic savagery. By mid-morning the ISIS thugs had abducted 235 Assyrians,

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Mazen Darwish is imprisoned in Syria for speaking a language of freedom


I met my husband, Mazen Darwish, for the first time through friends, in a cafe in Damascus in September 2009. We started to work on a project about cultural censorship in Syria, but this project never saw the light of day.

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Syria: Putting a stop to Assad and his atrocities
Syria Politics
Syria Putting a stop to Assad and his atrocities
Four years ago, thousands of Syrian men, women and children took to the streets peacefully to demand their right to basic human freedoms.
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UN has failed Syria: NGOs
Syria Politics

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The United Nations Security Council has “failed” the Syrian people, according to some of the world’s largest NGOs.
A "report card" compiled by more than 20 aid organisations working in and around Syria – including Oxfam,

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