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Tunisie : Les investissements dans l’énergie se maintiennent
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Global Arab Network - Si le secteur pétrolier et gazier tunisien a connu quelques revers en 2011, à la suite du Printemps arabe, les entreprises du secteur énergétique, petites ou grandes,
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Tunisia: Energy investment continues to flow
Global Arab Network - While Tunisia’s oil and gas sector has taken a few knocks over the course of 2011 as a result of the fallout from the Arab Spring, investment by energy companies both large and small continues
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Arab world calling for Justice, Jobs and equal opportunity
Global Arab Network - The ongoing transitions in Tunisia and Egypt make politically vibrant headlines. With less personality perhaps, economic planning is proceeding too. But economists are not talking the familiar “fiscal deficits” and “financing gaps.” Instead it’s “governance,”
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Tunisia: Empty resort highlights tourism crisis
Tunisia Empty resort highlights tourism crisis
Global Arab Network - The Tunisian seaside resort of Yasmine Hammamet with its fine beach, warm blue sea and welcoming hotels is like a picture postcard in early summer -- but with nobody in it.
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Tunisia: Increase in Exports, Signs of improvement
Tunisia Increase in Exports, Signs of improvement
Global Arab Network - Following GDP growth of around 3% in 2010, the consensus view on Tunisia is that 2011 is likely to see a slight decline, to just over 1%, as a result of domestic and regional political upheaval. However,
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Tunisie: Des signes d’amélioration
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Tunisie  Des signes d’amélioration
Global Arab Network - Après une année 2010 marquée par une croissance d’environ 3 %, les experts s’accordent à dire que le PIB accusera certainement un léger recul en 2011,
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Modern and contemporary art of the Middle East and North Africa
Global Arab Network - Since the recent developments in Tunisia and Egypt and probably to follow in other Arab countries, even the mainstream media have noticed that in the Arab world and Iran there is
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The Economic Impact of the Arab Spring on the Region
The Economic Impact of the Arab Spring on the Region
Global Arab Network - Six months have passed since the Tunisian vegetable street hawker Mohamed Bouazizi set himself ablaze starting a region wide revolution that has toppled the Presidents of Egypt and Tunisia with
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Climate change: North African coastal cities face significant risks
Global Arab Network – Three major North African cities – Alexandria, Casablanca and Tunis - face losses of more than $1 billion each, over the next two decades,
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Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia - Cluster Approach to develop a regional-dimension economy
Global Arab Network - "Promotion of Cluster Approach in Three Maghreb Countries : Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco," is the theme of a regional workshop inaugurated,
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Unrecognised challenges to Arab spring: tolerance and gender equality
Unrecognised challenges to Arab spring tolerance and gender equality
Global Arab Network - The Middle East spring will take time to blossom and widen its scope. Nation-building reformers must pay increased attention to two important barriers to democracy:
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Restoring socio-economic stability - African bank offers $500 millon to Tunisia
Restoring socio-economic stability - African bank offers  $500 millon to Tunisia
Global Arab Network - The African Development Bank (AfDB) Board of Executive Directors approved a $ 500 million-loan to Tunisian government to help restore socio-economic stability in
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Middle East and North Africa Looks to Inclusive Future Growth
Middle East and North Africa Looks to Inclusive Future Growth
Global Arab Network – There are historic opportunities for greater openness and citizen participation in economies across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) that
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