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UAE: Dubai develops world’s largest mall with cost of $ 3 billion
Dubai: The world’s largest mall to be built in Dubai could cost approximately $3 billion, according to some analyst estimates,
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Middle East hotels post biggest rates rise of year
Hotels in the Middle East posted double digit increases in average daily rates for the first time this year in October,
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UAE: Tourism driving Dubai’s economic recovery
Tourism is cementing its position as one of the leaders of Dubai’s economic recovery from the global recession, as a burgeoning holiday trade leads to growing numbers of tourist arrivals
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UAE: Cyber law to crack down on online activists
UAE Politics
The UAE has introduced a new law on internet crime that stipulates prison sentences for anyone found criticising the Gulf state’s rulers or government institutions online,
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UAE: $ 12.14 billion budget to improve social welfare, investment climate
The UAE’s  $ 12.14 billion federal budget that focuses on social welfare, is also targeted to improve investment climate and its competitiveness,
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$ 100 billion investment on 6000 km railway linking the Gulf states

A century after Lawrence of Arabia cut the Damascus-Medina railway, Gulf governments are embarking on plans to restore long-distance rail transport in the region and extend it across the Arabian Peninsula.

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UAE: Abu Dhabi making school system responsive to the changing community
The emirate’s education system is in the midst of a major overhaul, one aimed at making the school system more responsive to the needs of students in a changing community.
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IMF: GCC surplus may turn into deficit if spending not cut
The surplus of Arab Gulf states may turn into a deficit in 2017 if they continue with their spending plans, 
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UAE world's top super brand for future politically, economically and culturally
UAE Politics
Two Gulf countries have been named among the top four forecast to make the biggest impact on the global landscape economically, politically and culturally in years to come,
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UAE | DP World: Jebel Ali Port’s Terminal 2 expansion passes halfway mark
Ports operator DP World said that the expansion of Jebel Ali Port’s Terminal 2, which includes the brand new $850 million Terminal 3, has passed the halfway mark,
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UAE: Abu Dhabi avoiding risk of Dubai-style debt crisis
An official document clarifying ultimate responsibility for new debt issuance by Abu Dhabi's government-related entities aims to eliminate any risk of a Dubai-style debt crisis in the emirate
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Morocco eyes Gulf investment to offset slowdown
Morocco Politics

Morocco, facing slower growth and effects of the economic crisis in European partners, aims to attract investments from the oil-rich monarchies of the Gulf which King Mohammed VI has toured,

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Egypt paying UAE-based Dana Gas for all fuel supplies
Egypt is paying Dana Gas for all fuel it is receiving from its operations in the country and the UAE-based company is optimistic outstanding payments will be settled,
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