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Distributing development aid in Yemen: a mission in difficult times
Yemen Politics


We have just published the third quarterly report of the Executive Bureau (EB), which is in charge of monitoring donors’ aid and implementing policy reform in Yemen.

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Fighting the Culture of Corruption in Yemen


Fiscal and administrative corruption continues to strain the Yemeni economy; the very same corruption that was a major driver for the 2011 street protests and the ouster of the most recent national unity government.

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Yemen: What next?
Yemen Politics

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More than 1,500 Yemenis died in political conflicts in 2014, the most since 2011 uprisings which saw the deaths of some 2,000 protesters before driving the country's long-time dictator from office.

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Raising the Quality of Education in Yemen


When I first arrived in Sana’a in early 2012, I met with many segments of Yemeni society; including political leaders, civil society organizations, youth, and women leaders and, of course, the new government.

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Iran’s Dangerous Game in Yemen
Yemen Politics

Irans Dangerous Game in Yemen

“Yemen is simple,” says a European diplomat working on a report for NATO on the war-torn nation. “The Saudis feed the Yemenis and the Iranians arm them. So, what is left for Yemenis to do, except chew qat and fight each other?”

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The Enemy Within: Tackling Schistosomiasis in Yemen
Science & Health

The Enemy Within Tackling Schistosomiasis in Yemen

In the unsettling horror movie Alien, an alien invades and hides within the human body, eventually causing great devastation.

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The challenge of delivering aid in Yemen
Yemen Politics

The challenge of delivering aid in Yemen

Humanitarian needs in Yemen are huge, but it is also recognised as one of the most difficult places in the world for aid workers to operate in. What to do?

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US: Yemen Drone Strike May Violate Obama Policy
Yemen Politics

US Yemen Drone Strike May Violate Obama Policy

A deadly US drone strike on a December 2013 wedding procession in Yemen raises serious concerns about US forces’ compliance with President Barack Obama’s targeted killing policy, Global Arab Network reports according to Human Rights Watch.

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Can the six regions save Yemen from collapse?
Yemen Politics

National Dialogue Conference Can the six regions save Yemen from collapse

Before the start of the comprehensive National Dialogue Conference in Yemen, some members of the technical committee insisted on beginning with measures to build confidence in the South and normalize the situation in Saada.

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Lebanon, Syria, Yemen - The Arab region has reached the point of no return

Yemen the Shiite Houthis

It is becoming clear that it is pointless to keep dealing with crises of coexistence in the Mashreq as though they were individual cases. There is only one big picture, albeit with many smaller details.

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Yemen: Looking beyond the National Dialogue
Yemen Politics

Yemen Looking beyond the National Dialogue

With the successful conclusion of the National Dialogue Conference (NDC), Yemen has demonstrated both to the region and the world that there is another way of dealing with conflict and grievances.

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Can MENA Break the Vicious Cycle of Low Growth and Political Instability?

Can MENA Break the Vicious Cycle of Low Growth and Political Instability

Egypt’s Petroleum Minister Sherif Ismail announced last week that spending on petroleum subsidies is expected to increase by 10 percent in the current fiscal year ending June 2014.

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Yemen National Dialogue: Challenges and Opportunities
Yemen Politics
yemen kjkjlhnk
In recent years Yemen has been suffering from growing unrest and violent conflict which have been caused by underlying problems of unequal access to power and resources.
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