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Political solution appears elusive as fighting continues in Yemen
Yemen Politics

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With spike in military opera­tions, question arises of where this leaves much-needed politi­cal process.

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Saudi succession reset: Major reshuffle aims to cope with new challenges
Saudi Politics

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Yemen campaign is seen by analysts as reflecting more assertive approach to Saudi Arabia’s foreign policy under Sal­man.

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In Yemen, Egypt balancing its interests
Egypt Politics

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Egypt’s decision to inter­vene in the Yemeni crisis against the Houthis re­flects President Abdel Fat­tah al-Sisi’s need to protect Egypt’s economic and political in­terests.

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The Houthis must be stopped
Yemen Politics


My country, Yemen, is under siege by radical Houthi militia forces whose campaign of horror and destruction is fueled by the political and military support of an Iranian regime obsessed with regional domination. There is no question that the chaos in Yemen has been driven by Iran’s hunger for power and its ambition to control the entire region.

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Et tu, Pakistan?


The record needs to be set straight on a few issues relating to the recent Pakistani parliament vote to remain neutral with regards to the war in Yemen.

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Saudi ‘constance’ in its Yemen policy
Yemen Politics


Operation Decisive Storm will emerge victorious because its demands are simple, moral, and supported locally, regionally and internationally. The campaign aims to support the legitimacy on which a future Yemen may be established, and to urge the Houthis to engage in dialogue with other Yemeni factions without keeping their arms, which they use to threaten their opponents.

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The truth about ‘America’s project’


With every day that passes, Operation Decisive Storm proves just how necessary, and hence, justifiable it is.
The conspirators inside Yemen have made huge investments over the past few years in funding sectarian infrastructures, organizations, logistics, as well as tribal and interest-based relations woven with ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh’s “family-run militia.”

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What challenges face the U.N. resolution on Yemen?
Yemen Politics


The U.N. Security Council draft on Yemen last week was issued as a result of the exceptional diplomatic efforts of the ambassadors of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and the Jordanian presidency of the U.N. Security Council represented by Jordan’s envoy Dina Kawar.

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Saudi action was needed against the reckless Houthis
Yemen Politics

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Much has been written about the Saudi-led action in Yemen. Many political analysts have given different views and there are many contradicting assessments of the present situation. However, the kingdom has been very clear in its position and has taken a decisive stand after all hopes of diplomacy and requests for a return to normality and legitimacy were shunned by the Houthi militias.

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The calm that preceded the ‘Decisive Storm’

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As Operation Decisive Storm continues to successfully degrade the military capabilities of the Houthi militias and emasculate their illegitimate power grab campaign in Yemen, it is worth reflecting a bit on the quiet period that preceded the swift and sudden Saudi-led intervention.

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Operation Decisive Storm and the P5+1
Saudi Politics

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If I had been writing this article about the Iranian agreement with the P5+1 group and Operation Decisive Storm had not been launched, I would have written a frustrating article expressing a depressed Saudi opinion. It would perhaps have a submissive tone accepting a fait accompli,

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Saving Yemen
Yemen Politics


Only firm action works with those who understand nothing but the language of force, respect no agreements and treat dialogue as a maneuver to gain time.

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Why 'Operation: Decisive Storm' Was Needed in Yemen


For far too long, the Iranian-backed Houthi movement was left to meddle in Yemen. Now, while one realizes that war should always be used as a last resort and that every effort to use political and peaceful means should be exhausted, the reality is time after time,

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