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Dubai extends IT push


Demand for IT services in Dubai is set to soar over the coming decade, underpinned by strong demand for both software and hardware products.

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Saudi action was needed against the reckless Houthis
Yemen Politics

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Much has been written about the Saudi-led action in Yemen. Many political analysts have given different views and there are many contradicting assessments of the present situation. However, the kingdom has been very clear in its position and has taken a decisive stand after all hopes of diplomacy and requests for a return to normality and legitimacy were shunned by the Houthi militias.

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WhatwouldYOUtake: experience the choices faced by Syrian refugees


BBC Arabic launches today a new digital project about Syrian Refugees, which will be available in six languages.
Syrian Journey (#SyrianJourney) takes the audience on their own personal journey, facing dilemmas based on real-life stories.

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Arab Ahwaz must be liberated from Iran

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Whenever the Arab world is discussed, forgotten are the five million Arabs struggling to survive under the Persian yoke in an Arab region bordering Iraq and the Arabian Gulf, rich with oil and gas. Once an autonomous area, separated from Persia by the Zagros mountain range,

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The calm that preceded the ‘Decisive Storm’
Global Arab Network - Faisal J. Abbas

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As Operation Decisive Storm continues to successfully degrade the military capabilities of the Houthi militias and emasculate their illegitimate power grab campaign in Yemen, it is worth reflecting a bit on the quiet period that preceded the swift and sudden Saudi-led intervention.

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Operation Decisive Storm and the P5+1
Global Arab Network - Jamal Khashoggi
Saudi Politics

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If I had been writing this article about the Iranian agreement with the P5+1 group and Operation Decisive Storm had not been launched, I would have written a frustrating article expressing a depressed Saudi opinion. It would perhaps have a submissive tone accepting a fait accompli,

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Iran nuclear deal means change is coming

iran nuclear 114

The nuclear deal is now a reality and one that should be dealt with as a fait accompli. Even before getting into the details of the nuclear deal between Iran and the United States, we should be aware that significant historical change is looming on the horizon. The question remains: what direction will this take Iran and the Arab world?

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Jordan’s sukuk market looking set for take-off


The Islamic debt market in Jordan is set to capitalise on growing worldwide interest in sukuk (sharia-compliant bonds) after long-awaited regulations allowing banks to issue and buy the financial instrument have been put in place, paving the way for a sovereign issuance.

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Demand strong for Abu Dhabi retail space

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Competition is set to heat up for high-end retail space in Abu Dhabi in the coming years as an expanding and affluent population, solid economic growth and increasing tourism drive retail activity.

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Changing times for Bahrain’s takaful industry


A new regulatory framework governing Bahrain’s sharia-compliant insurance, or takaful, sector is expected to play a key role in generating new growth across the segment by attracting more players to the market as well as boosting competition among operators.

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Health window left ajar for Qatari insurers
Science & Health


A decision to defer extending a comprehensive state health insurance scheme to the expatriate community in Qatar means that private insurance companies will be able to tap into the segment for at least another 18 months.

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Kuwait eyes investment surge


Long in the offing, a new FDI law, which aims to improve Kuwait’s business climate and reduce obstacles to market entry, is set to play a key role in underpinning investment growth.

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Sales continue to surge at Dubai’s mega-malls


Dubai’s famous mega-malls are doing brisk trade, with the companies behind the emirate’s two biggest shopping centres reporting double-digit revenue growth in 2014. Additionally, plans for further expansion are also in the works.

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MVNOs signal change for Saudi telecoms

shutterstock 138425534-600x400

The launch of mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) in the Saudi telecoms market looks set to expand product and pricing options for customers, and boost handset sales, as new operators look to carve out niche segments in the increasingly competitive mobile sector.

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