Jordan and Saudi Arabia discuss water security

Jordan and Saudi Arabia discuss water security

Jordan’s Minister of Water and Irrigation Raed Abu Soud engaged in discussions with the Saudi Minister of Environment, Water, and Agriculture Abdulrahman bin Abdulmohsen Al Fadhli, regarding collaborative efforts in Arab water-related matters of mutual interest.

The meeting took place on the sidelines of the 15th session of the Arab Ministerial Water Council and the 5th Arab Water Conference, held in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia.

In a statement released by the ministry on Thursday, Soud highlighted the significance of Jordanian-Saudi cooperation in the water sector as a fundamental pillar for advancing prospects of joint Arab collaboration in water, environment, agriculture, and climate-related issues.

He commended Saudi Arabia for successfully organizing the conference aimed at discussing the future vision for sustainable water security in the Arab world, as well as adopting a long-term roadmap towards achieving sustainable water security in the region.

Both parties discussed methods to exchange knowledge and expertise in order to mitigate the challenges faced by the Arab region regarding water scarcity, combating the consequences of climate change, and utilizing alternative water resources like desalination and recycled water for various applications.

Soud praised Saudi Arabia’s plan to establish a global water organization, which aims to improve the management and sustainability of water resources by facilitating the exchange of technical experiences, innovations, research and development, and funding for priority projects.

In the wake of the growing population, climate change, and the presence of a vast number of refugees, Jordan took several initiatives to address the challenges of water scarcity, said the minister. He pointed out that Jordan has set an example with its pioneering work in the field of treated water reuse in compliance with the best international standards, improving the efficiency of water supply, ensuring sustainable water sources, and mitigating water loss.

Fadhli stressed the importance of strategic relations between Jordan and Saudi Arabia and the necessity of increasing joint cooperation, praising efforts to secure Jordan’s water needs and find sustainable solutions.